Where to Eat Meatballs in Tekirdağ?

Dec. 15, 2023
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Tekirdağ is one of our tourist cities located in the northern part of the Marmara Region of our country. There are many important historical buildings and natural beauty areas worth seeing in the districts of the city. Tekirdağ, one of the most populated regions of our country, has hosted many important civilizations in the past. Since it is located close to the international border, many local and foreign tourists, both from abroad and domestically, come to the region for sightseeing or holiday purposes. We can easily use the saying that if you throw a needle, it won't hit the ground in the city, which gets quite crowded, especially during the summer months. The city is also very rich in terms of food culture. When Tekirdağ is mentioned, the first food that comes to mind is undoubtedly Tekirdağ meatballs. Let's not forget to mention that it has many other important flavors besides its meatballs.

There are many visitors who are curious about the answer to the question of where to eat meatballs in Tekirdağ. Before going into details about meatballs, let us give you information about how you can reach this city. If you are planning to come to this city, which is very important in terms of sea tourism, you are at the right place. We would like to point out that you will not have any problems in transportation to the city. If you have a private vehicle, you can easily come from every region of our country. Options other than private vehicles are intercity bus, plane, sea and train travel. If you plan to come by intercity buses, there are multiple bus stations in the city. Whichever you choose, you can buy a bus ticket and have a pleasant bus journey. If you want to travel by train, you can choose the Republic of Turkey State Railways Thrace train services.

Additionally, those coming from Istanbul can use the train line departing from Halkalı. You have the alternative of reaching many different districts of the city with trains departing from this region. Visitors planning to come from regions such as Izmir or Bandırma can choose ferry lines if they wish. For transportation by air, you can use Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport, which serves in the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ. You can choose among the companies that organize flights to this airport from your location and get there in a shorter time by purchasing a flight ticket. Tekirdağ is one of our cities that attracts attention with its natural beauties, lush nature and cultural riches.

When you come to the region, we recommend that you make plans for local food as well as your travel plan. Visitors who come or plan to come to this region may wonder where to eat the famous Tekirdağ meatballs. In the rest of our article, you can easily find all the details you are looking for about Tekirdağ meatballs.

History of Tekirdağ Meatballs

Tekirdağ meatballs, as its name suggests, is one of the important flavors unique to our city of Tekirdağ. This meatball is also known as tat meatball and Hacıköylü meatball. The main reason why it is called by these names goes back to ancient times. This meatball first became famous thanks to Hüseyin Ağa, known as a kebab chef. Since the person named Hüseyin Ağa was from Hacıköy in Tekirdağ's Hayrabolu district, the name of the meatball was Hacıköylü, and later it was changed to Tekirdağ meatballs and has survived to this day. There are many important features that distinguish Tekirdağ meatballs from normal meatballs. It is because of these features that its taste leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate. Of course, eating this meatball, which is very popular in every region of our country, in its original place gives a different taste.

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What is the Specialty of Tekirdağ Meatballs?

When you come to our city of Tekirdağ, whether for a day trip or a holiday, one of the flavors you should definitely try is Tekirdağ meatballs. While you've come this far, it's best to eat this meatball at its first point of origin rather than eating it elsewhere. One of the reasons that makes Tekirdağ meatballs so popular is the ingredients used. In the preparation of this meatball, the meat of veal and lamb, especially one and a half years old, is used. After the meat is ground into minced meat, it is kneaded well and then left overnight. It is then cooked and served on the grill. Another striking feature that distinguishes Tekirdağ meatballs from other meatballs is the spices used as filling ingredients. The only spice used in this meatball is black pepper.

Where to Eat the Best Tekirdağ Meatballs in Tekirdağ?

Considering the common opinions of many visitors, we recommend that your first choice to eat this famous meatball is İki Kardeşler Butcher & Barbeque Meat Restaurant located in the city center. As another restaurant option, we can recommend Famous Köfteci Abdi Özcan, serving in the Süleymanpaşa district of the city. This restaurant is among the first restaurants that come to mind when it comes to meatballs. Tekirdağ meatballs Another place that played a big role in its popularity is Özcanlar Köfte. This restaurant, which serves in the Çorlu district of the city, also has many other branches. As you can see, there are more than one place alternative where you can eat this delicious meatball. Since we have answered the question of where to eat meatballs in Tekirdağ, we end our article here.

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