Akkışla Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Akkışla Bus Terminal

Passengers who want to buy Akkışla Bus Terminal bus tickets may want to have information about the bus station and have an idea about how to reach it. Akkışla, one of the towns of Kayseri province in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey, is located at the foothills of Mount Erciyes. You can do activities such as trekking, camping and mountain biking in the summer months, and you can reach the district, where you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the winter months, by purchasing an Akkışla Bus Terminal bus ticket.

About Akkışla Bus Terminal

The district, which is among the indispensable places for those who adopt the motto "Buy Akkışla Bus Terminal and have different experiences", attracts tens of thousands of people every year with its Soğanlı Valley, Lakes and historical beauties. The bus terminal is located close to the center and contributes to Kayseri services. Kayseri, which is 81 km away, is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Akkışla bus terminal. There are also flights to nearby settlements such as Kululu, Çiftlik, Girinci, Koyunabdal and Gömürgen.

By purchasing an Akkışla Bus Terminal bus ticket, you can have the opportunity to go to one of the important visiting points of the country with its location close to Erciyes, although it is a small district of Kayseri. Although this district, where local flavors come to the fore, is a small district with various accommodation opportunities, it has a developed bus terminal. Consisting of blue, beige and brown tones, the bus station has gained a large and modern appearance with its glass walls. The bus terminal was built on an area of ​​14,500 square meters with a closed area of ​​2500 square meters. It is ready for the service of guests with its 6 platforms, workplace, cafeteria and comfortable waiting room.

Akkışla Bus Terminal Transportation

By purchasing Akkışla Bus Terminal bus ticket, you can reach the bus terminal, which includes more than one bus company, by buses, taxis and similar vehicles. The town center and Akkışla Bus Terminal are located very close. It is in a location where you can reach it even on foot, with a distance of 270 meters. The bus terminal, which provides all the transportation facilities of a small town, also frequently organizes trips to surrounding villages, towns and districts. You can travel to Akkışla bus terminal, which is 1 hour away from Pınarbaşı, by using the D851 highway and paying attention to the signs and warning signs.

When people who purchase Akkışla Bus Terminal bus tickets reach the district's bus terminal from different cities, there are municipal buses to the district center and its surroundings. If you want to go to villages and surrounding neighborhoods, you can use these municipal buses. There is no free company shuttle service from Akkışla bus terminal to the center and its surroundings. For this reason, it will be economical to travel to the center, which is a short distance away, by taxi or private vehicle.

What Hours is Akkışla Bus Terminal Open?

Akkışla Bus Terminal operates regularly between 06.00-23.00 on weekdays and 07.00-24.00 on weekends. These hours may change periodically.

Is There a Restaurant in Akkışla Bus Terminal?

There is an area serving as a cafeteria inside Akkışla Bus Terminal. From here you can eat whatever you want from the menu.

In which neighborhood is Akkışla Bus Terminal located?

Akkışla is a town in Pınarbaşı district of Kayseri province and is located in Yeni Mahalle.

Is There Parking at Akkışla Bus Terminal?

Yes, you can park your car safely thanks to the car park located in the large outdoor area of ​​Akkışla Bus Terminal.

What Can You Do While Waiting for the Bus at Akkışla Bus Terminal?

While waiting at Akkışla bus terminal, you can explore the town, drink tea in the cafeteria, or spend time with the items you buy from the market section.

What's Around Akkışla Bus Terminal?

Thanks to its proximity to the settlement, there are many buildings and structures around it.

What are the cities with the most frequent flights from Akkışla Bus Terminal?

There are frequent flights from Akkışla Bus Terminal to Kayseri, Yozgat and Osmaniye.

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