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Asti Bus Station Bus Ticket

Asti Bus Station

Asti Bus Station

Ankara Intercity Terminal, with its short name, Aşti Bus Terminal is one of the terminals used for intercity transportation. This is the largest of the intercity terminals in Turkey. This terminal, which was put into service in 1995, continues to serve today. Bus vehicles going to different cities during the day depart from here.

Aşti Bus Terminal Bus Tickets

People who want to switch from Ankara to a different city should obtain a bus ticket to Aşti Bus Terminal. It is possible to buy tickets from different companies over the internet. Tickets can be purchased with a reliable method in a very short time via the Internet. The most preferred method of travelers today is internet sales. Buses of many different companies depart from this terminal.

About Asti Bus Station

It is possible to reach a lot of information about Aşti Bus Terminal. The terminal, which has been in service for nearly 30 years, has been designed for passengers to spend their time comfortably between travels. Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal provided free shuttle vehicles to passengers in line with the necessary agreements. Thanks to these vehicles, urban transportation is carried out more easily.

Aşti Bus Station Transportation

Aşti Bus Terminal is located in a very central location in terms of transportation. It is not located very far from the city center. You can easily reach the bus station by public transport. There is also an Ankaray line, which is connected to the terminal by a tube gate. People who want to reach with their personal vehicle can easily find a place for their vehicle in the car parks located in the terminal area.

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