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With Giresun bus ticket opportunities, those who want to visit this city can be together with very comfortable and comfortable journeys. The city of Giresun, located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, has an extremely rich culture. It is possible to come across all shades of green and blue in this region where soil colors are not very common. In addition, this region has the only island of the Black Sea, which is named after itself. Although there is not much clear information about this region, BC. It is known that it has hosted the existence of Turkish people since 2000. It is also stated that money has been minted since ancient times in this city, where many silver and iron productions are carried out. In the Giresun region, where the Romans could not fully dominate, the best quality rents of the period were also grown and it was even determined that the Romans took all the rented seedlings they bought from here to their own countries.

In this way, all the rents growing in the region have spread almost all over the world. It is even rumored that the name Giresun comes from the word Kerasus, which means rent. 95% of this province, which has a unique beauty, consists of mountainous land. The Giresun Mountains, rising from the sections to the interior, surround the entire city. For this reason, rainy weather prevails throughout the year. Having a suitable climate contributes to the cultivation of hazelnuts as an important source of income in this city. Although it has a rather scattered appearance as a settlement, there are quite long distances between the fields and houses in the city. So much so that due to insufficient communication between villages, different dialects are also encountered. The people of Giresun, who still adhere to their traditions today, are trying to continue the copper art. The copper art, which attracts the attention of many local and foreign tourists, is also used in the making of souvenirs. With Giresun bus ticket opportunities, you can visit this perfect city and explore the city.

Places to Visit in Giresun

There are many places to visit in Giresun in this city, which has both a natural atmosphere and a cultural atmosphere. The places to visit, which attract the attention of many local and foreign tourists, also open the tourism door of the city. It is recommended to spend at least 2 days in order to explore the whole city in this city, which has a rainy weather in general. In terms of season, choosing the spring months to visit the city would be ideal in terms of not facing too much heat and watching the rainy weather of the Black Sea. In this city, which has a developed transportation network, many places to visit and see can be easily reached both by private vehicles and by public transportation.

Tirebolu Castle

When it comes to places to visit in Giresun, Tirebolu Castle is at the forefront. This unique castle is named after Tripolis, which means 3 cities. B.C. In the castle, which is estimated to have been built in the 15th century Byzantine period, many tombstones belonging to the Ottoman periods are preserved. In addition, many remains belonging to a small chapel can be found inside the castle. The castle, which has an important historical and cultural place, also hosts a unique view. Tirebolu Castle, which has a regular structure despite its small dimensions, also has a small business. In this way, when you visit here, you can experience various drinks in this establishment.

Giresun Castle

Giresun castle, which is the symbol of the city, was built by Fernakes. Although there is no clear information about the construction date, it is estimated that the construction of this castle dates back to the 2nd century BC. You can also include this castle, which is definitely worth seeing, in your travel lists, although there is nothing left except its ruins.

Virgin Mary Monastery

The Virgin Mary Monastery, which is the oldest religious structure in the city, was built during the Roman period due to religious prohibitions. As it is known, due to the existence of religious prohibitions, the Christian people felt the need to build secret places of worship in various places during the Roman period. This place also has that feature. The Monastery of the Virgin Mary, which is approximately 11 km away from the center of Şebinkarahisar, attracts the attention of many local and foreign tourists with its impressive construction and magnificent appearance. The monastery, which includes a water cistern and various fountains, has 32 rooms. In addition, the monastery, as a 4-storey structure, includes elements such as a dining hall, dormitory and church.

Giresun Museum

Unfortunately, the Gogora Church was abandoned to its fate when the Greeks, who once lived in the Giresun region, left this region. This building, which serves as the Giresun museum today, was built towards the middle of the 19th century. The building, which has a deep history and served as a prison for 20 years, is now a cult. It is under the protection of the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism. The museum, in which many works are exhibited, manages to reflect all the features of many different periods in a unique way.

Haji Miktad Mosque

The Hacı Miktad Mosque, which bears the same name, was built by Hacı Miktad Ağa and was built in 1661. When the inscriptions of the mosque are examined, it is thought that this mosque was repaired in 1841. The mosque, which has a rectangular plan and presents an impressive appearance due to its materials, was lastly restored in 2011.

Kapu Mosque

This mosque, which has a square plan and impressive exterior architecture, was taken under protection and registered in 1986. The fact that it has a single dome and is made of cut stone makes the appearance of the mosque much more impressive. In addition, 19th century breezes can be seen in all the ornamental details of the mosque. The mosque, which was first built in 1593, was later rebuilt and reached its present form. You should definitely discover the mosque, which offers an imposing appearance and reflects the characteristics of the period in the best way.

Castle Mosque

This mosque, which is known to have been registered in 1986, was built entirely of cut stone. The mosque, which presents the most beautiful examples of baroque architecture in its interior, is able to impress everyone who sees it. The square plan and the fact that it has a single-domed structure makes the appearance of the mosque even more impressive. This mosque, which has a large garden and a fountain in its garden, was built in 1924. During your visit to Giresun, you can explore this mosque closely and learn about the details of the baroque architectural style. You can easily reach this region via Giresun Bus Terminal.

Zeytinlik District

The houses, which have similar appearances to Safranbolu Houses and Beypazarı Houses, are located in the Zeytinlik District of Giresun city. These houses, which are one of the important and valuable historical buildings of the city of Giresun, offer magnificent views for photography and nature lovers. These houses, which have impressive architectural structures, are numerous and it is possible to take pleasant walks in this neighborhood. Moreover, it is possible to easily reach this unique neighborhood via Giresun Bus Terminal.

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