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Adana – Sivas

Adana – Sivas

People who buy Adana – Sivas flight tickets can travel between Adana, which is among the hottest provinces of Turkey, and Sivas, which is among the coldest provinces. People who want to travel between Adana and Sivas, which are among the important cities of Turkey, can make their trips more comfortable and planned by learning basic information about both cities.

Information about Adana- Sivas, Places to Visit

People who buy an Adana – Sivas flight ticket will have the chance to see Adana, the 6th largest city in Turkey. Adana is among the important holiday destinations of Turkey with its natural beauties. People who have the chance to visit this city, which stands out with its unique culture and delicious food, will have the chance to see historical and natural beauties together. To get from Adana to Sivas by purchasing a flight ticket, it would be best to first visit the tourist attractions in Adana. During your visit to Adana, you can start your tour with the Historical Kazancılar Bazaar. There are many shops and restaurants to eat in this bazaar. People who visit the bazaar can buy souvenirs from the shops and also have the chance to taste the local flavors of Adana in one of the most beautiful places.

During your visit to Adana, Adana Archaeological Museum, Varda Bridge, Anavarza Ancient City, Misis Bridge, Bebekli Church, Ayas Ancient City, Bahri Pasha Fountain, Ramazanoğlu Mansion, Göksu River, Yağ Mosque, Karataş Magarsus Ancient City can be visited. Since there are many places to visit and see in the city, people visiting Adana must plan their trips correctly. With proper planning, it is possible to see all the historical and natural beauties in the city together and at the same time make your Adana trip more enjoyable.

People who arrive in Sivas by purchasing an Adana – Sivas flight ticket can visit the historical buildings in the city. Sivas attracts attention as it is the 2nd largest city in Turkey after Konya in terms of surface area. This city, which has hosted different civilizations, including the Seljuks, attracts attention with its historical structures and religious centers. The first place that people who have the chance to visit Sivas should see is Divriği Ulu Mosque. This mosque is one of the symbols of Sivas and its construction started in 1228. It is possible to find many historical buildings together in the complex where the mosque is located, which was completed after 15 years of work. During your visit to Divriği Grand Mosque, you can also visit the hospital located in the mosque complex.

People who reach Sivas by purchasing an Adana – Sivas flight ticket can visit the Congress Building Ataturk and Ethnography Museum. Since Sivas was one of the most important cities of the period of national struggle, a congress was held in the city between 2 September and 18 December 1919. This building, which was at the time when the congress was held, was converted into a museum and has been in service for many years. People who visit the museum can see many personal works of Atatürk in the study rooms here. During your visit to Sivas, you can also visit the bridge called Eğri Bridge, which was built during the Seljuk period. Because the bridge was built at an angle of 130 degrees, it was called the Crooked Bridge and has managed to survive for a thousand years.

Gökpınar Lake and Balıklı Thermal Spring can also be visited during your Sivas trip. Gökpınar Lake is located in Gürün district of Sivas. People who visit this lake, which stands out with its magnificent view, can take beautiful photographs as well as take pleasant walks by the lake. Balıklı Thermal Spring should definitely be seen during your Sivas trip. Balıklı Thermal Spring is among the places frequented by people with various skin diseases. It is thought that the fish found here are good for diseases such as rheumatism and psoriasis. For this reason, the spa is visited by people with various diseases for treatment at all times of the year.

How to Get to Adana-Sivas Airport?

It is possible to reach Sivas from Adana by traveling between Adana and Sivas Airport. People who want to travel between Adana and Sivas can use public transportation to reach the airports in both cities. To travel between Adana and Sivas Airport, the departure airport is Adana Şakirpaşa Airport. Since Adana Şakirpaşa Airport is located 5 kilometers from Adana city center, it is very easy to reach the city center from the airport and the airport from different points of the city. People who want to reach the airport can use public buses to reach Şakirpaşa Airport from the city center and districts of Adana. In addition to municipal buses, it is also possible to access the airport by minibuses, minibuses, Havaş shuttles, personal vehicles, rental cars and taxis.

People traveling between Adana and Sivas Sivas Nuri Demirağ Airport. Since this airport is located 22 kilometers from the city center, public buses and rental cars are frequently used to reach the airport. You can also reach the city center from the airport by Havaş shuttles, private vehicles and taxis.

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Adana – Sivas Transportation

People who want to travel between Adana and Sivas may wonder how many hours their journey will take. A distance of 339 kilometers must be covered for the journey between the Mediterranean Region and the Central Anatolia Region. There is a distance of 339 kilometers between Adana and Sivas and it takes an average of 1 hour to travel this distance by plane. Various flights are organized by different airline companies to travel between the two cities. Thanks to these flights, you can reach Sivas from Adana in a short time of 1 hour.

Airlines with Adana-Sivas Flights

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• AnadoluJet

How long does a non-stop flight between Adana and Sivas take?

People who want to travel non-stop between Adana and Sivas must take a one-hour flight.

What Flavors Can Be Tasted During Your Visit to Adana – Sivas?

Sivas, located in the Central Anatolia Region, attracts attention with its local delicacies. People who visit the city can taste local delicacies such as Sivas meatballs, kelle paça soup, and meat bread.

What Can Adana – Sivas Passengers Buy as Souvenirs?

Adana – Sivas passengers can choose textile products as souvenirs. Those who cannot find what they want among woven products can choose from silver embroidery and handmade knives.

How Many Days Should Adana – Sivas Trip Be Planned?

Adana – Sivas trip should be planned for approximately 2-3 days. A 3-day trip is enough to visit the historical buildings in Sivas and taste the local delicacies.

When Should Adana – Sivas Trip Be Planned?

Adana – Sivas travelers should know that winters in the city are very cold when visiting Sivas. In this city, where winters are very cold, summers are hot and dry. Therefore, the best time to visit Sivas is spring. By visiting the city in spring, you can see historical buildings and taste local delicacies.

Which Festivals Can Adana – Sivas Passengers Participate in?

People who arrive in Sivas can participate in many entertaining festivals held in the city. Among the festivals to be attended in Sivas, Yıldızeli Banaz Pir Sultan Abdal Event, International Kangal Dog Festival, Divriği Folk Poets Festival, Hafik Culture and Tourism Festival can be listed. Since most of the festivals are held between June and July, it is necessary to travel to Sivas between this time period to participate in the festivals.

How can urban transportation be provided during the Adana – Sivas journey?

When Adana – Sivas passengers reach Sivas, they may wonder how urban transportation is provided in Sivas. Municipal buses, minibuses and taxis can be preferred for urban transportation in Sivas.

How can people traveling from Adana to Sivas reach the city center?

People who travel between Adana and Sivas and reach Sivas can travel from the airport to the city center by public transportation. It is possible to reach the city center by public transportation vehicles such as municipal buses, minibuses, minibuses and taxis.

When can I buy the cheapest flight ticket between Adana and Sivas?

In order to make the journey between Adana and Sivas more affordable, a flight ticket must be purchased in advance. More affordable travel is possible if a flight ticket is purchased two or three weeks before the trip.

Where should Adana – Sivas Passengers Visit in Sivas?

People who travel between Adana and Sivas and reach Sivas can see many historical buildings in this city, which attracts attention with its deep-rooted history. During the journey to Sivas, touristic places such as Divriği Ulu Mosque, Congress Building, Atatürk and Ethnography Museum, Eğri Bridge, Gökpınar Lake, Balıklı Thermal Spring can be visited.

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