Çorlu Atatürk Airport Flight Ticket

Çorlu Atatürk Airport

You can travel to Tekirdağ by purchasing a Çorlu Atatürk Airport flight ticket. The most well-known feature of this airport is that it is the only airport in the Tekirdağ region. Due to this privilege, Çorlu Atatürk Airport is the only address for people who want to travel to this region.

About Çorlu Atatürk Airport

People who complete the Çorlu Atatürk Airport flight ticket purchase process can land in Tekirdağ city. The airport is located only 15 km from the city center. You can quickly get to the city center by public transportation or taxi. The airport runway has a concrete form and is 45 meters wide and 3,000 meters long. This airport is also used for cargo transportation.

Çorlu Atatürk Airport has been providing passenger transportation services uninterruptedly since 1998. The annual passenger capacity of the airport is 1 million. Çorlu Atatürk Airport continues its operations uninterruptedly by carrying many passengers with regular flights every year. There is also a large parking lot within the airport that can accommodate a total of 190 cars. The airport is also included in the Carbon-Free Airport Project. In this way, it is aimed to significantly reduce carbon footprint emissions for a sustainable life.

After purchasing your Çorlu Atatürk Airport flight ticket, you can follow your flight information regularly. When you reach the airport, you can get information about your flight with the help of information desk and monitors. After you fly safely, you can set foot in Tekirdağ city. If you encounter an undesirable health problem, you can benefit endlessly from the health services available at the airport.

People who complete the steps of purchasing flight tickets for Çorlu Atatürk Airport can fly comfortably using Pegasus airline. The airport requests passengers to report anything they find suspicious. Accordingly, you can report any situation you are exposed to within the airport borders to the relevant personnel with peace of mind before or after your flight.

To reach this airport, you first need to travel from your current city to Ankara. As the second stage, you can land at Çorlu Atatürk Airport without any other transfer from Ankara. Although Ankara is the only city that provides flight service to this airport, the only airline you can choose is Pegasus.

Does Çorlu Atatürk Airport Have an International Feature?

Since its establishment, the airport has been providing international service for domestic and international flights. You can land in Germany, Dubai, Arabia and Tunisia using this airport.

To Whom Does Çorlu Atatürk Airport Belong?

The airport has been serving as a public institution since its establishment. It operates within the context of the State Airports Authority.

What Services Does Çorlu Atatürk Airport Offer to Disabled Passengers?

Çorlu Atatürk Airport does not hesitate to offer its services to disabled passengers. The airport has special elevators, parking lots and toilets for disabled individuals. Special education support personnel provide all kinds of assistance to disabled individuals when needed. Handrails and pay phone services are also specifically allocated for disabled individuals.

For Which Activities Is Çorlu Atatürk Airport Preferred?

You can choose this airport for your travels with domestic and international terminals. It is also known for its airport cargo transportation.

Is Pilot Training Provided at Çorlu Atatürk Airport?

Pilot training is also given at Çorlu Atatürk Airport, which has an extremely large land and advanced qualifications.

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