Erzurum Airport Flight Ticket

Erzurum Airport

You can reach Erzurum thanks to Erzurum Airport flight ticket deals. Erzurum Airport, which provides services with civil and military category flights, is located 16 km from the city center. Erzurum Airport, which has been operating since 1966, is frequently preferred for transportation because it is located close to the city center.

Erzurum Airport, managed by the State Airports Authority, is located in the northeast of Erzurum city center. Although it was opened as a military facility in 1966, it is known that it started to serve international non-scheduled flights in 1993 and in its new terminal building in 2005.

Erzurum Airport, built on an area of 8,082,805 square meters, operates with a terminal building of 13,107 square meters. The runway, which is 3810 x 54 meters long, is the 2nd longest runway in Turkey. Erzurum Airport has an aircraft park with a capacity of 14 aircraft and a concrete paved runway with a length of 3810 x 30 meters.

About Erzurum Airport

If you want to travel at Erzurum Airport, which is open to transportation 24 hours a day and successfully meets the air transportation needs of the region, you can take advantage of the Erzurum Airport flight ticket opportunities. There is a parking lot within Erzurum Airport with a capacity of 530 vehicles. If you plan to travel with your personal vehicle, you can use the parking lot.

Erzurum Airport, known as an airport where many aircraft companies operate flights, is an airport where not only domestic but also international flights are organized. Erzurum Airport, known as the most preferred airport to reach Erzurum, hosts thousands of visitors every year because it operates international flights. It is known that Erzurum Airport handles the number of passengers reaching a million every year.

How to Reach Erzurum Airport?

Erzurum Airport, located in Yakutiye, in the center of Erzurum, is 16 km away from the center. It is possible to reach the center from the airport in approximately 20 minutes by car.

Erzurum, which is visited both in summer and winter, manages to be one of the most touristic cities in Turkey, especially due to the opportunities it offers in winter sports. Erzurum Airport is located 40 kilometers from Palandöken Ski Center, which is known as one of the most crowded places in the city during the season.

You can choose shuttles or taxis to reach the center from Erzurum Airport. In addition, if you want to make your trip more comfortable, you can also benefit from the car rental service provided at Erzurum Airport.

Which Companies Operate Flights at Erzurum Airport?

You can take advantage of Erzurum Airport flight ticket deals and participate in organized flights and travel both domestically and internationally. Among the airline companies operating flights at Erzurum Airport are SunExpress, Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet and Pegagus Airlines.

Which Cities Are There Direct Flights From Erzurum Airport?

There are direct flights from Erzurum Airport to Istanbul Atatürk, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Bursa Yenişehir, Ankara Esenboğa and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airports. Therefore, direct flights can be made to the cities where the airports are located.

What Facilities Does Erzurum Airport Offer?

There are resting areas where you can relax while waiting for your flight, businesses where you can shop, and restaurants and cafeterias where you can meet your eating and drinking needs, all at Erzurum Airport. In this way, it becomes possible for your trip to be more comfortable.

Is Erzurum Airport Far from the City Center?

You can have the opportunity to make different domestic and international trips by taking advantage of Erzurum Airport flight ticket purchase opportunities. Located 16 km away from the city center, Erzurum Airport is in a location that can be easily reached through various alternatives. You can easily reach Erzurum Airport from the center by choosing private shuttles, taxi or car rental service.

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