Lomio Distance Sales Contract


Sales person



Address: İnönü Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:59 Floor:1 SISLI / ISTANBUL


Phone: 0850 308 8888


Hereinafter referred to as "Seller".


It is the person who purchases the passenger transportation ticket via www.lomio.com and www.lomio.com website, mobile site or mobile applications, whose name is mentioned on the ticket in line with the information entered and to whom the passenger transportation service will be provided.

Hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”.

If the credit card / debit card holder and the person who will receive the ticket service are separate persons; Both the person who owns the credit card on which the ticket price is paid and the person who will receive the service are the recipient parties of this contract. According to this contract, both persons declare and undertake that they will fulfill the rights and obligations arising from this contract by becoming the buyer.

The Buyer declares and undertakes that the information provided is correct, that he will comply with all the rules specified in this contract during the service provided and that he will fulfill all the acts of this contract.


The address of the website where the seller sells the "passenger transportation ticket" under the provision of this contract is www.lomio.com website, mobile site or mobile applications.

All tickets sold by the seller on digital platforms other than this website, mobile site and mobile applications are invalid.

www.lomio.com website, mobile site or mobile applications will hereinafter be referred to as "website" in this agreement.


The subject of this contract is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the passenger transportation ticket sales made by the seller to the buyer electronically through the website and the passenger transportation service provided to the buyer. In this regard, the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection No. 4077 (“Law”) and the Distance Contracts Regulation dated 27.11.2014 (“Regulation”) are taken as reference.


The services subject to this contract are the sale of electronic tickets through the website on passenger transportation by aircraft and the provision of ticket sales services to the buyer on whose behalf the electronic ticket is issued. Ticket; It consists of the seller's name, title, full address, telephone, internet access information, MERSIS number, basic characteristics of the service subject to the contract, sales price, payment method, boarding place, destination, travel date, departure time, and the information at the time the order is finalized on the seller's website. The ticket is also sent to the recipient's e-mail address. The buyer is deemed to have received the ticket subject to the contract as soon as he finalizes the ticket order specified in this contract via the website. Upon delivery, he/she is deemed to have accepted and undertaken to comply with the rules in the contract and fulfill his/her duties.


The Buyer gives the necessary confirmation electronically that he/she has read all the information regarding the basic characteristics of the passenger transportation ticket subject to this contract, passenger transportation rules, sales price and payment method and delivery. The buyer accepts and undertakes that he/she has read this contract and the passenger transportation rules as soon as he/she purchases the ticket, will comply with all the rules in the contract and will fulfill all his/her actions.

The buyer accepts and undertakes that if he does not comply with the rules specified in this contract and does not fulfill his actions in accordance with the rules specified in the contract, the seller may terminate this contract immediately without any notice, with all rights reserved.

All damages arising from the buyer's failure to comply with this contract belong to the buyer.

Tickets purchased in accordance with this agreement are only at the disposal of the person named on the ticket and can be used personally. The buyer accepts and undertakes that the information entered on the website is accurate and that he/she has purchased the ticket to be used by the person named on the ticket. If it is determined that the person named on the ticket and the person who wants to receive the service are different, the buyer accepts and undertakes that the seller has no liability arising from this contract and may terminate this contract without any warning.


Due to the fact that the articles written under the title of "Part Three" of the Regulation, which regulate the "Use of the Right of Withdrawal and the Obligations of the Parties", do not apply to "Passenger Transportation Services"; The buyer has no right of withdrawal.


Procedures such as cancellation, refund and change in flight tickets may vary depending on the airline companies' contracts.

There are three different classes for tickets sold through our website, mobile site or mobile applications. You can buy tickets in three different categories: Promotion, Economy and Business Class. Economy and Business C You can request transactions such as cancellation and refund of the tickets you have purchased by sending them to our call center. This does not apply to promotional tickets. Promotional tickets are tickets that cannot be canceled, refunded or changed after purchase.

You may have to cancel/refund due to a special reason. However, in some cases, a refund deduction or penalty may be imposed based on the contract you made when purchasing an online ticket. In order to avoid being victimized in such situations, you may need to contact the airline company you will be traveling with and make a request. If you comply with the cancellation and return conditions, only the service fee is deducted. Apart from this, if there is less than 12 hours left, a penalty transaction fee may also be deducted.

You can review the cancellation/refund and change rules of the ticket you purchased on the relevant airline's website.

You can cancel the bus tickets of many companies you have purchased/will buy online or from our call center. Ticket cancellation for bus companies is carried out through different procedures, and the time allowed for ticket cancellation and cancellation/refund conditions may vary. Cancellation/refund conditions for all companies are clearly stated on the voyage and detail screens.


For security reasons or by using its discretion, the airline may refuse to carry passengers and/or passenger luggage in the following and similar cases:

Passenger behavior, age or mental or physical condition,
If it requires special assistance from the seller,
Causes inconvenience or objections to other passengers or poses any risk or danger to other persons or property.
If the passenger's failure to comply with the seller's instructions makes such a rejection necessary,
If the passenger has refused the security check,
If passengers are under the influence of intoxicants and/or drugs and arrive at the boarding terminal in a way that affects the safety and comfort of other passengers and the cruise,

The ticket price will not be refunded by the seller and no compensation will be paid to passengers who are refused transportation. All authority on this matter belongs to the relevant airline company, please read the airline company's rules.


Firearms and ammunition used for purposes other than hunting and sports are prohibited from being carried as baggage. Firearms and ammunition for hunting and sporting purposes may be accepted as checked baggage to the extent they comply with carrier rules. Firearms must be safely off, without ammunition and properly packaged.
Sales person; may refuse to carry any object as baggage because of its size, shape, weight and nature.
The seller may refuse to carry the luggage unless it is placed in bags, suitcases or other suitable containers with normal care to ensure safe transportation.
Passengers have free baggage allowance.
At the arrival port, passengers can pick up their luggage after all their luggage has been unloaded from the ship to the dock.
Prohibited substances such as drugs are strictly prohibited. If it is detected to have been carried, the responsibility rests entirely with the carrier.

All authority on this matter belongs to the relevant airline company, please read the airline company's rules.


Dog with valid vaccination and health certificate, entry permits and other documents required by Greece (except for dogs that pose danger such as American pitbull terrier, American staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, Japanese tosa, dogo argentino, doberman, rottweiler) and Animals such as cats can be accepted for transportation with prior agreement with the seller.
Acceptance of animal transportation depends on the passenger assuming full responsibility for this animal. The seller will not be responsible for the death, illness, delay or loss or injury of this animal due to the animal not being allowed to enter or pass through Greece, or for any material or moral expenses and damages that may occur for these reasons.

All authority on this matter belongs to the relevant airline company, please read the airline company's rules.


The seller cannot be requested to change the passenger, date, time and route information of the electronic tickets purchased in accordance with this agreement. The Buyer accepts and undertakes that he will not change the ticket he purchased in accordance with this agreement in any way or request a refund after the sales confirmation.
Ticket fees will not be refunded to passengers who are not allowed to board the plane by the competent authorities or who cannot travel due to visa procedures.

 In this regard, the relevant airline's Cancellation and Refund conditions apply.


All rights and dispositions of the website subject to this contract belong to the seller, and the person who enters and uses the site is deemed to have accepted the terms of use and contract of the site. Seller, contract condition reserves the right to change any information on the site, including. Changes come into force as soon as they are published on the site.
Reservation and ticket conditions are published on our website.
It is possible to provide links to other sites through the website. The seller does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on the linked site and does not make any commitments. Any damages that may arise from the use of these sites are the user's own responsibility.



Privacy Policy

Personal information transmitted to the seller is used within the scope of the conditions stated in the Privacy Policy section.

Privacy Procedure

Under the personal information heading, information about the seller's obligations and policies is provided. The seller confirms that the relevant rules will be fully complied with. Thus, in accordance with the personal information collection principles stated below, care is taken to keep all information collected under strict security and confidentiality measures taken by our team. Our website contains links to sites that can demonstrate that they are sufficiently sensitive about privacy and comply with our standards. However, the seller has no responsibility for the content or privacy practices of such sites.

Personal Information Collection Procedure

Buyer, the information obtained through our website; It has accepted that it will be used for the seller, as well as affiliated companies, partners and agencies, in order to determine the security and accuracy of the transactions made. It is mandatory to provide some personal information, which may vary depending on the product or service requested, including but not limited to information such as name, surname, identity document number, address, credit/debit card numbers, expiration date, security number, passport number, nationality. Failure to provide the seller with the information necessary to continue the transactions may prevent the service that should be provided to the buyer. Buyer information can only be used for the stated purposes;

Processing reservations and sales and managing the buyer's account.
Marketing of services and related products.
Making statistics about transactions.
Creating connection lists to ensure the continuation of the connection with the recipient,
Combining commercial statistics and analyzes regarding site usage.
Authentication and registration creation.

The forms used to send information to the seller are protected by SSL technology during transmission. Even after the data reaches the seller, it is protected by strict security and confidentiality standards, which is always essential for the seller.

In order to benefit from the SSL encrypted message service, the browser must support SSL and the SSL option must be activated. The data entered by the buyer is stored by the seller during the transactions and legal requirements. The website is constantly being developed and there are also developments regarding data usage. Any developments will be reported on the website under the heading "Privacy Policy".

Privacy of Your Reservation Records

When a reservation is made, the recipient will be given a reservation code (Voucher Id or PNR). This reservation or PNR code must be kept confidential at all times. If the reservation code given to the buyer is not kept confidential, others may access the reservation information. If a group reservation is made to travel with more than one person, the same reservation or PNR code will appear on the tickets of other people in the group. If these people do not want to have access to their personal reservation information, the option of making a separate reservation may also be taken into consideration.

Any liability arising from not keeping the reservation or PNR code confidential belongs to the buyer, and the seller has no responsibility for third parties accessing the reservation code.

Credit Card / Debit Card Privacy

Buyer should not share credit/debit card information with others. The buyer agrees that he/she will be solely responsible for the security of this information, and that the seller will not be responsible in any way for the use of credit card / debit card information by anyone other than him/her. The buyer accepts that the seller has no direct or indirect liability due to all negligence and faults of the seller in matters such as the security of credit card / debit card information, storage, keeping it away from the information of third parties and its use, and agrees to compensate the damage suffered in case the seller suffers a loss due to negligence and fault. declares.


Turkish Law applies to any disputes that may arise from this agreement. Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes.

The seller may change some or all of these transportation rules when deemed necessary.


If the order is concluded, the buyer will be deemed to have accepted all the conditions of this contract. If any provision in this contract consisting of 16 articles is invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the other provisions of the contract.