Rize-Artvin Airport Flight Ticket

Rize-Artvin Airport

Passengers who buy Rize-Artvin Airport flight tickets land at the closest distance to both Rize and Artvin. The Black Sea is a rugged region due to its structure. For this reason, the sea was filled in this area so that the airport could be established. This airport, which is the second airport in Turkey built by filling the sea, provides direct and connecting flights to many destinations.

About Rize-Artvin Airport

People who buy a Rize-Artvin Airport flight ticket can reach both Rize and Artvin more comfortably. Rize-Artvin Airport is located 35 kilometers from Rize city center. This airport, which is close to the city center, is very close not only to Rize but also to Artvin. Located 125 kilometers from Artvin city center, this airport is approximately 50 kilometers from different districts of Artvin. Located within the borders of Rize province, the airport is located very close to Pazar district of Rize.

People who purchase Rize-Artvin Airport flight tickets land at an airport built by filling the sea. This airport is one of Turkey's newest airports and had its first flights in 2022. The airport, which operates flights on May 14, 2022, is an airport where domestic flights are carried out. Rize-Artvin Airport, which has a very modern unit appearance because it is a new airport, was built on an area of 32000 square meters. It is known that the airport has a capacity of 4 million passengers per year and does not operate international flights.

People who purchase Rize-Artvin Airport flight tickets can meet many of their needs at the domestic flights terminal at the airport. There are cafes and restaurants in the domestic terminal for passengers to have a pleasant time. In addition, by including areas such as buffets, the needs of people who want to buy snack products are met. There are many areas within Rize-Artvin Airport, from offices where car rental can be made to the medical cabin. There are also some businesses within the airport where local delicacies specific to Rize and Artvin are sold. People landing at Rize-Artvin Airport have to overcome a distance of 35 kilometers to reach Rize city center.

Havaş buses can be preferred to reach Rize city center. To reach Rize city center by Havaş buses, a journey of approximately 45 minutes is sufficient. Another advantage of Havaş buses is that it is possible to reach Artvin city center by using these buses. Minibuses can also be preferred to reach Rize city center. A 40-minute journey by minibus is enough to reach the city center. The most comfortable way to reach Rize city center or Artvin city center is by taxi. Passengers who prefer taxis can reach the city centers in a shorter time and more comfortably. To travel between Rize-Artvin Airport and Artvin, renting a car is the most logical process. With rental cars, you can reach Artvin city center or different districts of Artvin from the airport in a short time.

Which Cities is Rize-Artvin Airport Close to?

Rize-Artvin Airport is a preferred airport to visit both Rize and Artvin. The airport is located close to Black Sea cities such as Artvin, Trabzon Giresun and Samsun. People landing at the airport can choose the highway to reach these cities.

How to Reach Artvin from Rize-Artvin Airport?

You can travel between Rize-Artvin Airport and Artvin city center with Havaş buses, taxis and rental cars.

How many passengers does Rize-Artvin Airport have the capacity to accommodate per year?

Rize-Artvin Airport has a capacity to accommodate more than 4 million passengers annually.

To which cities does Rize-Artvin Airport offer flights?

Direct and connecting flights can be made to many domestic cities, especially Istanbul, from Rize-Artvin Airport.

Does Rize-Artvin Airport Have Parking?

Rize-Artvin Airport has a parking lot for 400 vehicles. 

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