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Bayburt, a city that you can easily reach with bus ticket opportunities, offers magnificent views with its deep-rooted history and being home to many civilizations. Surrounded by Trabzon and Rize provinces in the north, Gümüşhane in the west and Erzurum in the east, the city covers an area of 3739 kilometers. It is known that the city, which has a total of 3 districts, was first founded by Azizeler. B.C. The city, which remained under the rule of the Pontus Kingdom until the 40s, was also ruled by the Umayyads, Urartians and Byzantines. Later, Cimmerians and Scythians raided the city, and the city remained under the rule of the Scythian Turks. Within the scope of all this information, it is possible to talk about many 5,000 years old existence. The city, which was under the rule of the Seljuks in 1054, later remained under the rule of the Akkoyunlus and the Safavids. Finally, the city, which was included in the Ottoman lands, was initially connected to the cities of Erzurum and Gümüşhane, but has been known as a province since 1989.

Half of the price of learning things consists of mountainous areas and it is known that the city was covered with pine trees all over. Later, unfortunately, the amount of forest had to decrease as a result of unconscious cutting and various natural disasters. The city, which is very rich in terms of culture, has many must-see places and structures. In this way, it is possible to make a historical journey and examine the cultural traces closely in the city, which has managed to attract the attention of visitors.

The city, which has a transitional climate, experiences both the Eastern Black Sea climate and the Eastern Anatolia Region climates. For this reason, the most ideal months to visit the city are summer months. Because when the winter months come, the winters are quite cold and harsh. You can also consider visiting the city in the spring. When the spring comes, the cold weather leaves its place to the milder weather and the natural beauties of the city emerge naturally. You can check the Bayburt bus ticket opportunities to reach the city.

Baksı Museum

This museum, which is among the most important museums of Turkey, both attracts attention with its design and continues to host many visitors due to its location. The view of the museum, which has been continuing its services since 2010, also attracts attention and both cultural and artistic traces can be easily seen in the museum. The museum includes a conference hall, library and main exhibition hall. You can consider adding the museum to your list of places to visit in Bayburt, where you can take lots of photos and closely examine many valuable artifacts.

Kenan Yavuz Culture House and Ethnography Museum

Kenan Yavuz Culture House and Ethnography Museum, which are indispensable in the list of places to visit in Bayburt, are considered as the cultural activity area of the city. All of the quality cultural and artistic events held in the city are held here. This place, which is approximately 40 km away from the city center, has been operating since 2015. The place, which reveals the historical and cultural importance of the city, is held in many shows and also includes painting exhibitions of famous artists. You should definitely visit this place, which was created thanks to Kenan Yavuz.

Yakupabdal Nature Park

Yakupabdal Nature Park is located 60 km from the center of the city. It is possible to spend a pleasant day intertwined with nature in the nature park, which is frequently visited by the local people both in summer and on weekends. In the park, which has been described as a nature park and taken under protection since 2014, there is both a recreation area with a pond and Yakupabdal Tomb. There are many gazebos and picnic tables in the recreation area around the pond, so that people can have a picnic as they wish. It is also possible to do bird watching, watch the scenery and perform various mountain biking activities in the park, which is ideal for taking pleasant walks and enjoying nature. By including this place in your plans, you can both enjoy nature to the fullest and observe the birds by taking lots of photos.

Kaleardı City Park

The park, which started to be built in 2016 and has been providing its services since 2017, covers an extremely large area. There are barbecue barbecues, sitting camellias and walking tracks in the park, which has many social facilities and allows the locals to have a pleasant time. In other words, it would be ideal to have pleasant walks and have sincere conversations with your loved ones in the place where there are plenty of social opportunities. Moreover, the park is quite far from the city center. Since it is close, you can choose the park to relax after exploring the city.

Kop Mountain Ski Center

Located at the intersection of the city of Bayburt and Erzurum, the ski resort has an altitude of 3,000 meters and is located on a high area. The ski center, which can be easily visited without facing transportation problems, is 43 km away from the city center, as it is very easy to access. It is possible to do snow surfing, to get ski training and to ride the cable car in the ski resort. In addition to these, there are both chalets and big hotels to stay in this place, which allows many fun activities to be carried out. In addition, thanks to the presence of many facilities, all needs can be met without the need to go to the center of the city. If you plan to come to Bayburt during the winter months, you should definitely visit this place.

Çoruh River

With a length of 431 kilometers, the river is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world. The river, whose depth reaches 500 cubic meters in May, hosts different dams thanks to its high flow rate. In this river, it is both ideal and enjoyable to do various nature sports and water sports such as canoeing and rafting at the same time. There are 3 separate tracks on the river and professional instructors can start the track in a much more ideal way here. Also, since it is more possible to camp here, you can consider coming here by supplying your necessary materials. It is recommended that you do not set up a camp without equipment and a guide with you. Getting here is extremely easy via Bayburt Bus Terminal.

Sirakayalar Waterfall

This waterfall, which is among the important natural beauties of the city, calms those who see it both with its relaxing sound and its unique view. The waterfalls are located approximately 16 km away from the city center as one of the places you must visit when you visit the city. In general, this place is also used as a recreation area by both the local people and the villagers during the summer months. Falling from a height of 20 m, the waterfalls are absolutely ideal for cooling off and having a nice day in summer. It is also possible to take nature photos here. By coming here, you can both picnic and take nature walks. You can reach here in a short time via Bayburt Bus Terminal.

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