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With Çankırı bus ticket opportunities, travels to Çankırı can be carried out in a more comfortable and ideal way.

Çankırı is located in the Central Anatolia Region and is surrounded by the provinces of Karabük and Kastamonu in the north, Ankara in the south, Kırıkkale in the southeast, and Çorum in the east. As of 2018, it has been determined that 183,000 people live in this city, which covers an area of 1347 square kilometers. 70% of the population lives in cities and 30% lives in rural areas. The city of Çankırı was included within the borders of the Roman Empire after the division of Rome and remained in Byzantine territory for a long time. After the Battle of Manzikert, Danişment Gazi occupied the region. A war broke out between the Danishmends and the Crusaders and the area continued to change hands, but was eventually ceded to the Danishmends. Later, the Seljuks dominated this region. Çankırı joined the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Murat I. After the Battle of Ankara, Timur gave the region back, but it was taken back by Mehmet I in 1439.

Çankırı is located in the transition zone between the Black Sea climate and the typical climate of Central Anatolia, and the annual average precipitation is 432 mm. The average temperature in July and August is 22 degrees Celsius, but in January, temperatures drop below freezing. Various civilizations have lived in this city with a history of 1000 years. Ilgaz Mountain National Park, located on the border of Çankırı and Kastamonu provinces, is a must-see for those who want to be in touch with nature. Another valuable place in the city is the natural monument. The monument has an important place in many aspects. Here also local traditions are reflected in a congregation founded by 24 magicians representing 24 Oghuz tribes.

UNESCO recommends you to see this local performance art, which is also registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Those who adopt a more modern entertainment culture can have a good time in other areas. The entertainment life in Çankırı is limited to activities related to the region. All events such as Çavundur Hot Springs Festival, Çerkeş Cultural Festival, Keskink Festival, Rock Salt Karatekin Festival, Green Yayla Culture and Tourism Festival, Kurşunlu Honey Festival, Şabanoz Traditional Culture, Art and Wrestling Festival are accompanied and evaluated by local entertainment. Those traveling to Çankırı can travel by land, air or rail. Organized bus journeys from almost anywhere in Turkey are a hassle-free and ideal option to travel by bus. The use of buses and minibuses is common in this city, where the urban transportation network is highly developed. You can easily reach this unique city by taking a look at the Çankırı bus ticket deals.

Places to Visit in Çankırı

Discovering places to visit and much more in Çankırı makes ideal Çankırı travels possible. The city of Çankırı, which has hosted many cultures and civilizations and is also rich in natural beauties, has many places and structures that you need to see and explore closely. In general, it is enough to spend two days in this city in order to fully explore the city of Çankırı and to visit every part of it. The fact that there are accommodation options suitable for every budget in the city and that the urban transportation network is developed makes travels to more ideal dimensions.

Cankiri Castle

When it comes to places to visit in Çankırı, Çankırı Castle, which is considered as the symbol of the city, is definitely included in the travel lists. The castle, which has become a symbol, was built by the Hittites, and quarry stone and brick were used in its construction. Located in the northern part of the city, this castle is 730 meters high. It has been used by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and also the Ottomans since the day it was built. Inside the castle restored by every civilization; There are historical ruins, cisterns, caves and watchtowers. Although some still preserve their structure today, most of them were destroyed by the earthquake. However, the ruins that have survived to the present day are definitely worth seeing. The castle is also used as a local recreation area and is an indispensable part of Çankırı visits.

Cankiri Houses

Çankırı houses, which are used for tourism purposes, provide a lot of information about the geological structure of the period. All of these 108 houses were registered and protected by the decision of the High Council of Real Estate, Culture and Natural Heritage. These houses, which have managed to reflect all the features of classical Turkish houses in the best way, are generally built as two floors. The first floor is insulated and contains the kitchen and also the living room. The second floor is usually reserved for the accommodation of incoming guests. Each house has an empty room on the second floor. In addition, a wooden cabinet was prepared as a cloakroom in each room. These modern but sheltered houses reflecting the historical period, come to Çankırı It is one of the must-see places.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park

Ilgaz Mountain National Park, which can be visited at any time of the year, is an advanced attraction center with high oxygen quality and providing peace of mind. The region, which welcomes more visitors during the winter months, does not attract attention only in this season. If you come in winter, you can of course enjoy winter sports and fully explore the surroundings. In Ilgaz Mountains National Park, where the vegetation is very rich, you can see not only red pine and fir, but also rare plant species. Various animal species such as wild boar, wolf, bear and deer also live in the conditions provided by the vegetation. You can choose between tent camping and accommodation in the park next to the ski resort. The season for skiing in this park starts in December every year and continues uninterruptedly until April. It is superior in this function, but it can also be used for activities such as trekking, camping, plant trips, mountaineering, bicycle tours, animal observation, picnic in other months.

Ilgaz Yurdun Tepe Ski Center

Night skiing is also possible at this touristic ski resort, which is located in the Ilgaz Mountains National Park and has 2 tracks. There are three accommodation facilities in this ski resort. The ski center under construction, which is among the regions that can be preferred for a winter getaway, illuminates the day with its tall pine trees. When you climb to Ilgaz Mountain after the dense oak forests of Çankırı city, black pine forests welcome you in a magnificent way. The park, which was registered as a national park in 1976, covers a large area. Ilgaz mountains with volcanic structures await you not only in winter but also in spring. It is absolutely impossible not to be surprised when you see a one meter high fir forest up close. Moreover, those who want to visit the ski center can easily reach here via Çankırı Bus Terminal.

Hazim Dagli Nature Park

This park is located in Yapraklı district, 40 minutes from the center. This natural park, which is a wonderful reflection of nature with its picturesque ponds, is also beautified with bungalow-style houses. It is ideal for hiking, picnic or lodging with clean, high quality oxygen. This place is easy to access, which is why it has become a favorite place. You can reach this park, where fishing, camping and many other activities are available, via Çankırı Bus Terminal in a short time.

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