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Lüks İstanbul Turizm

Luxury Istanbul Tourism

You can travel in a quality way by buying a luxury Istanbul Turizm bus ticket. The luxury Istanbul Tourism company, which has been serving in road transportation for many years, has managed to become the name of quality and trust.

About Luxury Istanbul Tourism

Luxury Istanbul Tourism was established in 1980. This company, which has been serving for more than forty years, organizes expeditions to cities such as Ankara, Izmir and Trabzon. This company, which serves domestically, also organizes expeditions abroad. The company also organizes flights from Istanbul to Azerbaijan and from Istanbul to Georgia. This company, which has been involved in road transportation for many years, provides services in order to carry customer satisfaction to the top. The company, which carries out international transportation, always strives for a quality and safe journey.

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Luxury Istanbul Tourism company was established in 1980. While the founder of the company was Bedri Can, the place where the company was founded is Istanbul. The luxury Istanbul Tourism company, which has a history of 40 years, provides service with 13 buses. With the experience of providing service for many years, the company has become the symbol of trust. Luxury Istanbul Tourism company provides service with its expert and experienced staff. This company, which provides service in the country and abroad, has the ability to find solutions in a short time against all kinds of problems that may occur during the journey.

Vehicle Features

By purchasing a luxury Istanbul Turizm bus ticket, you can have a comfortable journey in wide seats. The company offers food and beverages to its customers during the journey. Television broadcasts and music broadcasts are made in the vehicle so that the customer does not get bored during the journey. Disposable earplugs are provided to each customer on the company's buses. For customers who want to read books, magazines or newspapers during their journey, bus lamps are attached to each seat. Serving with 13 buses, the company has placed customer satisfaction and safety first in its service objectives.

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