Ankara - Eskişehir Bus Ticket

Ankara - Eskişehir

Ankara - Eskişehir

You can travel to Ankara and Eskişehir in four seasons of the year by taking advantage of Ankara - Eskişehir bus ticket deals. Ankara and Eskişehir, which are among the most valuable touristic cities in Turkey and offer unique experiences to their visitors, are located very close to each other. To travel to these cities, both of which are located in the Central Anatolia region, you can use the bus terminals of the cities and take advantage of the bus ticket deals of various companies.

Ankara - Information About Eskişehir, Places to Visit

It is easier than ever to have a pleasant trip in these cities by taking advantage of the Ankara - Eskişehir bus terminal ticket purchase opportunities. Ankara and Eskişehir, which can be visited throughout the four seasons and offer unique opportunities in terms of history, culture and entertainment, experience their most crowded times especially in spring and summer. Reviewing the places you need to visit before planning your trip will make your trip much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Ankara - Eskişehir Bus Terminal, visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is located close to the city center. After getting off the bus at the bus station, the first place you should go is Kentpark or Sazova, which are located nearby. These parks, which allow you to have fun and be in touch with nature and also have many activity opportunities, are among the most popular places in the city.

Among the other places you should definitely see before completing your Eskişehir trip:

• Porsuk Stream, which is lined with bookstores and coffee shops on both sides, making you feel like you are in Venice.

• Odunpazarı, which allows you to feel yourself in the dusty pages of history

• Eskişehir Fairy Tale Castle, which allows you to be the character of a fairy tale and attracts the attention of children in particular.

• There is Eskişehir Wax Sculptures Museum, which reflects life-like images of thousands of important names in history.

Thanks to the Ankara - Eskişehir bus terminal buy ticket option, you can have the opportunity to travel at economical prices. If you have chosen Eskişehir among these cities that promise a gastronomically entertaining experience, you should return without trying delicacies such as balaban meatballs, çibörek and met halva.

Ankara, which is one of the largest cities in Turkey and has managed to attract attention as it is also the capital, manages to fascinate those who see it with the historical buildings it has in every corner. Ankara, which is visited throughout the four seasons and attracts great interest not only from local but also from foreign tourists, offers unique opportunities to its visitors. The first stop you should go to during your Ankara trip is, of course, Anıtkabir. Anıtkabir, which includes the grave and important memories of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is very crowded in every season of the year. It attracts much more attention, especially on special days. After completing your trip with Ankara - Eskişehir Bus Terminal, among the other places you should see in Ankara;

• Ankara Castle,

• Red Crescent Square,

• Eymir Lake,

• Kızılcahamam,

• Güvenpark,

• Karagöl Nature Park,

• Sea World,

• Tunali Hilmi Street,

• There is Kocatepe Mosque.

Ankara is one of the largest cities in Turkey. Considered as a metropolis, where people from different origins and beliefs live together in peace, Ankara has a significant wealth of places to visit and see. Therefore, it would be a big mistake to think that the places to see in the city are limited to this list. Before planning your trip, it is recommended that you make a list of places to visit, taking into account what you expect from your holiday. It is recommended that you plan a trip of at least 1 week to visit all the places you need to see in Ankara and to get to know the history and ambience of the city more closely.

How to get to Ankara - Eskişehir Bus Terminal?

If you want to travel by bus between Ankara and Eskişehir, you must first reach the bus terminals of the cities. You can reach Ankara Bus Terminal, or AŞTİ as it is known, from different parts of the city via metro, bus or minibus. However, you can also travel with your personal vehicle or taxi.

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Ankara - Eskisehir Transportation

The most preferred method of transportation to Ankara and Eskişehir, which are among the most visited tourist locations in Turkey, is the bus. Thanks to the bus service offered by different companies, you can travel between two cities in a short time.

Bus Companies Providing Ankara - Eskişehir Transportation

There are dozens of bus companies from which you can buy Ankara - Eskişehir bus tickets. Süha Travel, Aydoğanlar, CSR Travel, Jet Tourism, Mersin Nur Tourism, Başkent Tourism and Uludağ Tourism are just a few of them. The diversity of companies makes it easier to make a choice that fully meets your wishes.

When to go from Ankara to Eskişehir?

It successfully meets different holiday needs and can be visited in four seasons of the year. Offering unique experiences, Ankara and Eskişehir are visited both in summer and winter. It is the choice of those who want to benefit from thermal opportunities, especially during the winter months. In the summer months, it is much easier to visit the touristic places of the cities and have a trip rich in history and culture.

When Should You Buy Ankara – Eskişehir Ticket?

There are many bus companies that provide travel between Ankara and Eskişehir. This allows you to easily find bus tickets even on the last day. However, if you want to buy bus tickets at more economical prices, you can take advantage of early booking opportunities.

Ankara – Eskisehir Ticket Prices

The number of bus companies that allow you to travel between Ankara and Eskişehir is increasing rapidly every day. This causes ticket prices to change. In this way, it becomes easier to make a choice that is both comfortable and economical.

How Long Does the Ankara – Eskişehir Journey Take?

To travel between these cities, both of which are located in the Central Anatolia region, you need to overcome a distance of 228 kilometers. This distance takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes by bus. Duration may vary depending on the route of your preferred bus company.

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Must-See Places During Ankara – Eskişehir Travel

Anıtkabir, Ankara Castle, Kocatepe Mosque and Kuğulu Park make your Ankara trip much more enjoyable. While visiting Eskişehir, it is recommended that you visit Sazova Science Culture and Art Park, Kentpark and Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Museum.

How many days does it take to visit Ankara – Eskişehir?

It is recommended that you spare at least 2-3 days for your Ankara and Eskişehir trip, which promises a fun and culturally rich experience.

What are the delicacies you should try during your Ankara – Eskisehir trip?

There are some delicacies you should definitely try in Ankara and Eskişehir, both gastronomically unique cities. If you are going to Eskişehir, you should definitely try delicacies such as met halva, kıygaşa, poppy seed pancake, çibörek, lamb sorpa and roasted chickpea cookies. In Ankara, delicacies such as Ankara pan, Ankara kebab, kokoreç and Beypazarı stew are recommended.

Is it easy to reach Ankara - Eskişehir Bus Terminals?

It is very easy to reach both Ankara and Eskişehir Bus Terminal. You can use public transportation to reach the bus station from the city center.

How to Reach Ankara – Eskişehir Centers?

After getting off the bus at Eskişehir Bus Terminal, you can use the tram, minibuses or bus line to reach the city center. In Ankara, you can use the metro, bus or minibuses to reach the city center from the bus station. Taxis also provide service to reach the city centre.

Can Ankara – Eskisehir be visited in winter?

Located in the Central Anatolia region and having an arid climate, these cities offer unique opportunities to their visitors during the winter months.

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