İzmir – Kars Bus Ticket

İzmir – Kars

İzmir – Kars

Izmir – Kars bus ticket deals are wondered and researched by many passengers every season of the year. There is a long list of bus companies you can choose for a comfortable trip. This helps you to choose the option that best suits you in terms of both service comfort and budget.

Izmir – Information About Kars, Places to Visit

Izmir, which you can visit by taking advantage of the Izmir - Kars bus terminal ticket deals, is located in the Aegean region, in the Izmir Bay. Izmir, which is considered the third largest city in Turkey as it hosts a population of 4.5 million, manages to fascinate those who see it with its historical and natural beauties. Considered as a trade, fair and student city, Izmir attracts the attention of not only local but also foreign tourists due to the impressive treasures and striking monuments it offers at every corner.

Konak and Gündoğdu Square, which are crowded at all hours of the day in Izmir, are the choices of those who want to experience lively moments. Historical streets decorated with classical Aegean houses, long roads along the coast, rich museums and recreation areas; It makes your Izmir trip much more enjoyable.

The most important building you should visit during your Izmir trip is the Izmir Clock Tower, which is considered the symbol of the city. Ottoman Sultan II. Built in 1901 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Abdulhamid's accession to the throne, the Clock Tower is located at the entrance of Kemeraltı Bazaar, next to Konak Yalı Mosque. The Clock Tower, which is a very impressive architectural work with a height of 25 meters and a four-storey structure, is the most unique example among the Ottoman clock towers.

Another important place that will make your Izmir trip unforgettable is the Ancient City of Ephesus. This ancient city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has different sections such as Çukuriçi Mound, Ephesus Ancient City and House of Virgin Mary, is also remarkable because it was one of the largest and most powerful cities of the period.

Apart from these, places you should visit in Izmir include places such as Kadife Castle, Kemeraltı Bazaar, Izmir Archeology Museum, İncir Altı City Forest, Cyprus Martyrs Museum and Ephesus Museum.

Kars, which you will have the chance to reach via Izmir - Kars Bus Terminal in 4 seasons of the year, is one of the coldest provinces of Turkey. Kars, which everyone should definitely visit with its food, geography and history, is also very important for winter and nature tourism. There are many places you should definitely visit during your trip to Kars. Chief among these is the Kars Archeology and Ethnography Museum, where artifacts unearthed from excavations in and near the city are exhibited and which allows you to get to know the history of the city more closely.

Kars Stream, which manages to amaze those who see it with its beauty, is among the natural beauties of Kars. At the same time, in 1579, Ottoman Sultan III. Taşköprü, built by Lala Mustafa Pasha upon the order of Murat, Kars Castle, which should be visited by those who want to witness a panoramic view, and Kümbet Mosque, known as the Hagia Sophia of the East, are among the places you should visit in Kars.

You can also travel between two cities by bus and get detailed information about the history of the cities. Izmir and Kars, located in two different regions, are among the most visited cities in Turkey due to the historical and cultural richness they offer.

How to get to Izmir – Kars Bus Terminal?

There are different options for transportation to Izmir – Kars Bus Terminal. You can use ESHOT services to go to Izmir Bus Terminal. There are public transportation options you can choose to reach Kars Bus Terminal. At the same time, you can easily reach the bus station by taxi from anywhere in the city.

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Izmir – Kars Transportation

Izmir and Kars, which play important roles in Turkey's tourism even though they are located in different regions, are visited not only by local but also foreign tourists every season of the year. The best way to make these trips, which promise both a fun and culturally rich experience, is by bus. Thanks to the Izmir – Kars bus ticket options offered by different bus companies, you can complete your journey and have the chance to have a comfortable and economical journey.

Bus Companies Providing Transportation between Izmir and Kars

There are dozens of different bus companies from which you can benefit from Izmir – Kars bus terminal ticket purchase opportunities. The most preferred options among bus companies, each of which aims to offer a comfortable journey, are Bizim Iğdır Turizm, Turgutreis Turizm, Aras Seyahat and Kars Kalesi Turizm.

When to go from Izmir to Kars?

Izmir, an indispensable address for summer holidays with dozens of blue flag beaches, experiences its most crowded times in spring and summer. Since Kars is one of the coldest cities in Turkey, touristic trips to this city generally take place in spring and summer.

Izmir – Kars When Should Tickets Be Purchased?

Traveling between Izmir and Kars is a long journey, taking almost 1 day. However, there are several different options among bus companies that allow traveling between Izmir and Kars. It is recommended that you buy your ticket approximately 2-3 days in advance in order to avoid any problems during your travel and to avoid the risk of not being able to find a ticket on the last day.

Izmir – Kars Ticket Prices

If you want to travel by bus between Izmir and Kars, there is a fee you need to pay for the ticket you need to buy. This fee varies depending on the bus company.

How long does the Izmir – Kars journey take?

There is a distance of 1677 kilometers between Kars and Izmir. If you want to travel this distance by bus, you will have to travel approximately 23 hours.

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Must-See Places During Izmir – Kars Travel

During your trip to Kars, you should definitely visit Kars Castle, Caucasian Front War History Museum and Kars Museum. Places to see in Izmir include places such as Alsancak Kordon, Kültürpark and Izmir Historical Elevator Building.

How many days does it take to visit Izmir – Kars?

Both Izmir and Kars are cities rich in places to visit. Therefore, it is recommended that you plan at least a 1-week holiday in order to make your trip comfortable and to have time to visit every place you want to see.

What are the delicacies you should try during your Izmir – Kars trip?

While visiting Kars, you should definitely try delicacies such as halva, hörbe, Kars pastry, hangel, kete, noodle pilaf with potatoes or lentils, hasıl, sour meat, feselli, potted shish kebab, leaf manti and tandoori pulled goose. If you are traveling in Izmir, the flavors you should try include such as boyoz, kumru, söğüş, Izmir bomb and Izmir meatballs.

Is it easy to reach Izmir – Kars Bus Terminals?

You can reach the bus terminals from the city center by public transportation. If you think you will have difficulty in transportation, you can also choose options such as taxi or rental car.

How to Reach Izmir – Kars Centers?

After your trip ends at the bus station, you can use public transportation to reach the city center and the places you want to see.

Can Izmir – Kars be visited in winter?

Izmir has a climate that continues to maintain its mild weather even in winter months. For this reason, both summer and winter months are suitable for visiting Izmir. Kars is snowy and cold during the winter months. However, it is possible to say that it has important opportunities for winter tourism and therefore can be visited throughout all four seasons.

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