Ankara - Adana Bus Ticket

Ankara - Adana

Ankara - Adana

You can travel to these two cities, which are among the most valuable touristic locations in Turkey, by taking advantage of Ankara - Adana bus ticket deals. Ankara, located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, and Adana, located in the Mediterranean region, are the leading cities of different cultures and touristic experiences. For pleasant travels between these two cities, you can choose the bus tickets offered by bus companies and have the chance to make comfortable journeys at promotional prices.

Information About Ankara - Adana, Places to Visit

You can reach the most touristic cities of Turkey by taking advantage of Ankara - Adana bus ticket deals. Ankara, the capital and second most populous city of Turkey, has many places to visit. Chief among these is, of course, Anıtkabir, which is the most important place in Turkey's history. Afterwards, it is recommended to visit Kuğulu Park, Kurtuluş Park, Seymenler Park, Güven Park, Soğuksu National Park, Kocatepe Mosque, Pink Mansion, Anatolian Civilizations Museum and Roman Bath.

Ankara, which successfully meets changing holiday needs and hosts many places to travel for different purposes such as culture, tourism or entertainment, continues to host its visitors in four seasons of the year. If you are planning your trip for the winter months, you should definitely visit the Kızılcahamam region and benefit from the resources.

If you want to complete your trip with Ankara - Adana Bus Terminal and dream of traveling to Adana, you should not ignore that this trip will give you a completely different experience. Home to dozens of must-see places, Adana promises a pleasant travel experience.

It is possible to say that your Adana trip will be unique in many aspects. Adana, which stretches between Seyhan and Ceyhan and has always attracted the attention of visitors with its unique natural beauties, beaches, historical riches and lush plateaus, is also a unique city in terms of gastronomy. Among the places you must visit during your Adana trip:

• Seyhan river,

• Central park,

• Sabancı central mosque,

• Varda bridge,

• Kapıkaya canyon,

• Ground bridge recreation area,

• Göksu river,

• Island of love,

• Tarsus zoo,

• There are places like the Ancient City of Anavarza.

During your Adana trip, not only the places you need to see are important. There are also dozens of different flavors you should try in this city. Offering you many delicious experiences, from turnip juice to kebab varieties, from local desserts to delicious drinks, Adana is a city visited throughout the four seasons of the year. It is recommended that you plan your trip in spring to make it both comfortable and enjoyable. You can make the Adana trip you have been dreaming of by taking advantage of the Ankara - Adana bus terminal ticket purchase options during these months.

The Ankara-Adana journey, which will be completed in approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes depending on the bus company you prefer, will be the first step of an enjoyable trip. You can also choose among different companies for your travel.

How to get to Ankara - Adana Bus Station?

Ankara - Adana Bus Terminal welcomes countless visitors every day. To travel between cities by bus, you must first reach the bus station in the city. Adana, one of the largest cities in Turkey, continues to maintain the same density in terms of intercity travel. The bus station has been in service since 1993 and is approximately 6 km away. There are many public transportation vehicles around, making it easy to reach from the center.

Ankara Bus Terminal, or AŞTİ as it is known, is located close to the city center, just like Adana Bus Terminal. You can choose public transportation or taxis to reach AŞTİ from the city center or different locations.

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Ankara - Adana Transportation

There may be many reasons to travel from Ankara to Adana or from Adana to Ankara. These two cities, visited both in summer and winter, play important roles in Turkey's tourism. To travel to Ankara or Adana, you can travel by bus. The journey starting from the bus terminal of one city and completing at the bus terminal of the other city promises both a comfortable and entertaining experience.

Bus Companies Providing Transportation from Ankara to Adana

If you want to travel between Ankara and Adana by bus, there are many companies you can choose. Companies where you can benefit from Ankara - Adana bus terminal ticket deals include Nevşehir Seyahat, Mersin Nur Turizm, Astdr Seyahat, Jet Turizm, Öncü, Aydoğanlar, Lider Turizm and Metro.

 When to go from Ankara to Adana?

Since Adana is located in the Mediterranean region, the summer months are quite hot. Since Adana is located in the Central Anatolia region, you may experience cold weather, especially during the winter months. Despite this, it can be said that both cities are visited throughout the four seasons. If you are a tourist traveling with a match, the ideal time would be the spring months.

When Should You Buy Ankara – Adana Ticket?

If you are planning to travel to Ankara and Adana by bus, it is recommended that you do not leave buying tickets until the last minute. Buying tickets approximately 2-3 days in advance will eliminate the possibility of not being able to find a ticket.

Ankara – Adana Ticket Prices

There is a long list of bus companies you can choose to travel between Ankara and Adana. While this situation causes companies to change their routes and services, it also causes price ranges to change. In this way, you can choose the most suitable service option for you and buy tickets without straining your budget.

How long does the journey from Ankara to Adana take?

If you want to travel between Ankara and Adana, the distance you need to travel is 380 kilometers. This journey is completed in approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes by bus.

How many days does it take to visit Ankara – Adana?

Ankara and Adana are among the largest and most developed cities in Turkey. This makes the list of places to see quite long. Therefore, it is recommended that you spare at least one week to have a pleasant and opportunity-filled trip. However, you can have the chance to visit many places in the cities in 2-3 days.

What are the delicacies you should try during your Ankara – Adana trip?

Adana is considered to be Turkey's most valuable city in terms of gastronomy. Among the flavors you should try during your Adana trip are flavors such as şerdan stuffed meat, mother-kid soup, Adana kebab, mumbar stuffed and fellah meatballs. If you are traveling in Ankara, it is recommended that you try delicacies such as Ankara Fried Pan, Shepherd's Roast, Eggplant Meat and Orman Kebab.

Is it easy to reach Ankara - Adana Bus Terminals?

To reach Ankara or Adana Bus Terminal, you can use public transportation departing from the center. If you want a more comfortable travel, you can also choose taxis.

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How to Reach Ankara – Adana Centers?

After you travel by bus, your trip ends at the bus station. After getting off at the bus station, you can choose minibuses, taxis, buses and metro to reach your desired places or the city center.

Can Ankara – Adana be visited in winter?

Ankara and Adana are cities visited during the winter months. They offer different experiences to their visitors throughout the four seasons.

Must-See Places During Ankara – Adana Travel

You should definitely start your Ankara trip with Anıtkabir, but also take care to see its natural beauties. You should definitely visit places such as Mogan Lake, Ankara Castle and Hamamönü. During your trip to Adana, it is recommended that you visit places such as the Great Clock Tower, Taşköprü and Sabancı Central Mosque.

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