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Jan. 10, 2024
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Many regions of Turkey stand out with their cultural richness and historical texture. Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center appears as one of these important cultural riches. During the First World War, very important battles took place between the Allied Powers and the Ottoman Empire on the Gallipoli Peninsula of our Çanakkale city. These battles are also known as the Gallipoli War. As a result of this war, the Ottoman Empire defeated the Allied Powers. Of course, many people lost their lives and became martyrs. This war, which went down in history as the Çanakkale Epic, has great importance for all of us. This promotional center was opened in 2012 to tell this epic and keep the spirit of Çanakkale alive. This center, which is among the places you must see when you come to Çanakkale or Gallipoli, consists of eleven rooms in total. You can witness how the epic was written with the help of three-dimensional glasses technology and go on a wonderful historical tour. One of the most striking features of the promotion center is that its design represents the Dardanelles. We will share transportation information in the rest of our article for those who do not know how to get to the Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center, which is one of the points visited by many local and foreign tourists every year. So, without beating around the bush, let's start giving information about this important museum.

Where is the Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center?

Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center is located on the Kabatepe side of Eceabat district of Çanakkale city in the Marmara Region of our country. It is possible to see the Battles of Çanakkale in both thematic and chronological order in this promotional center, which is a war museum. It is extremely important, especially for young people, to learn the Çanakkale Epic correctly. There are a total of 11 halls in this museum, which tells how our soldiers fought bravely and protected their homeland at the expense of their lives. These halls are, in order, the entry into the war, the support, the war plans of the Allied Powers, the Rumelia Mecidiye Bastion, preparation for land battles, the turning point of the war, trench battles, Gallipoli from the sky, Çanakkale is impassable, memories and from 1915 to the present.

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How to Get to Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center?

It is extremely easy to reach this promotional center, which is located in our Çanakkale province and has great value in terms of cultural tourism. Visitors planning to come from the Çanakkale region should first take a ferry to the Eceabat side if they are going to use their own vehicles as transportation. Then, they can reach the destination in a short time by using the navigation service. Those coming from Eceabat or Kabatepe can also use their private vehicles. Visitors who do not prefer or do not have a private vehicle can use public transportation or go to the promotion center by sea. Visitors who want to come from outside Çanakkale should first provide transportation to this city. There are two different options for this. The first of these options is transportation by road and the other is transportation by air.

For transportation by road, there are transportation alternatives by private vehicles and buses. Visitors who will come with their personal car can get there by getting directions via the navigation application and following the road signs. Travel time by car varies depending on the departure point. People who do not plan to come with their personal vehicle can choose the intercity bus line. To do this, you should choose one of the companies that organize bus services from your location to the bus terminal serving in Çanakkale city center. After choosing the company, you can buy an affordable bus ticket and have a pleasant bus trip. After arriving at the city center, you can take ferries to Eceabat district and go to the promotion center. Those who want to come from more distant provinces can prefer transportation by air.

There is Çanakkale Airport located approximately 15 kilometers from our city Çanakkale. There are more frequent flights to this airport, especially during the summer months. You can choose one of the companies operating flights from your region to this airport and buy an affordable flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can take a taxi, use city buses or take a shuttle to the city center. After arriving at the city center, you can take one of the ferries going to Eceabat and easily reach the area where the promotion center is located.

Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center Entrance Fee 2024

We would like to point out that you must pay a certain fee to enter this museum, also known as the Simulation Center. While the amount to be paid by adults is 30 TL, the amount to be paid by students is 15 TL. In addition, students under the age of 18, visitors over the age of 65, disabled individuals and families of martyrs and veterans can enter free of charge. Of course, since these entrance fees may change every year, if you wish, you can call the center before visiting and get information about the current entrance fee. You can visit this promotion center, which is open to visitors every day of the week, between 09.00 in the morning and 19.00 in the evening.

Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center Reservation

Çanakkale Epic Promotion Museum is among the museums that are not affiliated with the Ministry of Culture. For this reason, museum cards are not valid for entry here. It is also very important to make a reservation in advance to visit the museum. It may be a little difficult to check in without a reservation. Walk-ins are mostly available when the museum is very quiet. However, in order not to risk your visit, we recommend that you call the promotion center and make a reservation before coming here. 

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