Can I Take a Powerbank on a Plane?

Jan. 8, 2024
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Airplanes are undoubtedly one of the most preferred means of transportation to go from one place to another. It is possible to go to a very distant area in a shorter time by traveling by plane. However, there are important key points you need to know between domestic and international trips. One of these points is what you can take with you when you get on the plane. As it is known, there are two different baggage systems on airplanes. The first of these is the hand luggage where you put the items you can take into the plane. This hand luggage is also known as cabin luggage. Another is the section, also called check-in, where the items taken into the cargo section of the aircraft are placed during boarding. The cargo compartment is also referred to as registered baggage. This luggage is also available for both domestic and international trips. In addition, we would like to remind you that you must also complete passport and visa procedures for trips abroad.

Air travel is preferred by many people as it offers a comfortable journey. In some cases, flights may be connecting depending on the destination. In addition, it is located in areas with direct flights. Purchasing an affordable flight ticket is of particular importance for every passenger. Because airline companies run various campaigns on ticket prices from time to time. By taking advantage of these campaigns, you can buy tickets that fit your budget better. On the other hand, bus travel is also widely preferred. However, the baggage application in bus travel and the application in airplanes are different from each other. People who are afraid of flying or have a phobia of flying can buy bus tickets and prefer road transportation, especially for domestic trips. After sharing this important information with you, we will focus on the issue of whether to take a power bank on the plane, which is important for those who will travel by plane.

What is Powerbank?

With the rapid development of technology, smart devices have entered our lives. The most common of these devices are smart mobile phone models. In addition, devices such as tablets and iPads are used at least as much as phones. All these devices have a charge that lasts for a certain period of time. In the past, we would need an outlet whenever the charger ran out. Now, thanks to portable chargers, we have gotten rid of this big problem. Devices, also known as portable chargers or battery devices, appear as power banks. It is important to charge these power banks beforehand. You can easily charge your smart phones when you are outside or if you do not have a charger with you, thanks to these portable devices. In addition, you can charge your devices such as tablets. Nowadays, there are many powerbank devices that stand out with their many different features.

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Can a Powerbank be Taken in the Luggage on the Plane?

Powerbank devices have become an important item that many people carry with them. It is extremely annoying when a mobile phone charger gives a warning at unexpected moments. To prevent this situation, portable chargers are used. Such devices are needed especially during long trips such as planes. It is extremely important for those who will travel by plane to know what devices and items they can take with them before the trip. Because it is useful to learn all the details beforehand in order to avoid being told at the last minute that "we cannot take this device on the plane". In accordance with the regulations, some devices and items are prohibited from being taken on board. It is very important to learn in advance what prohibited devices and items are to prevent negative situations that may arise during the trip. One of the sections where belongings are placed on planes is the checked baggage section, also referred to as the bottom of the plane. It is not allowed to place power banks and similar devices in this area. You can learn in detail about the items that can be placed in the checked baggage, also known as check-in baggage, from the airline company you choose before the trip.

Is a Powerbank Put in the Hand Luggage on the Plane?

It is extremely important to know what you can take with you before traveling by plane. There are two different luggage compartments in aircraft: cabin and checked baggage. It is perfectly normal for you to want to take most of the items you need with you during your trip. However, we would like you to know that you cannot take every item you want with you. Although some devices such as burners and cutters are prohibited from being taken on board, this also applies to devices such as some spare batteries or batteries. Nowadays, many people use portable battery devices called power banks when their phones run out of charge. At this point, there are many people who want to take these portable chargers with them while traveling by plane. We would like to point out in advance that power bank devices, also defined as spare batteries or spare batteries, are not taken into the checked baggage compartment. You can only take these devices into the hand luggage compartment. However, in order to take it into your hand luggage, your power bank must be between 100 and 160 watts. We would like you to know that if you have a portable spare battery over 160 watts, it cannot be taken on board under any circumstances.

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