How to Copy Passport for Visa?

Aug. 31, 2023
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A visa is the name given to the permits needed to visit a country. The process of obtaining a visa can be quite tiring and challenging. In order for the visa process to be concluded in a shorter time, it is necessary for the people to collect all the necessary documents completely during the visa application. Visa applicants must also include a photocopy of their identity card and passport photocopy in their visa application file.

While photocopying the passport to be used in the visa application, some points should be considered and the passport to be photocopied should have some features. The passport to be photocopied must be valid. It is very important that the passport was obtained within the last 10 years. There must be a section with 2 blank pages facing each other in the passport to be photocopied. In order for the passport to be photocopied, the validity period of the passport must be 90 days after the expiry of the visa.

How Should a Photocopy of Passport Be Made for Visa?

• When photocopying the passport, the first page of the passport must be photocopied.

• In addition, all pages processed in the passport should be photocopied during passport photocopying.

• The stamps added to their visas by the consulates in the visa applications made by the visa applicants should also be included in the passport photocopy.

• In the passport photocopy, the pages with the stamps on your passport should also be photocopied at the entrance and exit.

• People have to make photocopies of their valid passports, and if they have old passports, they should also have their old passports photocopied.

• Persons with an old passport must have a photocopy of the first page of this passport.

• The pages in the old passport, on which the stamps of the countries that entered and exited within the scope of Schengen visa were stamped, must be included in the photocopy.

What is Passport Photocopy Good for?

A photocopy of your passport is a document that keeps you safe during your stay abroad. Persons who are abroad for purposes such as travel or education have to protect their passports during their stay. Until returning to their country, people must keep their passports securely in the country they live in. In cases where the passport is lost or stolen, various problems may occur while returning to the country.

Persons who have lost their passports can apply to the consulates of their own country and obtain a temporary passport. It will make your job easier to have a photocopy of your passport with you when issuing a temporary passport. It will be easier for you to prove that your passport has been stolen or lost thanks to a passport photocopy. You can also use your passport photocopy in emergencies until the temporary passport tax is issued. For this reason, you should keep your passport copy in different places during your visit abroad. In this way, you can ensure that your passport copy is safe in case your passport is stolen or lost.

What are the Points to Consider When Photocopying a Passport?

Photocopy of passport is a document that should be included in the application documents. While preparing this document, you must make sure that the page with your photo is photocopied. In addition, a photocopy of the full version of the page containing your information must be taken in the photocopy of the passport. If any transaction has been carried out at the consulate before, it must be included in the photocopy of the passport on the pages containing the stamps regarding these transactions. If the passport photocopy is not taken correctly and the requested information is not included in the photocopy, the application process may result in negative results.

During the visa application, in addition to the photocopy of the passport, a photocopy of the identity card and a photocopy of the documents belonging to the properties owned by the persons may also be requested. Especially the photocopy of the ID is a type of document that everyone should prepare, regardless of the country visited during the visa application. Your photo must be clearly visible in the photocopy of your ID and your information must be legible.

Which Pages Should Be Photocopied?

In visa applications, the documents required by the countries are separated from each other. However, many countries and visa applications require a copy of the passport. It is not necessary to photocopy the entire passport when photocopying the passport. In the photocopy process, you need to take a photo of the page with your photo and information. In addition, your passport pages that have been processed in consulates Photocopies of a must be made. The page in your passport that contains information about visas and the pages of the stamps that were previously stamped on the passport while entering and exiting must be photocopied.

Other than the passport photocopy, what are the photocopies needed during the visa application?

Persons who want to apply for a visa have to prepare the documents requested by the countries. Among these documents, passport and passport photocopies are needed. Persons who want a positive result of their visa application must also include photocopies of their old passports in the visa file. Another photocopy requested during the visa application is the photocopy of the title deed and license. Deed and spiritual photocopy is a type of photocopy requested from you to identify the properties you own. Among the photocopies requested in the passport, a photocopy of the ID must be included. The photocopy of the ID is a document that should be included in the visa application file, regardless of the country of destination. In the absence of this document, your visa application may result in negative results.

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