How to Extend a Visa?

Oct. 11, 2023
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Nowadays, many people travel abroad to see regions outside their own country. It is very important to see different places, taste different flavors or learn about different cultures. However, for this, you must first have a passport. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go to any country without your passport. On the other hand, unfortunately, in today's conditions, only a passport is not enough. Although some countries only accept passports, many countries do not accept any travel lovers without a visa.

The document of obtaining permission from authorized authorities to enter or exit a region is called a visa. Of course, in order to obtain this visa, certain procedures must be fulfilled and approval must be obtained from certain places. The duration of the visa is as important as the visa itself. There are many types of visas with different features, from work visa to transit visa, from student visa to tourist visa. The validity period of each visa type is different. You must leave the country you are visiting or extend your stay before these periods expire.

Where to Make Visa Extension Procedures?

Visa has an extremely important place, especially for travelers. Travelers need a visa in addition to their passport to go abroad. Whichever country you are planning a trip to, you can start the process of obtaining a visa by complying with the conditions of that country, preparing the necessary documents and applying. When getting your visa, you must also specify how long you will stay in the country you choose. If you are going to a region as a tourist, a visa is issued for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months. This visa period is generally valid for those who plan to stay in places such as hotels. You will stay with your family or a relative, and this period is determined as 2 months. You must leave the country before your visa expires. If you intend to stay for a while longer, you should notify the authorities and apply for a visa extension. Visa extension procedures may vary depending on the region of destination. The documents required for visa extension procedures are generally as follows:

• Passport

• Application form to be filled out to extend the visa period

• Petition written to extend the visa period

• Income certificate

• Photograph

• Application fee

• Important and supporting documents proving your need for visa extension

How to Extend a Visa in Turkey?

Just as there are many travel lovers visiting other countries from our country, the number of tourists coming to our country from other countries is also high. Many parts of our country are rich in terms of both natural beauty and historical structures. That's why so many tourists come to our country throughout the year. If you are among these tourists and want to extend your visa period, you can find the answers you are looking for in the rest of our article. The most important point you should pay attention to when you want to extend the period is that the period has not expired yet. The visa period for those who come to our country as tourists is generally between 90 and 180 days.

As we said at the beginning of our article, visa durations vary depending on the country visited. We should point out from the beginning that it is not possible to extend your visa period online. All you need to do is leave the country and immediately apply for a new E-Visa. When making your application, you must specify why you want to extend it and for how long you want to extend it, and prepare the documents required for the extension.

How to Extend a Visa Abroad?

Visa extension procedures can be carried out in other foreign countries outside our country, as well as in our country. The most important factor for this is the country you choose. It is important that you act according to the conditions and procedures of the country you choose. However, the procedures for extending the visa period abroad are almost the same as in Turkey. If visitors going abroad for sightseeing purposes want to extend this period, they can extend this period according to the rules of that country. Reasons for visa extension may be due to personal reasons or due to compulsory circumstances. Or you may just want to extend the time because you cannot complete your trip.

To do this, you must first complete the visa extension documents completely. After preparing all the documents, an online meeting should be arranged with the authorized channels. It is important to clearly express during the interview why you want to extend the time. Because this meeting is a kind of visa extension application. If your application is accepted after the interview, your visa period may be extended. This online consultation is not available in all countries. In some countries, you can apply for a visa extension directly with documents without such meetings. In particular, the number of tourists requesting an extension for their Schengen visa is quite high.

Visa Question What Happens If the Project Runs Out?

It is very important for both travelers coming to our country and travelers going abroad to return before expiring their visas. Because if you want to extend your visa period, you must apply before the period ends. If you want to extend the period after it has expired, unfortunately you cannot do this. You may face deportation from the country when your visa expires. You may also be fined for exceeding the deadline. Therefore, when your visa expires, you must leave the country you are in or if you are going to stay, you must extend the visa period.

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