How to Get a World Tour Visa by Boat?

Aug. 16, 2023
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Traveling around the world by boat is the dream of many. People who want to realize this dream can also travel in international waters during their journey. No visa is required for international journeys unless you land. However, in case of disembarking during the boat tour, you must have a visa for the country where you landed.

Which one of you should you buy to go on a world tour by boat?

People who want to make a world tour by boat start to research about which visas they should get during the boat tour. The countries that require a visa on the boat tour vary depending on the ports to be anchored during the tour. If people determine which countries they will anchor and land in the port during the boat tour, they must obtain a visa from these countries. If a visa is not obtained, it is not possible for people to go ashore. Since boat tours take too long, it is necessary to go ashore in order to meet some needs during the tour. Persons who do not want to encounter problems during the landing period must make the necessary applications and obtain the visas of the countries where they will anchor before going on the boat tour.

How to Get a Visa to Take a Boat Tour in the Caribbean?

Among the regions where boat tours can be made is the Caribbean, which attracts attention with its natural beauties. People who visit the Caribbean get the chance to visit the countries that have coasts on the Caribbean Sea, from Barbaros Island to Mexico. Passports held during this trip determine which countries people can set foot in without a visa. Countries like Barbados and Jamaica are visa-exempt during the Caribbean boat tour. In order to visit these countries, it is enough for people to have a passport. During the Caribbean boat tour, a passport must be obtained in order to set foot in other countries that require a visa.

How to Get a Visa to Take a Boat Tour in Alaska?

With the Alaska boat tour, the ports of countries such as the United States and Canada can be visited. People who want to anchor in these ports and who want to land in countries such as the United States and Canada must obtain a visa. Turkish citizens must obtain a visa from these countries before they travel in order to land in the United States and Canada. In case of not obtaining a visa, people are not allowed to set foot on the land and are subject to various penalties if they are caught without a visa.

How to Get a Visa to Take a Boat Tour in the Mediterranean?

Most of those who want to take a boat tour head to take a boat tour in the Mediterranean. Thanks to its impressive coasts and natural beauties, the Mediterranean is among the most preferred routes for boat tours. It is possible to visit many countries from Greece to Italy, from Spain to Egypt with a boat tour in the Mediterranean.

During these visits, Turkish citizens can set foot in countries such as Italy and Spain without a visa if they have a black or gray passport. In addition, Turkish citizens who have burgundy green gray black passports have the right to stay in Morocco Tunisia Albania pipe in countries such as Herzegovina and Montenegro for 3 months without a visa. Persons who will participate in the Mediterranean boat tour must obtain a visa to the countries they are not exempt from, by researching the countries they are exempt from or not. If they do not get a visa, it is not possible for them to land in these countries.

How to Get a Visa to Take a Boat Tour in South America?

South America is among the regions that can be visited by boat tour. There are many countries in this region such as Brazil Argentina Chile Colombia Venezuela. People who want to land in these countries during the boat tour are hesitant about whether or not to get a visa. Turkish citizens are exempt from visa for 90 days in countries such as Brazil Argentina Colombia Venezuela if they have a passport. People who want to land in these countries do not have to obtain a visa. Apart from these countries, people who want to visit the countries on the South American tour are obliged to obtain a passport.

How to Get a Visa to Take a Boat Tour in the Far East?

You can visit countries such as Singapore Thailand China on the Space East cruise. All Turkish citizens, regardless of passport type, can set foot in Singapore, which is among these countries, without a visa for 90 days. It is also among the countries that can be visited without a visa for 30 days in Thailand. People who want to visit Vietnam and its interior must obtain a visa if they do not have a black and gray passport.

How to Apply for a Visa?

The applications to be made by people who want to travel the world with a boat tour and the documents to be requested during the application vary according to the countries where the visa application will be made. During the boat tour, some countries can be entered in Rize by voice, while in application centers to get visas from some countries. Visa application is required. People who want to travel the world with a boat tour should not collect their visa application documents first and then fill out the application form and apply to the institutions that accept the visa application. An appointment must be made before the visa application and the visa fee must be paid on the day of the appointment.

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