How to Get to Akdamar Island? How much is the entrance fee?

Jan. 4, 2024
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Many points of our country attract attention with both their natural beauty and historical structures. Akdamar Island also appears as a region containing natural beauties. It takes on a magnificent appearance, especially in the spring. The distance of this island, surrounded by steep rocks, to the coast is approximately 3 meters. This island, also known as Ahtamar Island, is located on the eastern side of Turkey. There is also a church in the region dating back to the Armenian period. When you come here, you can both discover natural beauties and witness its historical texture.

While you can see lush green trees and blooming flowers in the summer, you can see a snow-covered white island in the winter. It is also possible to take lots of photos on this island, which offers a different beauty in every season. For those who want to come to Akdamar Island, the island's location and transportation information are very important. In addition, one of the issues that is wondered is whether there is a fee to enter the region. We will share these issues with you in more detail in the rest of our article.

Where is Akdamar Island?

Akdamar Island, one of the touristic spots of Turkey, is within the borders of Gevaş district of Van province, located in the eastern part of our country. Located approximately 50 kilometers from Van city center, the island is one of the four islands in Lake Van and is the second largest island among these islands. The highest point of the island in terms of sea level is approximately 1,912 meters. There are also steep rocks on the west side of the island, approximately 80 meters high. The almond trees on the island offer impressive views with the start of spring.

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How to Get to Akdamar Island?

There are many different options for transportation to Akdamar Island, located within the borders of Gevaş district of Van city. First of all, direct transportation to the island by land is not possible. Because this region is an island, you can come to a certain point with your car and then reach it by sea. Akdamar Island is among the frequent destinations of many local and foreign tourists. To come to this island located in the Van region, you must first come to Van city or Gevaş district. Those who come with a private vehicle can easily reach them via the road and by using the navigation application. It is possible to come from any point of our country with your personal car. Visitors who do not have a personal vehicle or do not want to come with a personal vehicle can consider the intercity bus option.

There is already a bus station in Gevaş district. You can choose one of the buses departing from your region to this bus terminal and buy a bus ticket. After arriving in the district, you can complete your journey by taking the ferries from Akdamar pier to the island. Another option among transportation alternatives is to travel by air. There is no airport in Gevaş district. Therefore, visitors who want to travel by plane must arrive at the airport in our city of Van. There are flights to this city from many points of our country. You can buy a flight ticket by choosing one of the companies that fly to this region from your location. After arriving in the city, you can go to Akdamar pier by taking public transportation or taxi services, and from there you can cross to the island by taking ferries.

How much is Akdamar Island Entrance Fee?

Akdamar Island is an important tourist area that stands out with the church it houses. The island, which also hosts a dazzling view of Lake Van, is like paradise with its natural beauties. Akdamar Island is one of the areas with an entrance fee. The current entrance fee to the island is 290 TL. If you have a museum card, you can visit this region as you wish without paying any fee. Also, if you are a teacher or student, you do not need to pay an entrance fee. The opening hour of this area, which is open to visitors every day of the week, is 08.00 in the morning. Closing time is 17.00 in the evening.

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Van Akdamar Island Boat Hours

There are regular ferry services to Akdamar Island, which can be reached from our city of Van. Of course, the hours of these ferry services may change due to adverse weather conditions or malfunctions. However, unless there is any change in the planned sailing hours, the determined sailing hours are valid. You can reach Akdamar Island by taking ferries or boats departing from the Akdamar pier in the Gevaş district of Van province. Since there is no clear information about boat hours, you can contact the pier and get information about the hours.

How to Get to Akdamar Island from Van Center?

There are many options for transportation to the island from Van city center. If you are thinking of reaching the island with your private vehicle, We will offer you two different transportation alternatives. The first of these is to come to Van city center and then go towards Lake Van. Because the island is located where the lake is, you have to come all the way to the lake. Once you arrive here, it is not possible to reach the island by car. Therefore, you can park your car in a suitable place and then board the boats departing from the pier to the island. Another transportation option is to come to Gevaş district of Van and from there take ferries to reach the island. If you do not have a private vehicle, you can take a taxi or rent a private car to reach the pier.​ 

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