How to Get to Leros Island?

Jan. 20, 2024
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Apart from our country's unique natural beauties and historical places, there are many tourist spots close to our country that contain the same beauties. Leros Island is an island that stands out with its calm structure, clean sea and lush green areas. This island, located in the Southern Aegean part of Greece, is also known as "Leros". Many tourists visit this island, which is among the twelve islands of the country, every year. Leros Island, which is especially preferred for summer holidays, offers not only holiday opportunities but also shopping opportunities. It is possible to come across many important ancient city ruins originating from the island's history, which has a deep-rooted historical past. For holidaymakers planning to come to Leros Island, the issue of transportation is very important. In the rest of our article, we will talk about many important details, from how you can get to the island to whether there is an entrance fee.

Where is Leros Island?

Leros Island is one of the twelve islands of Greece located in the Southeastern European continent. Many local and foreign tourists come to this island, which is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, throughout the year. Especially the number of local tourists is quite high. Since the island has a calm atmosphere, it is an ideal place for those who want to spend a peaceful holiday away from sight. In addition to its natural beauties, it also contains historical buildings and wonderful beaches. During your visit, you may come across historical traces from the Ottoman period. Since it is located right across from Didim and Bodrum Yalıkavak, it hosts many visitors from these regions. Although the island is a small area geographically, it has a long coastline due to its indented structure.

How to Get to Leros Island?

There are multiple transportation alternatives for those who want to go to Leros Island. First of all, we would like to point out that since Leros Island is an island, as its name suggests, it is not possible to reach it directly by road. Those who want to travel by road can come to Marmaris or Bodrum, Turgut Reis regions. You can also reach the island from these regions by sea. In addition to these transportation alternatives, you can also travel by air. If you have a phobia of flying, you can first come to Marmaris or Bodrum from your current location. For this, you can come with your private vehicle or choose the intercity bus line. The bus terminal is Marmaris or Bodrum Bus Terminal. You can get there by choosing one of these bus terminals from your city and purchasing a bus ticket.

After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take public transportation to the city center or take advantage of taxi services. Then, you can travel by sea from Bodrum or Marmaris to Kos or Rhodes Island in Greece, and from there you can take the ferries to Leros Island. Those who prefer transportation by air can search for airline companies that fly from one of the major cities of our country to Kos or Rhodes Island in Greece. By choosing among these companies, you can buy affordable flight tickets and have a comfortable flight. Regardless of Rhodes or Kos Island, there are regular ferry services to Leros Island from both regions. You can reach the island quickly by taking these ferries.

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Leros Island Ferry Schedules

Transportation to Leros Island varies depending on the starting point. While some visitors prefer transportation by air, some visitors reach the island by sea after reaching regions such as Bodrum and Marmaris by land. There are ferry services to Leros Island, mostly with ferries. Since the most suitable time to visit the island is summer, the frequency of ferry services is higher in this season. You can choose the summer season to go to the island, which stands out with its deep blue sea and beaches, and enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun. You can get there by taking ferries from Bodrum or Turgutreis, or you can also go to Kos or Rhodes Island and from there take one of the ferries to Leros Island. Although the journey time may vary, it takes approximately 1-2 hours on average.

Leros Island Entrance Fee

There is no fee to enter Leros Island. This island stands out as one of the twelve most beautiful islands of Greece. It is also one of the islands where you can enter without needing a visa. More precisely, it is possible to go to this island by taking advantage of the visa application at the door. However, there is an important point you should pay attention to here. The validity period of the visa application at the door is determined as seven days. By taking advantage of this application, you can visit the uniquely beautiful Leros Adas. You can visit I and spend a short holiday.

Places to Visit in Leros Island

Leros Island is also a rich region in terms of places to visit. From the moment you set foot on the island, you will be greeted by many areas of natural beauty, magnificent beaches and ancient cities. One of the first places you should visit when you come here is Panagia Castle, built by the Ottomans, Venetians and Italians. It is located in the capital of the island. We also recommend you to visit the church, which is of great importance in terms of religious tourism and is located in Agia Marina Village. In addition, you should not finish your trip without seeing the historical ruins and structures in the Alinda Ancient City, located on the south side of the island. Of course, we should not forget the magnificent bays and beaches of the island. You can enjoy the crystal clear sea by visiting the prominent beaches of the island such as Alinda and Agia Marina. 

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