How to Obtain a Schengen Driver Visa?

Jan. 20, 2024
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There are some documents required when moving from one country to another. One of these documents is to have a passport, and the other is to obtain a visa. Nowadays, visa procedures are required for entry and exit to many countries. Many countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Poland are located in the European Union. It is extremely important to have a Schengen visa to go to these countries. Thanks to this visa, it is possible to easily travel between countries that are members of the European Union. In other words, those who have this visa have the right to go to more than one country. The number of countries that accept visitors without a visa for trips abroad is quite small. Most of these trips are made by plane. All you have to do is buy a flight ticket from your current location to the destination you want. It is also possible to travel by road when traveling abroad. If you do not have a private vehicle or do not prefer to go abroad by private vehicle, you can go by bus.

There are more than one country that can be visited abroad by bus. After choosing your destination, you can start your journey by purchasing an international bus ticket. When traveling abroad, you must have a passport and visa. These visas include the type of visa called Schengen. This visa is required not only for those traveling for sightseeing purposes, but also for individuals or institutions serving as drivers. In other words, drivers or companies that provide cargo services and passenger transportation to the European side with vehicles registered in our country must obtain this visa. Of course, at this point it is important that the vehicles used are performing commercial activities. Persons or companies providing cargo or passenger transportation services must meet certain conditions in order to obtain this type of visa. In the rest of our article, you can find all the detailed information about the Schengen driver visa.

What is the Schengen Driver Visa?

Schengen driver visa, as its name suggests, represents the type of visa required to go to countries that belong to the European Union. However, what attracts attention here is the travel for commercial purposes, not for sightseeing purposes. In other words, it includes people who work as drivers and carry out international cargo transportation or passenger transportation. Companies that provide these services, as well as individuals, are also entitled to obtain this visa. This visa type covers travels to countries within Europe for a maximum of 3 months. Of course, at this point, these people or companies must also have an international identity document. Because it is not possible to get a visa without this ID.

How to Apply for a Schengen Driver Visa?

To apply for a Schengen Driver visa, an application must be made to the authorized institutions. Applications to these authorized institutions are made through accredited agencies. Before applying, it is very important that you reside in the region where you will apply for at least 1 month. You can apply from the visa application centers in that region where you live. You must also indicate which Schengen country you are applying for when applying. When applying for a Schengen driver visa, it is important that you fill out the application form with correct information and do not leave any fields blank. This visa has a special importance for people or companies that provide transportation services abroad. It is not possible to enter the country without obtaining this visa. After completing all the application procedures correctly, you will receive your visa application result within an average of 15 days. However, sometimes this process may take a little longer when some problems occur. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals or companies who will apply for a driver visa apply at least one month before the planned travel date.

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What are the Schengen Driver Visa Application Requirements?

A Schengen visa is needed to enter the countries within the scope of the European Union without any problems. It is impossible to enter these countries without this visa. In addition, the certificate called C2, which is used as an export permit document, must be obtained beforehand. People who meet the Schengen driver visa application requirements have the right to obtain this visa. In this context, visa application requirements are generally as follows:

• Those who want to obtain a visa must have a C2 type visa (This visa covers short-term trips of 90 days.)

• Vehicle license and documents

• Travel insurance document

• Having an internationally valid identity document

What are the Required Documents for a Driver Visa?

Before applying for a driver visa, some requested documents must be prepared completely. Because if one of these documents is missing, the Schengen driver visa application cannot be completed. Therefore, preparing these documents correctly is important for the successful completion of the visa application process. Generally required for driver visa The documents attached are:

• 2 biometric photographs

• Driver visa application form

• Valid passport

• C2 certificate

• Vehicle document

• International driver identification document

• Travel insurance

• Document proving that you are registered in the chamber of commerce

• Social security certificate

• You must have an invitation or business partnership document from the destination country with you when applying. 

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