Is a Transit Visa Required for Germany?

Feb. 23, 2024
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Nowadays, there are many travelers who want to go on a world tour and realize this dream. Foreign trips are frequently preferred, especially to get to know different cultures. During these trips, European countries are commonly visited. One of these European countries is Germany, which stands out with its historical and natural beauty areas. There are many visitors to this country from many parts of our country. The Alps are located in the southern part of the country, and the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are located in the northern part. The country, which consists of sixteen states, is also rich in terms of places to visit. The best time to visit the country, which stands out with its cities such as Berlin, Munich and Cologne, is spring and autumn.

The issue of whether a Germany transit visa is required for this country is frequently brought up by many travelers. First of all, we would like to point out that you must have a visa to enter this country. It is important that this type of visa is a Schengen visa. Before moving on to the transit visa issue, we need to give some information about how to reach the country. There are two transportation alternatives to reach the country: road and air. If you are planning to go to the country with your own vehicle, we would like to inform you in advance that your journey will take more than one day. Therefore, you can prefer transportation by air for faster transportation. Flights to Germany are organized especially from cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Your journey time may vary depending on the starting point.

What is Germany Transit Visa?

We mentioned at the beginning of our article that you must first have a visa to go to Germany. Along with the visa, you must also obtain a passport to go abroad. Nowadays, there are many visa types that attract attention with their many different features. Germany transit visa is one of these visas. If you have a plan to go abroad and are considering going to a third country within this plan, you need to get this visa. You also need this visa if you travel through another country during your trip abroad. Germany transit visa, which is a short-term visa type, is a type of visa that you must obtain if you pass to a third country during your international journey.

How to Get a Germany Transit Visa?

Those who plan to go to Germany for a short time or who intend to visit a third country during the trip are required to obtain a transit visa. Germany transit visas are also divided into two different categories. The first of these is the airport transit visa and the other is the transit visa. If you are going to transit to a third country via a transfer at the airport after arriving in Germany by plane, you must obtain a Germany airport transit visa, also called type A. If you have to leave the international transit area and go through passport control, you need a transit visa, referred to as type C. In order to obtain a Germany transit visa, it is important that you apply to the authorized institutions beforehand. If possible, you should make the application at least 1 month before your trip. At this point, it is of great importance to apply for a visa in advance in order to avoid any negative situations.

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What are the documents required for Germany Transit Visa?

It is important that you apply beforehand to obtain a transit visa for your trips to Germany. It is of great importance that the documents requested during the application are complete in order to avoid rejection of the application. The documents required for a Germany transit visa are generally as follows:

• Visa application form with all fields filled in completely

• Additional documents required according to Article 54 of the Residence Law

• Passport

• 1 passport size photo

• Photocopies of visas obtained in the last 3 years

• Your pre-booked flight ticket for air travel

• Documents showing that there are no obstacles to entering the country you plan to go to and that you have the right to enter.

• Visa, residence or residence permit for the country you plan to go to and a photocopy of the passport containing this permit

• Documents proving that you are a permanent resident of the area where you currently live.

In what cases does Germany not require a transit visa?

There are some exceptions where a Germany transit visa is not required. People with a diplomatic or special passport may not receive this visa. As it is known, Germany is among the Schengen countries. Therefore, people who have this visa or a residence permit in one of these countries do not need to carry out transit visa procedures. People who have these privileges can travel without obtaining a transit visa.

How Many Days Does It Take to Issue a Germany Transit Visa?

In order for Germany transit visa procedures to be successful, the application must be made correctly. It is important at this point to prepare the requested documents correctly during the application. For people applying for a transit visa, the issue of how long it takes for the visa document to be issued is also a current issue. The outcome of this visa application may vary depending on the density of the consulates. However, visa procedures are usually completed within three or four weeks. 

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