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March 1, 2024
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Many places in our country stand out with their historical beauties and lush natural areas. Acıpayam is also known as one of these regions. Acıpayam, which is a district of Denizli city, is not a very rich region in terms of places to visit. However, when you come here, there are still important points that you can visit. This district, which takes its name from the hints of almond and tobacco, is of great importance for our country. In addition, it is the largest district of Denizli province in terms of surface area. You can buy a flight ticket and reach the district, which is located approximately 55 kilometers from Denizli city center, by air. Travelers who do not prefer transportation by air can consider the road transportation alternative by purchasing a bus ticket. For travelers planning a trip to Acıpayam district, the issue of where to visit is very important.

Before giving information about the most popular places in the district, we would like to talk about how you can get there. The first option for visitors who plan to come to Acıpayam district is undoubtedly to come with their private vehicles. Those who come with a private vehicle can use the navigation system to avoid going astray. On the other hand, visitors who do not want to come with their personal car or do not have a personal vehicle can travel by intercity buses. There is already a bus terminal in Acıpayam district. You can buy an affordable bus ticket by choosing among the companies that provide bus services to this bus terminal. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can reach the town center by using public transportation such as minibuses. Visitors planning to come by air must first arrive at the airport in Denizli.

To do this, you can first search for airline companies that operate flights from your current location to the airport in Denizli. You can buy flight tickets by finding the one that best suits your budget among the companies. After landing at the airport, you can go to the district by public transportation. If you want to visit Denizli city center before going to the district, you can first go to the center and then to the district. At this point, you may also consider using taxi service as the fastest means of transportation. There are historical places and natural beauty areas worth seeing in Acipayam district. Places you should see when you come to the district include Acıpayam Canyon, Keloğlan Cave, Alacain Cave, Acıpayam Çarşı Mosque, Yazır Mosque and Oğuz Baba Tomb. You can find more information about these prominent places of the district in the rest of our article and create your travel list according to these touristic spots.

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Acıpayam Canyon

When you come to Acıpayam district, the first natural beauty you should see is Acıpayam Canyon.

This canyon, located within the district borders, has a magnificent view. That's why many local and foreign tourists visit this canyon every year. The wall sections of the canyon, which has an average length of two kilometers, consist of volcanic rocks. If you time your visit to the district during the summer period, you can immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Benlik Stream flowing through the canyon.

In this region, which is among the routes frequented by nature lovers, you can go hiking, stay in a tent, have a picnic and take plenty of photos with nature views. We would also like to inform you that entrance to the canyon is free.

Keloğlan Cave

The second place on our list of places to visit in Acıpayam is Keloglan Cave, which attracts attention with its story.

Located in Dodurga Town in the southeastern part of Acıpayam Plain, this cave has been hosting many tourists since 2003. According to a rumor, a cornered person slept in this cave and when he woke up, he saw that his hair was long.

With this story, the name of the cave was also mentioned as Keloglan. When you enter the cave, you can closely see many natural formations, from stalagmites to stalactites, from dripstones to columns. This district is a region where you can reach directly by intercity buses by purchasing a bus ticket.

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Alacain Cave

Alacain Cave, also known as Alicin, is among the places you must see when you come to Acıpayam district.

Access to this cave, located approximately five kilometers west of the district, is provided via the forest road. This place also has the distinction of being a first degree protected area. Travelers who want to come from distant provinces to this cave, which bears traces from Byzantine and Roman times, can choose to travel by air by purchasing a flight ticket.

Acipayam Bazaar Mosque

Located in the town center, this mosque appears as one of the most important historical buildings of the region.

The building, which is the only mosque in the Aegean Region with four minarets, reflects the historical traces of the Ottoman period. Mosque You may be amazed when you see the decorations of the building during your visit. We recommend that you add this mosque, which has become the symbol of the region, to your travel list.

Yazir Mosque

When you come to Acıpayam district, another structure you should see closely is Yazır Mosque, located in the Yazır District of the region.

The most striking feature of the historical building, which was built in 1797, is that it has a structure with wooden poles. This structure, which is quite different from known mosques, is appreciated by visitors with its panel paintings and decorations. If you are interested in historical mosques, we definitely recommend you to visit this mosque.

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Oguz Baba Tomb

The last route on our list of places to visit in Acıpayam is Oğuz Baba Tomb, which has great importance in terms of faith tourism.

The tomb belongs to Oğuz Baba, who was among those who accomplished great works during the conquest of Denizli. Located in the Oğuz District of the district, this tomb is visited by both local people and many tourists. You can also go to this tomb, which is considered sacred, and pray a lot.

Before ending our article, we would like to reiterate that there are transportation alternatives to Acıpayam district by both plane and bus. You can buy a flight ticket or bus ticket depending on which transportation alternative is more suitable for you depending on your location.

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