Places to Visit in Ardahan Center

July 9, 2024
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Ardahan is one of our tourist cities located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of our country. The surroundings of this province, which stands out with its plateaus, lakes and peaks, is completely covered with mountains. You can easily reach the city by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket. Since the continental climate predominates in the region, the winter period is quite harsh and cold. Since this cold weather continues until May, the best season to visit is summer. There are many places to visit in Ardahan Center. If you are confused about where to visit during your Ardahan holiday, you can benefit from this article. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty areas worth seeing in the city center.

The first option for transportation to Ardahan is the road. When it comes to road transportation, there are transportation options by private vehicle and bus. The second option is transportation by air. If you are planning to come to this region with your private vehicle, you can use the navigation application according to your location and easily reach there by following the road map in the application. Guests who do not plan to come with their private vehicle can consider the option of transportation by intercity bus. Unfortunately, there is already a bus terminal in the city centre. You can search for companies that provide bus services to the city center from your location and buy a bus ticket. However, it is also useful to remember this.

Since you may have a connecting journey at some points, we recommend that you confirm whether the journey is direct or indirect before purchasing a ticket. For transportation by air, you must first come to Harakani Airport in Kars. Because there is no airport in Ardahan, this is the closest airport. You can buy a plane ticket to come here. After arriving at the airport, you can take minibuses to go to Ardahan center. Places to visit in Ardahan Center include Ardahan Central Mevlit Efendi Mosque, Posof Central Mosque, Ardahan Castle, Hamşioğlu Rasim Bey Mansion, Cemal Tural Nature Park, Yalnızçam Ski Center and Yalnızçam Plateau. You can add these places to your travel list and explore the historical and natural beauties of the city one by one.

Ardahan Merkez Mevlit Efendi Mosque

The first stop on our list of places to visit in Ardahan Center is Ardahan Merkez Mevlit Efendi Mosque located in the center.

Located in Halil Efendi District, this mosque is frequently visited by those who like to visit historical mosques. There is an inscription right at the entrance of the mosque. According to the information written in the inscription, this structure was built in 1701. The mosque has recently undergone some restoration work and the cover on its upper part and some of its walls have been reconstructed.

Posof Central Mosque

Another historical building that you can visit by purchasing a flight ticket to Ardahan is the Posof Central Mosque, also located in the center.

This historical mosque, built in 1868, has a rectangular form. The interior of this mosque, where cut stone was used in its construction, is worth seeing. When you enter the mosque, you may feel like you have gone back to Ottoman times. Because the interior of the building bears the traces of Ottoman architecture. If you are one of those who like to visit historical places, we definitely recommend you to visit this mosque.

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Ardahan Castle

Another cultural structure located in Ardahan Center is Ardahan Castle. This historical castle was built in the mid-16th century.

This castle, located on the left side of the Kula River in the center, was built by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The tower sections of this castle, which was built in a rectangular form, have a polygonal appearance. Since our city of Ardahan has a deep-rooted historical past, you can encounter many important historical buildings in the region and go on a pleasant journey into the history of the city.

Hamşioğlu Rasim Bey Mansion

Another sightseeing spot you can visit by purchasing an Ardahan bus ticket is Hamşioğlu Rasim Bey Mansion. You can also add this mansion located in the city center to your travel plan.

This mansion, which served as both a congress building and a headquarters building during the War of Independence, was built in a rectangular form. There are many rooms and halls in this single-storey building. You can visit this mansion, built in 1911, and have a cultural tour.

Cemal Tural Nature Park

In Ardahan Center, in addition to historical buildings, there are also areas where you can spend time in touch with nature. Cemal Tural Nature Park is one of these areas.

It is possible to have a very pleasant time in this nature park located within the borders of Çamlıçatak Village of the center. You can get plenty of oxygen in this forest area, have a barbecue with your family or friends, tour the surroundings by renting a bicycle, or set up a tent. You can stay by car or by caravan.

Yalnızçam Ski Resort

Ardahan offers the opportunity to have a holiday in winter as well as in summer. One of the tourist spots that allows you to have a wonderful snow holiday by purchasing an Ardahan flight ticket or bus ticket is Yalnızçam Ski Center.

Located in Yalnızçam Village of the Central district, this ski resort is one of the indispensable spots of winter holidays. There are two side runways and one main runway here. While the main track is preferred by visitors who are experienced in skiing, the two side tracks are preferred by those who are new to skiing. If you plan your Ardahan holiday in winter, you can visit this ski resort and ski.

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Yalnızçam Plateau

The last place on our list of places to visit in Ardahan Center is Yalnızçam Plateau, which has an important value in terms of plateau tourism.

In this plateau, located approximately 2715 meters above sea level, you can breathe in the fresh air, perform various nature sports and spend time alone with nature. Additionally, plateau festivals are held on certain dates in this region. You can learn those dates and plan your holiday accordingly.

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