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April 17, 2024
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Birecik is a district of Şanlıurfa city, located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of our country. This district, located within the provincial borders of Gaziantep along with Şanlıurfa, has great importance in terms of tourism. The most suitable means of transportation for visitors planning to come here are to travel by plane by purchasing a flight ticket or to travel by road by purchasing a bus ticket. Since Birecik is located very close to the Euphrates River, it hosts a wonderful river view. There are many important sightseeing spots worth seeing in the district, which hosts millions of local and foreign tourists every year. Birecik can be described as a district rich in places to visit. The most important feature of this district, which was used as a settlement by various civilizations in the past, is that it hosts the endangered Bald Ibis birds.

Before going into details about Birecik district, we would like to mention transportation information for those who will come for the first time. The first option to reach the district is undoubtedly to come with your own car. However, visitors who do not have a vehicle or do not plan to come by car can choose the intercity bus line. To do this, you first need to come to the bus terminal in Şanlıurfa. You can start your journey by purchasing a bus ticket from your current location. After arriving at the terminal, you can use other means of transportation, take a taxi or rent a private car to reach the district. Another transportation option in Birecik district is air transportation. For this, you can choose the airport in Gaziantep or you can also consider the airport option in Şanlıurfa. We would like to remind you that for both options, you must purchase a flight ticket in advance.

Whichever airport you prefer, you can rent a private car or benefit from taxi services to get to the district from where you land. Birecik is one of the places you can visit in all four seasons. However, if you want to have a picnic, we can recommend you to come in spring. It is important to have information about the places to visit before coming here in order to use your time correctly. In this article, we will talk about the most frequently visited areas when you come to the district. In this context, the most popular places to visit in Birecik are the Euphrates River Coast, Birecik Castle, Birecik Bridge, Birecik Grand Mosque, Birecik Bird Sanctuary and Birecik Bazaar. You can read the features of these prominent places and what awaits you in the rest of our article, and shape your travel list according to this article.

Euphrates River Coast

When you come to the district located next to the Euphrates River, the first place you should naturally visit is the Euphrates River Coast.

When you come to the district, you can first take a short walk on the beach, and if you wish, you can visit the restaurants on the beach and have something to eat and drink. There are also playgrounds for children here. In this area, which is also very suitable for families with children, you can rest your mind and spend peaceful hours away from the chaos of the city. We would also like to underline that you can also feed the seagulls from the seaside.

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Birecik Castle

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Birecik is Birecik Castle, one of the important cultural values of the district.

Before touching on the details about the castle, we would like to remind that visitors who want to come to this district by bus can buy bus tickets online. If we go back to the important historical castle of the district, this structure is located in the center of the district.

This castle, which was built during the time of the Assyrians, has undergone many renovation works, but only the walls remain standing today. We definitely recommend you to see this castle, located at the bottom of the Euphrates River, closely.

Birecik Bridge

While the district was an important trade point in the past, it later lost this importance. However, with the construction of this bridge, the region became an important trade point again.

The length of this bridge, which was built in 1956, is approximately 720 meters. Its width is approximately 10 meters on average. There are sidewalks on the sides of the bridge that allow you to walk. You can also visit this historical bridge and have a pleasant time.

Birecik Grand Mosque

When you come to Birecik district, another historical point you should see closely is the Birecik Ulu Mosque, also located in the district center.

This mosque, which has lost nothing of its historical appearance, was built in 1365. The inscription on the mosque states that this building was built by the Mamluk Sultan Melik Eşref Şaban. You can add this mosque, which is among the frequent destinations of those who love visiting historical mosques, to your list of places to visit in Birecik.

In addition, we recommend that you complete your flight ticket transactions before the day you plan your trip in order to avoid any problems with transportation. 

Birecik Bird Sanctuary

When you come to Birecik district, one of the places you should end your trip without visiting is Birecik Bird Sanctuary.

As its name suggests, it is possible to encounter many different bird species in this bird paradise. Especially the endangered Bald Ibis birds survive here. You can go to the observation towers here, watch the birds and take wonderful photographs. If you come to this region, which is surrounded by lush greenery, especially in spring, you can also witness bird migrations.

Birecik Bazaar

We have come to the last stop of our list of places to visit in Birecik. We recommend that you visit the bazaar before finishing your tour of the district.

There are many different shops you can visit in the bazaar. Carpets, rugs etc. You can visit shops selling handmade products and shop for both yourself and your loved ones. There are also various places where local flavors are served. You can also visit these places and taste foods specific to the region.

As we end our article here, those who will come from distant cities can choose to travel by air and buy a plane ticket, and those who plan to come from Gaziantep can buy a bus ticket and travel by bus.

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