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Dec. 28, 2023
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Birgi is a cute village in the Ödemiş district of İzmir province, located in the Aegean Region of our country. This village has a deep-rooted history; It has hosted many civilizations such as Phrygian, Persian, Lydian and Roman. There are many important historical places worth seeing in this village, which has never lost its architectural texture since the time of the Aydınoğulları. This village, which is among the frequent destinations of history lovers, is approximately 10 kilometers from Ödemiş district and approximately 123 kilometers from Izmir city center. This region, which is often preferred for weekend holidays, is also very famous for its village breakfast. There is more than one way to come to Birgi. You can come by road, or if you wish, you can also consider the air transportation option. Those who want to come to this village from Izmir can easily reach this village with their private vehicles.

Those who want to come from Ödemiş district can also come by car. If you do not want to come by car, you can also take minibuses departing from Salihli or Ödemiş districts to the region. Those coming from cities such as Istanbul and Ankara can reach the village in a short time by using the navigation service if they come with their private vehicles. Guests who do not want to come with a private car or do not have a private vehicle can choose intercity buses. There are bus companies that organize trips to Izmir Intercity Bus Station from every region of our country. All you have to do is choose among these companies and buy a bus ticket. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take the buses to Ödemiş district, and after arriving in the district, you can use minibuses to go to the village. It is also possible to benefit from taxi services for direct transportation.

Travelers who plan to come from more distant provinces may consider air transportation. Adnan Menderes Airport is located approximately 100 kilometers from the village. You can choose among the airline companies that organize flights to this airport and purchase a flight ticket to reach this airport. After landing at the airport, you can benefit from private car rental services or take a taxi to reach the village in approximately one and a half hours. Birgi is a region rich in places to visit. The most popular places you should visit when you come to the village, which is of great importance in terms of cultural tourism, are Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey Mosque, Güdük Minare Masjid, Sandıkoğlu Mansion, Çakırağa Mansion, Demirli Store and Derviş Ağa Mosque. If you wish, let's start listing the features of these popular places!

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Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey Mosque

The first route on our list of places to visit in Birgi is Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey Mosque. It is a historical building built by Mehmet Bey, known as the founder of the Aydınoğulları Principality, between 1312 and 1313.

This mosque, located in Aydınoğlu Square of the village, is of great importance in terms of religious tourism as it reflects the characteristics of Seljuk architecture. While visiting the mosque, you can be amazed especially when you see its minaret and pulpit. Its minaret decorated with tiles and its pulpit made of walnut wood are quite dazzling. Additionally, after visiting this mosque, you can also visit Mehmet Bey's Tomb, which is located right next to it.

Güdük Minaret Masjid

Located just below Aydınoğlu Square, Güdük Minare Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the region.

The building, which was used as a mosque when it was first built, was later converted into a masjid. It is among the places that must be visited by those who are interested in historical buildings.

Sandıkoğlu Mansion

Sandıkoğlu Mansion, which fascinates its visitors with its eye-catching architecture, is one of the historical buildings that you should not leave without seeing when you come to Birgi.

Unfortunately, there is no clear information about who exactly built the mansion and when. The most striking part of the mansion is the views of Istanbul on its walls. We recommend that you add this mansion, which was donated to the Ministry of Culture in 1994, to your list of places to visit in Birgi.

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Cakiraga Mansion

Çakırağa Mansion is a historical building built by Çakıroğlu Mehmet Bey, who is called the man of love and who was a leather merchant at the time.

One of the most striking features of this historical mansion, built in 1761, is the paintings on its walls. Çakıroğlu Mehmet Bey had two marriages in his time, one with a woman from Istanbul and the other with a woman from Izmir. Mehmet Bey, who did not want his wives to miss their homeland, decorated the walls of the mansion with pictures of Istanbul and Izmir views. It is possible to see these pictures closely while visiting the inside of the mansion.

Ferrous Store

This store, located among the early Ottoman buildings, stands out with its historical texture. This building, built in rectangular form, was also used as a store during the Ottoman period. He died.

When you enter the store, you may come across silk weaving products and buy them to take as gifts to your loved ones.

Derviş Ağa Mosque

The last stop on our list of places to visit in Birgi is the Derviş Ağa Mosque, which also hosts the Demirli Store. This mosque, built in square form, has become the center of attention of those who like to visit historical buildings.

The name of this historical mosque, built by Derviş Ağa in 1663, is also mentioned in Evliya Çelebi's famous Seyahatname. The most striking part of the mosque is that it has a porticoed structure. If you have time before ending your Birgi trip, we recommend you to visit the market selling local products, which is located very close to the square.

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