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May 22, 2024
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Eski Foça, a district of İzmir, is situated in Turkey's Aegean Region and holds significant importance for tourism. Located approximately 69 kilometers northwest of İzmir city center, the district is also about 20 kilometers from Yeni Foça. There are multiple transportation options to reach this area. You can arrive by purchasing a plane ticket or a bus ticket depending on your starting location. Eski Foça is known as a tourist district, distinguished by its historical and natural beauty. During the summer, it attracts many local and international tourists for vacation. Eski Foça, often referred to as the "Pearl of the Aegean," offers a fantastic vacation experience.

When thinking about places to visit in Eski Foça, the first things that come to mind are its magnificent sea and beaches. In addition, the district is filled with ancient ruins. When you visit, you can embark on a historical exploration while enjoying the natural beauty. For those planning a vacation or trip to Eski Foça, transportation information is very important. Visitors coming from Konak or Karşıyaka might prefer the ferries to İzmir if they plan their visit during the summer. The area is lively and bustling during the summer season. The first arrival point for reaching Eski Foça should be the city of İzmir. You can easily get here from anywhere in the country by plane or bus. Those opting for bus travel can take buses to the district after arriving at the bus terminal.

Visitors who prefer to travel by plane need to arrive at Adnan Menderes Airport. From there, you can take HAVAŞ buses to İzmir city center, and then use buses, minibuses, or other public transportation to reach Eski Foça. If you're unsure about which places to visit first upon arrival in Eski Foça, this guide will be helpful. Eski Foça Harbor, Beşkapılar Castle, Eski Foça Beaches, Foça Castle, Foça Archaeological Museum, Siren Rocks, and Eski Foça Bazaars are must-see spots. Let’s not delay any further and start providing information about the district's highlights.

Old Foca Port

At the top of the list of places to visit in Eski Foça is Eski Foça Harbor. You can spend pleasant times along this harbor, which has a wonderful atmosphere. Eski Foça Harbor is also known as the Ancient Harbor. Here, you can encounter historical stone buildings. This always bustling harbor features seafood restaurants offering fresh fish with a stunning sea view. By visiting these restaurants, you can taste the fresh fish and watch the colorful display of fishing boats.

Beşkapılar Castle

One of the symbols of the district, Beşkapılar Castle, holds historical significance, reflecting the traces of the Ottoman era. The name "Beşkapılar" (Five Gates) comes from the fact that it has five gates. Also known as the Foça Walls, the surrounding walls of this castle are made of stone. You can enter the castle and climb the walls. This castle also offers a magnificent view of the Foça Gulf. Those planning a vacation to Eski Foça can purchase affordable plane or bus tickets based on their location.

Old Foca Beaches

The district is renowned for its beautiful beaches. At Eski Foça Beaches, you can enjoy the trio of sea, sand, and sun. These beaches offer the opportunity to swim for hours in the pristine waters of the Aegean Sea, promising an unforgettable holiday. During the summer, all the beaches become quite crowded, so if possible, we recommend visiting on weekdays or early in the morning. The most frequently visited beach in Eski Foça is Hanım Island, which stands out with its sandy shore and clear waters.

Foca Castle

Another important site to visit in Eski Foça is Foça Castle, which is also one of the symbols of the district. The castle, which dates back to the Byzantine era, has an atmosphere that sheds light on the region's history, making it a frequent destination for many tourists. The historical texture of this castle can mesmerize you, taking you on a journey through the district's history. As you explore the interior of the castle, you can also be captivated by the stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Foça Archeology Museum

When you come to Eski Foça, you will encounter numerous historical museums. The most important among these is the Foça Archaeological Museum. Inside the museum, you can see many historical artifacts from ancient times up close, including baths, temples, ceramic pieces, and sculptures. This museum is significant for cultural tourism, and visiting it will provide you with detailed information about the district's history. It is a must-visit for those who are curious about the history of the district and those interested in historical sites.

Siren Cliffs

Among the places to visit in Eski Foça are the Siren Rocks, which are renowned for their legendary stories. These rocks are considered a natural beauty spot, though swimming from the rocks is prohibited. Even seeing these rocks from a distance is likely to leave you in awe. This area is a popular spot for those who love to take scenic photographs, allowing you to capture plenty of stunning pictures. Additionally, you can listen to the legendary stories about these rocks from the locals.

Old Foça Bazaars

Coming to Eski Foça and not visiting its famous bazaars would be a missed opportunity. You can reach Eski Foça, one of Izmir’s popular holiday destinations, by purchasing a bus or plane ticket.

While shopping at the Eski Foça Bazaars, you can also buy souvenirs for your loved ones. You will find a variety of items ranging from traditional handicrafts to handmade jewelry.

The town's bazaars are lively and bustling all year round, but they become even more vibrant during the spring and summer months with the influx of visitors. In the bazaars, you can also find local products such as soap and olive oil.

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