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May 24, 2024
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Every part of our country boasts numerous regions noted for their historical and natural beauty. Feke is one of these beautiful areas. Known as one of the districts of Adana, Feke has important routes that you can visit and see. Visitors planning to come here from outside the city can purchase bus or plane tickets. Those coming from distant areas may especially prefer air travel. This district, which reveals the magnificent beauty of the Mediterranean Region, is located approximately 122 kilometers from the center of Adana. Situated at an average altitude of 620 meters above sea level, the district stands out with its deep-rooted history. It is one of our important districts that has hosted numerous civilizations in the past.

Feke is one of our important districts that houses various natural beauty areas and historical structures. When you come here, you can discover the lush nature of the region on one hand, and closely examine its cultural values on the other. In terms of places to visit, Feke is among the districts with various tourist spots. Before delving into this topic, we would like to discuss how you can get to the district. You can easily reach here from the center of Adana or surrounding districts by using intra-city transportation vehicles. Visitors coming from outside the city for vacation can consider air or road transportation depending on their location. For air travel, you can choose the airport located in Seyhan district of Adana and purchase a plane ticket.

Visitors who have a fear of flying can consider the bus option and purchase a bus ticket by selecting one of the companies that operate bus services to Adana. Minibuses or buses are commonly used for transportation to Feke district. We recommend that you choose the spring or summer period to have a wonderful vacation in Feke district. Adana can be extremely hot in the summer. However, since vacation times are usually during the summer period, when you come to Feke, you can also visit the plateaus known for their cool air. The must-see travel routes in the district include Feke Castle, Kara Church, Göksu River, Uğurlubağ Castle, and İndere Village Plateau. In the continuation of our article, we will talk about what awaits you in these prominent places. So, without further ado, let's start creating our list of places to visit in Feke.

Feke Castle

When you come to Feke, the first place you should visit is Feke Castle, which stands out for its historical texture and atmosphere. You can reach this castle after traveling 5 kilometers past the district.

This historic castle, bearing traces of the Byzantine period, also captivates with its unparalleled view. Located on a steep rocky outcrop, the interior of the castle features baths and pools. Built in the 12th century, the entrance gate, watchtower, walls, and eight bastions of this castle are still standing tall. This magnificent structure, constructed in a rectangular form, is definitely worth seeing up close. While exploring this castle, you may feel as if you have been transported back to the Byzantine era.

Black Church

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Feke is Kara Kilise, located near the Saimbeyli district.

If you have come to Feke, we think you should also visit this historic church, which is about a half-hour away from the district. Unfortunately, only the western section with its three-arched entrance of Kara Kilise has survived to the present day. Excavations in the area have unearthed block stones, inscriptions, and two graves.

The names Pauklos, Petros, and Gerentios are written on the inscriptions found during the excavation. Travelers who want to explore other districts of Adana besides Feke can purchase bus tickets or plane tickets according to their location.

Goksu River

Göksu River is an important stream that flows through the Feke district. Known as one of the two branches of the Seyhan River, this river is notable for being a long stream in the region as it merges with the Sarız River.

Göksu River is frequently visited by both local and foreign tourists. In addition to its stunning scenery, it also hosts various sporting activities. When you visit this area, you can explore adventurous water sports such as canoeing or rafting and create unforgettable memories. This river is also a significant point of interest in terms of tourism.

Uğurlubağ Castle

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Feke is Uğurlubağ Castle, known for its historical significance. It is located in Uğurlubağ Village on the southern side of the district.

One of the most distinctive features of this castle is its small size. Built to protect the historic trade routes surrounding it, the entrance to the castle is on the south side. The castle walls are constructed using a stone weaving technique and it has a total of nine arrow slits.

İndere Village Plateau

During your visit to Feke, after exploring the historical sites, you can also stop by the lush İndere Köyü Plateau. This plateau, with its garden-like atmosphere, hosts the Feke Karacaoğlan Culture and Art Festival every year in October. Since the festival takes place in October, you might want to plan your visit around this time if possible. You can buy a bus ticket to visit this plateau, known for its fresh air and beautiful nature. Travelers from distant provinces can also purchase a plane ticket and enjoy a pleasant flight to the region.

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