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Jan. 30, 2024
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Foça is a coastal town located in the northern part of Izmir, which is located in the Aegean part of our country. Although it is a small place, it is frequently visited by both local and foreign tourists. In this district, which is ideal for those who want to get away from the city chaos and relax, they can be alone with nature; You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun trio and taste the prominent flavors of the dishes. While some of the places to visit in Foça consist of natural beauty areas, some of them consist of historical buildings. It is one of the places that can be preferred both for long summer holidays and weekend getaways. The distance between Izmir city center and the district center is approximately 70 kilometers. It is extremely easy to reach Foça, which stands out as an important district of Izmir. There are many urban transportation alternatives for those coming to this region from Izmir.

You can reach the district from the city center by train, minibus or ferry. Holidaymakers coming from out of town can benefit from the navigation system if they come with their own cars. People who do not want or prefer to come with their private vehicle can consider the bus option. For this, you must first come to Izmir. You can buy an affordable bus ticket by choosing one of the companies that provide bus services to this city from your location. After reaching the bus terminal, you can go to the district by public transportation or take advantage of taxi services. Holidaymakers who want to reach Foça faster can travel by plane. For this, you need to reach Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, which serves in Izmir. This airport is located within the borders of Gaziemir and Menderes districts of Izmir.

There are regular flights to this city from all over our country. You can buy affordable flight tickets and carry out transportation by choosing one of the airline companies. After arriving at the airport, you can go to the train station, take the train and get off at Hatundere stop. From here, you can go to the district by taking public buses. Another transportation option is to take a taxi or rent a private car after arriving at the airport. Foça is one of the popular destinations for those who want to have a quiet holiday. Siren Rocks come first among the places to visit in Foça. Then, you can visit Foça Port, Persian Mausoleum, Devil's Bath, Athena Temple, Five Doors Castle, Foça Islands and Foça Bays and have a pleasant sightseeing experience.

Siren Rocks

When you come to the town for a Foça holiday, the first place you should visit is Siren Rocks. It is impossible not to be fascinated by the magnificent view of this region.

The name of the district comes from the seals that live in the sea in this region. These seals are also known as Phokaia. These rocks also have an impressive mythological story. According to the history of mythology, the name of these rocks comes from creatures known as Sirens, whose heads resemble humans and their body parts resemble animals. Because these creatures often sing, the rocks are named Siren.

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Foca Port

When preparing a list of places to visit in Foça, we recommend that you add Foça Port to the second place. This port has great importance in terms of cultural tourism as it has not lost its historical features.

Today, it is still a point where ships and boats stop. It is also one of the regions frequently visited by tourists as it has a wonderful sea view.

Persian Mausoleum

Persian Mausoleum is located approximately 10 kilometers from the town center. This tomb is also called the Stone House.

This tomb, located on the roadside, has become the center of attention of those who love visiting historical places. When you visit this historical building, which has a deep-rooted history, its appearance may attract your attention. The appearance of the tomb from the outside is quite different as it resembles a rock.

Devil's Bath

The bath, called the Devil's Bath, actually has the characteristics of a tomb. Since it is only two kilometers away from the town center, it is easy to reach.

There are two burial chambers in the structure, which was carved out of rocks. B.C. We definitely recommend you to see this historical building, which was built in the fourth century, closely.

Temple of Athena

The Temple of Athena, one of the spots visited by millions of tourists every year, was built in the name of Athena, the mother goddess of Greek mythology.

Archaeological excavations were carried out around this temple, which is among the important cultural structures of the district, and as a result of these studies, historical traces from the Roman period were unearthed. If you are one of those who like to visit historical buildings, do not forget to add this place to your travel list.

Five Gates Castle

The next route on our list of places to visit in Foça is Beş Kapılar Castle. district center This conveniently located building stands out with its historical texture.

This historical castle, built by Michel Paleoloc in 1275, also serves as an open-air theatre. We would like to point out that since it is located by the sea, it also has a wonderful view.

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Foca Islands

Foça Islands, located around the district, are an important factor in making the region a tourism point. We think that while we have come this far, we cannot do without visiting these islands.

Especially Orak Island; Foça Islands, consisting of İncir, Metalik, Fener, Hayirsız and Kartdere Islands, also attract attention with their appearance from the outside. The external appearance of each island resembles a seal.

Foça Bays

Before finishing our list of places to visit in Foça, we saved the places where you can swim for last. It is possible to swim in Foça from May to September.

There are public beaches on the coastal side of Foça. In addition to the public beach, there are also bays located between Old and New Foça roads that stand out with their deep blue sea. You can have an unforgettable holiday and accumulate beautiful memories in the district, which hosts bays such as Kosova Bay, Sazlıca Bay and Çanak Bay.​ 

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