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Jan. 26, 2024
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Gerze is a district of Sinop city in the Black Sea Region of our country. Gerze district attracts attention with its untouched nature, natural beauty areas and cultural structures. There are many places to visit in the district, which is among the frequent destinations of those who want to have a holiday in a secluded, quiet atmosphere. It is extremely easy to reach the district, which is located approximately 39 kilometers away from Sinop city center. In urban transportation, primarily private vehicles, public transportation vehicles or taxi services are used. The district, which hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year, is at a point where blue and green meet since it is located on the seashore. The district, which has the symbol of the rooster, receives many visitors from outside the city, especially in the spring and summer months.

Gerze is a region rich in places to visit. It is important for those who will come to this district to know which spots are worth visiting. Before getting into this subject, we would first like to give information about how you can reach the district. It is possible to reach by private vehicle from every point of our country. Holidaymakers who will come with their personal car can easily reach the destination by using the navigation service that provides directions. Holidaymakers who do not have a personal vehicle or do not prefer to come with a vehicle can consider the option of intercity bus travel. A bus terminal currently operates in the district. You can buy a bus ticket by choosing one of the buses going from your location to this point.

Gerze district is one of the so-called quiet spots of our country. If you wish, you can come to this district, which is of great importance in terms of tourism, by air. However, since there is no airport in the district, Sinop Airport, which serves our city of Sinop, can be preferred as the closest location. You can choose the one that best suits your budget among the companies that operate flights from your current location to this airport, and have a pleasant flight by purchasing a flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can take a taxi or use transfer vehicles to go to the town center.

Besides being a touristic area, Gerze has a peaceful atmosphere. Those who will come here can include the prominent tourist spots when preparing their list of places to visit. Among the most popular places to see in the district are Beyaz Balina Aydın Park, Saklıköy Waterfall, Yakup Ağa Mansion, Acısu Fountain, Gerze Fire Houses, Çeçe Sultan Tomb and İskele Mosque. You can find the highlights of these places and what to expect during your visit in the rest of our article.

White Whale Aydin Park

At the top of our list of places to visit in Gerze is White Whale Aydın Park, which attracts attention with its story. It is possible to reach the park located in the town center on foot.

This park was built in 1992 because of a beluga whale that came to the Gerze coast from Russia, and thanks to this park, the district became even more popular. We would like to underline that this is the first place you should see when you set foot in the district.

Saklıköy Waterfall

The district is a region that stands out with its natural beauties. That's why there are many spots where you can be alone with nature. One of these points is Saklıköy Waterfall.

Located around Asar Hill, this waterfall is approximately 15 kilometers from the town center. Since it is not possible to enter the waterfall directly by car, you must continue on foot after reaching a nearby place. The waterfall is home to colorful butterflies flying around it. When you come here, you can admire the magnificent appearance of butterflies, see the plant varieties around and spend peaceful times in touch with nature.

Yakup Aga Mansion

Yakup Ağa Mansion is a place that should definitely be on the list of those who love visiting historical places. This mansion, located within walking distance, was built in 1911.

The most striking parts of the building, which consists of two floors, are the wall paintings. Because painters came from many parts of the world to make these paintings. We recommend that you take a close look at this mansion, which is one of the spots visited by millions of tourists.

Acısu Fountain

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Gerze is Acısu Fountain, which allows you to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones.

The region, located within the borders of Acısu Village, where the district has the same name as the fountain, also stands out with its healing water. It is said that the water of this fountain is good for stomach-related disorders. When you come here, you can have a picnic accompanied by lush nature and taste the healing water flowing from the fountain.

Gerze Fire Houses

In 1956, a fire broke out in the garden of a house in Gerze. As a result of this tragic incident, a thousand houses were seriously damaged. These houses are located an average of 10 minutes away from the town center. We recommend that you see the current state of these houses when you come to the district. With the help of the state, the dilapidated houses were restored and now have a colorful appearance.

Cheche Sultan Tomb

Located approximately 15 kilometers from the town center, Çeçe Sultan Tomb is a prominent structure in terms of religious tourism.

There is no information about when and by whom the tomb, located in Çeçe Village of the district, was built. Once upon a time, a person named Çeçe Sultan lived in the village. In this tomb, there are the graves of Çeçe Sultan and his family. You can pray a lot and make wishes during your visit.

Iskele Mosque

The next route on our list of places to visit in Gerze is Iskele Mosque, located close to the center of Gerze.

We do not have clear information about who and when this historical mosque, also known as Esmazade Mustafa Pasha Mosque, was built. You can visit this building, where stone masonry materials were used in its construction, and then turn your route to Gerze Lighthouse, located in the town center, and spend peaceful hours accompanied by a magnificent sea view.​ 

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