Places to Visit in Hisarönü

April 15, 2024
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Hisarönü is a holiday destination in the Marmaris district of Muğla city, located in the southern part of the Aegean Region of our country. Hisarönü, which is among the frequent destinations of those who want to get away from the complex city life, is also frequently visited by local and foreign tourists. Those who plan to come to this region can easily travel by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket. You can swim in the Hisarönü town, one of the points where green and blue meet, have a pleasant time in the company of lush green nature, visit historical buildings and visit bays with exquisite natural beauties by participating in boat tours. There are many facilities offering accommodation in this region, which is quite crowded, especially in the summer months. In this article, we will give you information about places to visit in Hisarönü. However, before moving on to information about places to visit, we would like to detail transportation.

To obtain the Hisarönü document, you must first come to the Muğla Marmaris region. If you are coming with your personal vehicle, you can download the navigation application and get directions. Those who do not want to come with their personal vehicle can consider transportation options by plane or bus. If you are coming by bus, you must buy a bus ticket in advance. You can easily reach Hisarönü, located in Marmaris district, by bus. A bus terminal currently operates in Marmaris district. You can come here directly by bus from some cities of our country. However, we would like to point out that you may have a connecting journey from some regions. Hisarönü is approximately 20 kilometers away from Marmaris district center. After reaching Marmaris, you can take the minibuses departing from here to Hisarönü. Another transportation alternative is air transportation.

We would like to point out that your destination for transportation by air is Dalaman Airport, located in the city of Muğla. You can choose one of the companies that fly to this airport from your location and buy a flight ticket. Ticket prices vary depending on the departure point. After arriving at the airport, you can take local shuttles to Marmaris and then to Hisarönü by other means of transportation. For direct transportation, you can use taxi options. When it comes to places to visit in Hisarönü, there are many important tourist spots that stand out. Among the places you must see when you come to this town are Hisarönü Beach, İnbükü Bay, Dirsekbükü Bay, Bybassos Ancient City and Taşlıca Village. You can take these places into consideration when planning your travel list and have a wonderful trip. Let's start looking at our travel list without keeping you waiting any longer.

Hisarönü Beach

First on our list of places to visit in Hisarönü is Hisarönü Beach, which stands out with its wonderful sandy beach, crystal clear sea and calm atmosphere.

If those who will come to Hisarönü town have the idea of swimming in their minds, this beach is for you. Hisarönü, which stands out as a holiday resort in the Marmaris district, becomes the center of attention of many tourists with its wonderful bays. One of the most striking features of this beach is that its water cures some chronic diseases.

You can swim a lot and enjoy the sun for hours on this beach, which stands out with its crystal clear sea and bright yellow sand. Also, if you are interested in sea sports activities such as surfing, you can experience this activity here.

İnbükü Bay

We said at the beginning of our article that Hisarönü is home to wonderful bays. When you come to this town, you can visit many bays by participating in boat tours. The first of these bays is İnbükü Bay.

This bay, which stands out with its clean and deep blue sea, is surrounded by a lush forest. In this bay, also called Emel Sayın Bay, you can enjoy the sea, sunbathe and breathe in the clean forest air. You can buy a bus ticket or plane ticket to come to Hisarönü, one of the favorite towns of Muğla Marmaris.

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Dirsekbuku Bay

We mentioned in our article that when you come to Hisarönü, you have the chance to see many bays up close by participating in boat tours. Another bay you can see is Dirsekbükü Bay.

This bay, which is one of the places that should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Hisarönü, attracts attention with its unique sea view and lush nature. When you come here, you can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun and have a great time. There are also some places offering food and beverage services if you get hungry.

Bybassos Ancient City

During your trip to Hisarönü, we recommend that you visit the Ancient City of Bybassos, which is of great importance in terms of cultural tourism.

Located close to the town, this ancient city dates back to the Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman periods. You can come across many historical ruins. If you are among those who like to visit ancient cities, we recommend that you see this important historical place closely.

Those coming from distant cities can reach this ancient city, which is one of the important historical places of Marmaris district, by air by purchasing a flight ticket.

Taşlıca Village

We recommend that you end your trip before coming to Hisarönü and seeing Taşlıca Village, which has the untouched natural beauties of Marmaris.

When you come to this village, you can see many houses from old to new closely, go for a walk to explore the surroundings, and benefit from the many opportunities offered by village life. Let us state in advance that you should not leave without tasting the natural flavors.

Hisarönü is one of the travel routes widely visited by both local and foreign tourists. You can come here with your family and friends, or you can come alone. If those with flying phobia wish, they can purchase a bus ticket and reach the region by intercity buses. You can create unforgettable memories and take lots of landscape photos in this region full of natural beauties. 

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