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March 20, 2024
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Honaz is a district of Denizli province, located in the Aegean Region of Turkey and known as a touristic city. The name of the district comes from Honaz Mountain in the region. The district was built on the northern slope of Honaz Mountain. There are many different options for transportation to the district, which is approximately 24 kilometers away from Denizli city center. While you can choose to travel by road by purchasing a bus ticket, you can also consider air transportation by purchasing a flight ticket. Honaz district contains many natural beauty areas and historical places worth seeing. This district is perfect for those who are overwhelmed by the chaos of the city and want to have a quiet trip or holiday. In this article, we will give you information about places to visit in Honaz. However, before moving on to this information, we would like to elaborate on transportation to the district for those who will come to the district for the first time.

Honaz district is an extremely easy-to-reach region due to its location. Those coming from Denizli city center and surrounding districts can easily reach by city transportation. Travelers who plan to come from outside Denizli can come with their private vehicles or they can also choose intercity bus lines if they wish. The best option for this is to buy a bus ticket by choosing one of the companies that organize bus services from your region to Denizli Bus Terminal. We recommend that you make a detailed search when choosing a ticket to find the one that best suits your budget. After arriving at the terminal, you can go to the district by taking public transportation or you can get there faster by taking a taxi. Also, if you want to visit the city center first, there are regular minibuses from Denizli city center to this district.

Visitors who plan to come from airplane regions can consider the option of air travel. It is possible to buy an affordable flight ticket by choosing among the companies that fly to the airport in Denizli at your location. After arriving at the airport, you can take public transportation such as minibuses and minibuses from the center to the district. Honaz district is a region popular with the Cherry Festival. In addition, many events such as the End of Harvest Festival are held. If you are not sure how to draw your travel route when you come to Honaz district, this article is for you! When you come to Honaz district, the places you should definitely visit are Honaz Mountain National Park, Saklı Lake, Kaklık Cave, Sultan Murat Mosque and Colossae Ancient City. Now, if you wish, let's start talking about how you can have a pleasant time at these remarkable points.

Mount Honaz National Park

When you come to Honaz district, the first place you should visit is Honaz Mountain National Park, which gave its name to the district. Honaz Mountain attracts attention as the highest mountain in the Aegean.

This park, also known as Eye National Park, gained national park status in 1995. There are many enjoyable activities you can do in the national park. You can visit the recreation areas and have a picnic at this spot, which is frequently preferred by the local people. In the park, which has become a center of attention for tourists, various animal species are exhibited to visitors accompanied by models. There are also country houses offering accommodation in this region, which stands out with its rich vegetation. If you want to spend a wonderful day alone with nature, you can choose this place.

Hidden Lake

This lake, also known as Upper Dağdere Lake, offers its guests a wonderful lake view and natural beauty area. It is especially preferred for day trips.

Located in the Yukarı Dağdere District of the district, you can have a picnic with your family or friends, take landscape photographs and go on a nature walk against the magnificent lake view. Those who want to visit this region surrounded by pine trees can purchase a bus ticket from their location.

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Kaklik Cave

The next destination on our list of places to visit in Honaz is Kaklık Cave, located in the Kaklık District of the district.

The cave is a structure that was formed as a result of the collapse of the ceiling of the underground space created by a large underground stream. One of the most important features of this cave is its sulfur thermal water. It is said among the public that this water is good for skin-related problems.

If you have a skin problem, you can try this healing water and benefit from the benefits it provides. While visiting the inside of the cave, you can also see the eye-catching stalagmites, vines and stalactites extending down from the walls.

Sultan Murat Mosque

The next point you should see during your Honaz trip is the Sultan Murat Mosque located in the town center.

This mosque, which bears traces from the Ottoman period, unfortunately has not managed to reach the present day with all its parts intact. Ottoman Sultan Murat II The wall parts of this building, which is estimated to have been built by A.D., are quite dilapidated. When you come here, you have the chance to see the ruins of the mosque closely.

Honaz district contains many important buildings worth seeing. You can choose the most suitable means of transportation to visit these tourist spots. If you prefer air travel, you can buy a cheap flight ticket and after arriving at the airport in Denizli, you can reach the district from there using other means of transportation.

Ancient City of Colossae

One of the places you should definitely see when you come to Honaz district is the Ancient City of Colossae, which contains many important historical structures and ruins.

You can even walk to this ancient city, which is located only two kilometers from the town center. You will find many historical ruins from the Ottoman period in the ancient city. Here you can closely see and examine many historical ruins, from tombs to castles.

We definitely recommend you to visit this ancient city, which is at the last place on our list of places to visit in Honaz. You can buy a flight ticket if you prefer air transportation to Honaz, one of the distinguished districts of Denizli, or a bus ticket if you prefer land transportation.

Photo: Honaz Municipality

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