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Nov. 15, 2023
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Kemah is a district of the city of Erzincan, located in the Upper Euphrates part of the Eastern Anatolia Region of our country. Kemah district is one of our important districts that has hosted many civilizations. For this reason, it contains many historical buildings that reflect cultural richness. It also has areas of natural beauty. Transportation to the district may be a bit overwhelming for you. Because it is not possible for visitors coming from outside the city or planning to come here to reach here directly. Therefore, you must first arrive at our city of Erzincan and then go to the district. The distance between the city center and the district is approximately 53 kilometers.

Air travels as well as intercity bus services are organized to our city of Erzincan from many points of our country. Those who will come by bus must first arrive at Erzincan Bus Terminal. Then, they can go to the district by using public transportation or taxi services. For transportation by air, it is sufficient to arrive at the airport located in the city center. After arriving here, you can easily reach the district by taking public transportation or choosing taxi options. Kemah is one of the popular travel destinations that attracts attention with its historical buildings and is frequently visited by many tourists.

Kemah district is especially famous for its foods such as curd, pickled, roasted meat and tulum cheese. While preparing your list of places to visit in Kemah, we would like to point out that the list will be filled with buildings reflecting history. Among the places you must see when you come to the region are Kemah Castle, Gülabibey Mosque, Melik Gazi Tomb, Behramşah Tomb, Gözcü Baba Tomb, Sancaktar Tomb and Togay Hatun Tomb. Since the district was once a settlement belonging to the Mengücek Principality, you will feel like you are taking a historical tour while visiting these prominent places.

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Kemah Castle

When you come to Kemah district, the first place you should visit is Kemah Castle, which has the same name as the district. The castle welcomes you with its imposing appearance and magnificent view of the town.

This historical building, located on the east side of the district center, is located on a high hill cliffs. There is no information about who and when the building was built. As a result of archaeological excavations in the region, it is estimated that the building was built during the Arzak period.

When you visit this castle, which was built for defense against external dangers, you can come across traces from both the Seljuk and Mengücek periods.

Gülabibey Mosque

The next route on our list of places to visit in Kemah is Gülabibey Mosque. This historical mosque, built in 1450, is located in the district center.

This structure, built by Emir Gülabi, has managed to survive until today without losing anything from its magnificent appearance. The top of the mosque, which is built in a square form, is completely covered with wooden materials. You will feel the breeze of the baroque atmosphere when you see the decorations on the wall of the building, especially facing the south side.

After you finish your visit to the mosque, you can also visit the Gülabibey Bath, which is just a few meters away from the area and has the same name as the mosque.

Melik Gazi Tomb

The district, which has hosted many civilizations in the past, is like a shrine paradise. When you come to this district, which is very rich in terms of tombs, one of the places that should be on your travel list is Melik Gazi Tomb.

This tomb, which has become the symbol of the district, is located right at the entrance of the district. This historical structure, also known as the Tomb of Sultan Melik, contains the mummy of Melik Gazi and the graves of five people. This tomb, which is one of the spots visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year, also attracts attention with its walls built of bricks.

Behramshah Tomb

We can say that you will find spiritual peace when you come to Kemah district. There are shrines in every corner of the district where you can pray and feel your spiritual feelings deeply.

One of these tombs is the Behramşah Tomb, located right next to the Melik Gazi Tomb. There is no information about who made it and when. The tomb, which used brick and stone in its construction, consists of two interlocking parts. Do not forget to add this place, which will fill you with peace, to your list of places to visit in Kemah.

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Gözcü Baba Tomb

Located on the left of the Euphrates River and at the entrance to the district, Gözcü Baba Tomb is located on a high and steep rock.

There is no clear information about when and by whom this tomb, which is open to public visits today, was built. This structure, which consists of two parts in total, the body and the funeral area, was built with an octagonal plan on the outside. During your visit to the tomb, you can pray a lot and fill your heart with peace.

Sanjaktar Tomb

Behramşah Sancaktar Tomb, located approximately 50 kilometers west of Irbesi, is one of the historical places you should definitely visit.

Unfortunately, many parts of this tomb, known as one of the tomb monuments of the region, have not survived to the present day. Additionally, since there is no inscription on the tomb, there is no information about when it was built. When you visit the tomb, you can see the remaining sides of the structure, which were covered with cut stone.

Togay Hatun Tomb

The last stop on our list of places to visit in Kemah is Togay Hatun Tomb. This historical building, located in the Çarşı District of the district, consists of two parts, the funeral and the favorite, just like Gözcü Baba Tomb.

As its name suggests, this tomb was built in the name of Togay Hatun, who lived during the Ilkhanid period. It is estimated that this important historical building was built in the 13th or 14th centuries. If you have time after visiting all these places, you can also visit other tombs and mosques. We also recommend that you do not leave the region without buying the district's famous organic honey and rock salt.

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