Places to Visit in Meis Island

Oct. 6, 2023
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Meis Island is a touristic island affiliated with Greece, located in the Southeastern European Continent. There are twelve islands in total in the Greek region. Meis Island is also among these islands. Although it is a small island, it offers its visitors an enjoyable trip with its natural beauties and historical buildings. It is not possible to use the road to reach this island. Therefore, transportation is not possible by purchasing a bus ticket. Air transportation is preferred to reach the island. It is located just opposite the Kaş district of Antalya province, located in the Mediterranean Region.

Flights are organized from many points of our country, including Kaş district. There is also a ferry option for those coming from Kaş. To come by plane, you can choose companies that organize flights from your location to the region. For this, you can buy a flight ticket and reach the region easily. You must have a visa to go to the island. If you have a green passport, you can go without a visa. It is enough to spare 2-3 hours to travel throughout the island. Especially during the summer months, many local and foreign tourists flock to this island for both holiday and vacation purposes.

Meis Island is not very rich in terms of places to visit. However, there are still places worth seeing. One of these places is the Blue Cave. Then, Saint George Beach, Lycian Tomb, Red Castle, Ottoman Mosque and Paleokastro Castle are among the points to visit. Those planning a trip to the island can examine the prominent tourist attractions of the island in our list and make their plans based on this list.

Blue Cave

The first stop on our list of places to visit in Meis Island is the Blue Cave, which attracts attention with its natural beauties. To go to the cave, you need to use the sea route. You can take ferries from the island to the cave and get there easily.

This cave, located among the sea caves, stands out with its magnificent beauty. Since entrance to the cave is prohibited in the afternoon, we recommend that you go in the morning. While the width of the cave is approximately 80 meters, its length is approximately 100 meters.

When you see the cave from the outside, you may feel a little shivering. However, once you get inside, you will encounter wonderful blue waters, just like its name. You also have the opportunity to swim here. Since there is a fee to enter the cave, it is useful to get information about the fee before you go.

Saint George Beach

Another spot where you can swim when you come to Meis Island is Saint George Beach. After you finish your Blue Cave trip, you can come to this area by boat and have a great time. You can reach the region by sea in approximately five minutes.

This beach is located on Aya Yorgi Island and hosts magnificent natural beauties. You can swim, sunbathe and spend peaceful hours on this beach, which is among the frequent destinations of many tourists who come to Meis Island for sightseeing or holiday purposes. While you are here, you can also visit the Hagia Yorgi Church, located in the same location, and make beautiful memories.

Lycian Tomb

Another point you should visit during your trip to Meis Island is the Lycian Tomb, which stands out with its cultural riches. This tomb is a historical structure worth seeing as it is the only land tomb in the region.

On your way to the tomb, you have to pass through a path made of stones. You can watch the wonderful view of the island and explore the surroundings from the area where the tomb is located right on this path.

Red Fort

Another place on our list of places to visit in Meis Island is the Red Castle. This castle, also known as the Red Fortress, is among the places frequented by many tourists. When you arrive at Meis Island, you can reach this castle in a short time by walking from the port.

This castle, built by the Knights of Rhodes, is located on a hill with a red earth color. You can examine the magnificent walls of the castle closely and take lots of photos. When you look down from the castle, you can also see Mandrake Beach, which dazzles with its sea. After completing your castle tour, you can go to the beach and enjoy the sea to relieve your tiredness.

Ottoman Mosque

The Ottoman Mosque is located on the left side of the island when you arrive in the area. Since it is within walking distance, you can go there easily.

As its name suggests, the mosque dates back to the Ottoman period. However, renovation works were carried out in 2007 and the building itself was converted into a museum without being touched or changed. When you visit this building, which today serves as an ethnography museum, you can closely see the remaining minaret of the mosque.

You must visit this mosque and museum within certain hours. Visiting hours You can learn about them when you go to the region.

Paleokastro Castle

One of the places you must see during your island tour is Paleokastro Castle. Located in the immediate eastern part of the island, this castle is frequently visited, especially by those interested in history.

When you come to the area where the castle is located, you will be greeted by historical ruins dating back to the fourth century. The area also includes a historic tower and recently built chapels. We recommend that you add this castle, which reflects the traces of the ancient period, to your list of places to visit in Meis Island. 

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