Places to Visit in Surmene

June 26, 2024
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Sürmene is known as a touristic district of Trabzon province, located in the Eastern Black Sea part of Turkey's Black Sea Region. You can easily reach the district, which is approximately 40 kilometers away from Trabzon city center, by purchasing a bus ticket or plane ticket. Surmene is a district that stands out with its lush green areas and historical and touristic points. There are many enjoyable activity options you can do in this district, which is one of the places visited by millions of tourists every year. Trabzon region is one of the rainy regions in the summer. If you ask what is the best time to come to Trabzon Sürmene, we can say summer or autumn. Surmene also offers many opportunities in terms of places to visit.

Before touching on the notable places of the district, we would like to give more detailed information about transportation. To come to Sürmene district, you must first arrive in Trabzon city. The first option for this is transportation by road. Of course, if you plan to come with your private vehicle, you can reach the district directly by using the applications that provide directions. However, if you do not come with your private vehicle, one of the best transportation options is intercity buses. To do this, you can research the companies that provide bus services to Trabzon Bus Terminal from your location and buy a bus ticket. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take public transportation such as minibuses and reach the district in approximately half an hour.

Another option is transportation by air. For this, your destination should be Trabzon Airport, which is approximately 6 kilometers away from the city center. You can complete your journey by purchasing a flight ticket that suits your budget. After arriving at the airport, you can take a shuttle or take a taxi to reach Sürmene district. After giving transportation information, let's come to our main topic. The list of places to visit is very important for those who will come to Sürmene for sightseeing or holiday purposes. Among the prominent places of the district are Cumbalı Sürmene Houses, Sürmene Castle, Memiş Ağa Mansion, Çamburnu Nature Park, Haşim Ağa Mansion, Hacı Yakup Ağa Mansion. You can write these places on your travel list and have a pleasant trip without worrying about where to visit.

Surmene Houses with Cumbali

The first place that those who come to Sürmene district for the first time should visit is Cumbalı Sürmene Houses. You can admire the architecture of these houses and the atmosphere they create.

These houses, which shed light on the rich culture of the district, have a wonderful appearance, unlike the well-known apartments. These houses, which also have a magnificent sea view, reflect all the features of Turkish architecture. The reason why these houses are called bay windows is that they have protrusions. In other words, when you look at the houses from the outside, the windows are outside the building as if they were a separate section. You can see these houses with unique architecture closely by purchasing a flight ticket to Surmene.

Surmene Castle

Another place you should definitely see during your trip to the district is B.C. Surmene Castle stands out with its historical past dating back to two thousand and three thousand years.

This castle is one of the structures used by the Genoese. This castle, which was used as both a warehouse and a shelter during the Genoese period, has unfortunately survived to the present day in a ruined state. When you climb to the top of the building, you have the opportunity to watch the district view in a panoramic way. We recommend that visitors who plan to come here by purchasing a bus ticket closely follow the websites that sell tickets. Because in some periods, half discounts are applied on ticket prices.

Memiş Ağa Mansion

Memiş Ağa Mansion is known as one of the important buildings that fascinate its visitors with its magnificent appearance.

Chipped stone was used in the construction of this mansion, which consists of two floors. Additionally, when viewed from the outside, the woodwork also attracts attention. Located on a high hill, the back of this mansion overlooks the Sürmene Mountains. We recommend that you add this mansion, built in 1856, to your list of places to visit in Surmene.

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Çamburnu Nature Park

If you are looking for a place where you can be alone with nature when you come to Sürmene district, we can recommend Çamburnu Nature Park.

This nature park, which stands out with its rich vegetation, has a magnificent sea view. Located by the sea, this park is a point where blue and green meet. While watching the sea view, you can also have a picnic activity with your loved ones in a forested area. We would like to point out that you must pay a certain fee to enter the picnic area. Let us also say that if you want to stay here, there are facilities that offer accommodation.

Haşim Ağa Mansion

Another prominent historical mansion of the district is Haşim Ağa, which was built in 1895 by Hüseyin Ağa, the grandson of Haşim Ağa. It is a Mansion.

This mansion, which is one of the places you can have the opportunity to see by purchasing a bus ticket or flight ticket to Surmene, has undergone various renovation works and has taken its current form. It is one of the places you can visit without having to pay any entrance fee. There are various rooms in the mansion, such as a kitchen and a toilet.

Hacı Yakup Ağa Mansion

Last on our list of places to visit in Surmene is another historical mansion. Hacı Yakup Ağa Mansion, which stands out with its historical texture, currently provides accommodation services.

You can choose this mansion to stay in Surmene. A wonderful tour awaits you in this district, which is one of the favorite tourist spots of Trabzon. After visiting the highlights of the district, you can visit restaurants to taste local delicacies, walk on its streets, take photographs with plenty of nature views, have a picnic in its forests and accumulate unforgettable memories. 

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