Places to Visit in Tarabya

June 21, 2024
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Every region of Turkey attracts attention with its unique beauties and cultural heritage. Our city, Istanbul, is one of the prominent regions with its natural beauties, beaches and historical places. Tarabya is a district of Sarıyer district on the European side of Istanbul. This district, which hosts the famous Bosphorus view, can be easily reached by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket. Tarabya is also known as a district rich in places to visit. It is possible to have a peaceful and quiet trip in the district, which attracts attention with its marina, seaside restaurants, natural beauties and historical points. In order to come to this district, you must first reach our city of Istanbul. Before moving on to the topic of places to visit in Tarabya, we would like to give directions for those who will come to the region for the first time.

There may be people who live in Istanbul but have never been to this district. Most people, especially those living on the Anatolian Side, can rarely cross to the European side. Therefore, it is important how you can reach Tarabya within Istanbul. At this point, the most frequently used means of transportation are metro, bus, ferry or minibuses. Those coming from Kadıköy can take the ferry to Beşiktaş and then take buses to Tarabya. From areas such as Kabataş and Taksim, you can take public transportation to Sarıyer and then to the district. Those coming from outside Istanbul can get help from the navigation application if they are coming with their private vehicles. Apart from private vehicles, you can also travel by intercity buses or planes. The airport closest to the region is Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

You can come here by purchasing a flight ticket depending on your location. Afterwards, you can take the shuttle buses and go to Sarıyer and then to Tarabya by public transportation. For visitors who plan to come by purchasing a bus ticket, Esenler Bus Terminal can be preferred as the destination. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can go to the district by taking various means of transportation or you can reach the district directly by taking a taxi. Going back to our topic of places to visit in Tarabya, the spots you must visit when you come to the district include Tarabya Beach, Tarabya Marina, Tarabya Park, Tarabya Bay, Tarabya Fishing Shelters and Tarabya Waterside Mansions. By adding these places to your list of places to visit, you can have a pleasant travel experience and spend peaceful times accompanied by a magnificent Bosphorus view.

Tarabya Beach

The first stop on our list of places to visit in Tarabya is undoubtedly Tarabya Beach, which stands out with its wonderful Bosphorus view.

There are many enjoyable activities you can do on the beach. This place also attracts attention with its natural beauty. In this region dominated by lush green nature, you can walk accompanied by the scent of beautiful flowers, spend time in touch with nature and watch the magnificent view of the Bosphorus. In this peaceful atmosphere, you can spend a nice day away from the chaos of the city and take photographs with a Bosphorus view. Additionally, if your visit to Tarabya coincides with the summer period, you can also visit its beaches and enjoy the sea.

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Tarabya Marina

Another touristic spot that you can have the opportunity to see by purchasing a Tarabya bus ticket is Tarabya Marina.

You can see many yachts anchored in the area where the marina is located. There are also various restaurants here where you can taste delicious food. You can taste delicious meals against a wonderful sea view. There are many restaurants serving international food, especially in this area. You can visit these restaurants and try the prominent dishes of different regions.

Since this is a marina, you can also come across maritime clubs. In addition, let's not forget to mention this. If you like entertainment life, various events such as concerts are held at certain times in the marina. There are also many popular bars and similar places around the marina that give you the opportunity to have fun until the first light of the morning.

Tarabya Park

If you want to listen to the sound of nature during your trip to Tarabya, you can visit Tarabya Park.

As it is known, Tarabya is one of the most famous tourist spots of our Sarıyer district. You can spend a quiet day accompanied by lush nature in Tarabya Park, which is among the frequent destinations of those who want to get away from the complex atmosphere of Istanbul. There are many seating areas here where you can sit and watch the surroundings. You can enjoy nature with your family or friends.

Tarabya Bay

Another touristic spot that you can see by purchasing a Tarabya flight ticket or bus ticket is Tarabya Bay. This bay is also one of the quietest spots in the region.

Actually Tarabya district It is located on the shores of this famous bay. There are many important places in this area, from fish restaurants to taverns, with a Bosphorus view. You can wander around this bay, which is quite crowded especially on holidays, and have a pleasant time.

Tarabya Fishing Shelters

Tarabya appears as an important district with a deep-rooted fishing history. That's why you can come across many fishing shelters here.

We recommend that you visit these fishing shelters when you come to the Sarıyer Tarabya region, one of the touristic spots of Istanbul. You can visit these fishmongers located on the coast and taste the freshest fish. You can spend peaceful hours accompanied by a wonderful sea view and create beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Tarabya Waterside Mansions

The last tour route on our list of places to visit in Tarabya is Tarabya Waterside Mansions. These mansions fascinate those who see them with their architectural features and magnificent appearance.

You can visit these mansions located on the shores of the Bosphorus and examine their architectural structure closely. If you have time, you can also visit places such as the Chinese Consulate and Tarabya British Schools within the borders of the district. Visitors planning to come from outside Istanbul can reach this region by purchasing a flight ticket. A pleasant trip and holiday awaits you in this region, which stands out with its calm atmosphere. 

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