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Oct. 24, 2023
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Ulukışla stands out as a touristic district of Niğde province, located in the Central Anatolia Region of our country. There are many cultural structures and natural beauty areas worth seeing within the district and its borders. The district, which has a rich historical past, was named after Öküz Mehmet Pasha, who served as grand vizier during the Ottoman period. In the 16th century, Öküz Mehmet Pasha had a caravanserai built in the region and its name was Ulukışlık. Today, this district is known as Ulukışla, originating from this story. There are many options for transportation to the district, such as road, railway and air.

You can easily travel from anywhere in our country with your private vehicle. Those who do not have a private car or do not want to come by private car can choose intercity buses. There is a bus terminal on the Adana-Aksaray Road, just at the exit of the town centre. You can easily reach this region by purchasing a bus ticket from where you are. Another option is to come to the district by train. If you like train travel, you can consider this alternative. Train services are organized to the district from many points such as Konya, Ankara, Adana and Kayseri.

Visitors who plan to come by air, other than road and rail, can use connecting transportation. Since there is no airport in Niğde, you must purchase a flight ticket to arrive at Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport, which is the closest to the region. After landing here, you can go to the district by using shuttle cars or taxi services. Ulukışla is one of the important districts of Niğde that must be seen.

Among the places to visit in Ulukışla, Öküz Mehmet Pasha Social Complex comes first. Then, you can visit Bor Hill, White Bridge, Fenk Valley, Çin Lake, Yapraklı Church, and spend peaceful times in touch with nature while exploring the cultural riches. In this article, we have compiled the most popular places of the district for you. We recommend that you add these places to your list when making your holiday or travel plan.

Öküz Mehmet Pasha Complex

Öküz Mehmet Pasha Complex is one of the most important historical buildings of the region, located in the Alpağut District of the district. It was built by Öküz Mehmet Pasha, one of the most important grand viziers of the Ottoman Period and who shares the same name with the social complex.

It is a place that must be visited by those who are interested in historical buildings. There are many historical buildings within the complex, such as caravanserais, baths and mosques. While you visit the complex, you have the opportunity to visit other historical buildings located at the same point. Located on the Silk Road, this complex is known as a place where merchants rested in the past.

This complex is also mentioned in the famous book Seyahatname of Evliya Çelebi, one of the leading travelers of his period. The complex can be seen as the most important tourism point of the district with the historical buildings it contains. You will feel like you are on a historical journey when you visit here.

Bor Hill

Another cultural point on our list of places to visit in Ulukışla is Bor Hill. As its name suggests, this place, located at the top of the region, offers a wonderful view to its guests.

When you come to the hill, you can come across Bor Castle and many historical ruins, take lots of historical photos and watch the wonderful view from here. It is among the must-visit places for those who love historical places.

White Bridge

Located in Horoz Village of the district, the White Bridge welcomes its visitors with its magnificent appearance. It is estimated that the White Bridge, one of the important historical bridges of the region, was built during the Middle Ages.

Unfortunately, there is no clear information about exactly when and by whom the bridge was built. Yellow cut stones were used during the construction of the bridge. The most important feature of the bridge is that it has survived until today without losing anything from its magnificent appearance. We recommend that you take a close look at this historical bridge, which is approximately 83 meters long.

Fenk Valley

Another important route on our list of places to visit in Ulukışla is the Fenk Valley, which offers the opportunity to be alone with nature. Located in Horoz Village of the district, this valley is ideal for those who want to be out of sight.

The valley is a place frequently visited especially by the people of the district. It is also among the frequent destinations of local and foreign tourists. If you want to get away from the city noise and spend a quiet day, you can come to this valley. You can go for a nature walk in this valley, which seems like a paradise, explore the natural beauties of the surrounding area and take wonderful nature photos.

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Chinese Lake

There is a mountainous place located within the district borders and known as Bolkar. There are many glacial lakes worth seeing in this mountain region. Çin Lake is the most frequently visited among these glacial lakes. It is the best place.

The lake has a depth of approximately 100 meters and an average altitude of around 2600 meters. This lake, which is an area of complete natural beauty, is visited by many tourists, especially during the summer. If you time your trip to Ulukışla in the summer, you can come to this lake and camp here with your loved ones against the wonderful view. You can also drink the cold water of the lake when you are parched in the summer heat.

Leafy Church

Located in Yapraklı Village of the district, this church stands out with its historical features. When you visit the church, it is impossible not to admire the decorations on its walls.

The church is a very important historical building as it reflects Byzantine architectural features. We definitely recommend that you add this place to your list of places to visit in Ulukışla. There is no entrance fee or visiting hour restrictions.

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