What to Eat in Emirdağ?

Nov. 22, 2023
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Emirdağ is a touristic district of Afyonkarahisar city, located in the inner part of the Aegean Region of our country. As it is known, our city of Afyonkarahisar is among the spots visited by many local and foreign tourists with its historical places and natural beauties. The districts of the city also have the same touristic features. One of these districts is Emirdağ district, whose history dates back to Archaic times. There are many historical monuments worth seeing in the district, which is approximately 73 kilometers away from Afyonkarahisar city center.

You can see many important cultural heritage from Roman times to Phrygian times closely when you come to this district. The name of the district comes from Emir Mountain, located right on the slope. Emirdağ, one of Afyon's favorite travel stops, also stands out with its local delicacies. There are many different types of food that you should definitely try when you come to this district. It is possible to come to Emirdağ district easily from many regions of our country. Those coming from Afyon can easily reach there with their private vehicle. Visitors who do not have a private vehicle can take minibuses or city buses to the region.

Those coming from outside the region may prefer transportation by road or air. Land transportation alternatives include private cars and intercity buses. You can travel comfortably from every point of our country with your private car. Those who prefer the intercity bus can directly arrive at the bus terminal located in the Yeni Mahalle of the district. To do this, simply buy a bus ticket from your location. Another transportation option is air travel. However, since no airport provides service in the region, they must come to Kütahya, which is located nearby.

You can come by purchasing a flight ticket from one of the companies that organize flights to this region from your current location. After arriving in Kütahya, you can reach Afyonkarahisar city center via transfer vehicles, and then reach Emirdağ by public transportation. If you wish, you can also benefit from taxi services for faster transportation.

Famous Dishes of Emirdağ

Emirdağ, one of the touristic districts of Afyon, is a district that attracts attention with its local delicacies. You may suddenly feel hungry while visiting the cultural riches of the district. There are many different places offering food and beverage services in the region. We strongly recommend that you do not end your trip without trying some of the delicacies. Among the prominent flavors of Emirdağ are Emirdağ Casserole, Egg Pita, Sheep Yoghurt, Bazlama, Katmerli Flatbread and Emirdağ Soups. If you wish, let's start explaining why these prominent dishes of the district are so famous;

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Emirdağ Stew

Emirdağ Stew is one of the first dishes you should try when you come to Emirdağ. Casserole dish is made in many parts of our country.

The casserole made in Emirdağ district is different from other casserole dishes. It is possible to taste this flavor, prepared by combining ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers, cubed meat and eggplant, in many restaurants in the district.

Egg Pita

For those wondering what to eat in Emirdağ, the second flavor is Egg Pita. It is unlikely that you will find this type of pita anywhere else.

One of the features that makes this type of pita so delicious is the use of village eggs. In addition to village eggs, butter and yellow wheat flour are added to the dough. You can taste this flavor and have a pleasant time by going to the pita restaurants serving in the district.

Sheep Yogurt

Sheep Yogurt is among the flavors that stand out with its wonderful consistency and the taste it leaves in the mouth. In addition, this type of yoghurt has become known not only in our country but also around the world.

This registered yoghurt is produced from the milk of sheep fed in the plateaus within the district. Many tourists coming from outside the city buy kilos of this yoghurt from the yoghurt market held in the district every Sunday. You can also visit this market during your visit to the district and buy sheep yoghurt.


Another flavor of Emirdağ is Bazlama, which is made by mixing water, flour, yeast and salt. It is possible to see flatbread in many bakeries. However, you will understand how different the taste of flatbread made in this district is when you try it.

We definitely recommend you to try the flatbread, which is cooked on a hot clay sheet.

Double Flatbread

Katmerli Gozleme is one of the pastries cooked on a hot sheet, just like Bazlama. Of course, it is quite different from flatbread in terms of taste.

When you come to Emirdağ, you can choose this pancake for breakfast. We definitely recommend you to try katmerli pancake, which is one of the indispensable flavors of village breakfast tables.

Emirdag soups

Another answer you can give to the question of what to eat in Emirdağ is soup types. In addition to its pastries, the district also attracts attention with its vegetable dishes and soups.

Tarhana Soup is one of the most common soups served by locals in the district, both at home and in restaurants. Apart from this soup, if you like foods such as kelle paça, we also recommend you to drink Paça Soup. There are restaurants serving soup in many parts of the district.

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