When Does Lake Çıldır Freeze?

Feb. 5, 2024
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Many parts of our country are home to magnificent beauties and landscapes. Especially the lakes in some regions attract the attention of many local and foreign tourists. Çıldır Lake is also a touristic place that stands out with its natural beauties. Located at an altitude of approximately 1959 meters above sea level, the lake is located in an area of approximately 123 kilometers. An interesting story lies behind the formation of this lake. The time period in which the lake was formed is known as the third period, that is, the Tertiary period. In addition, the lake stands out with its deep-rooted history. The historical history of the lake dates back to sixty-five million years ago. When examined in terms of soil, the lake has a volcanic structure, but when viewed from a geological perspective, it has a pebbly and sandy structure.

The deepest part of this lake, which was formed naturally by debris and a lava flow, is approximately 42 meters. One of the most curious topics about this lake is When Will Çıldır Lake Freeze? While this lake appears as a lake in the summer, it appears as an ice rink in the winter. The time when the lake freezes is December, which is the beginning of winter. There are no green areas around the lake, which also has the distinction of being a tectonic lake. However, it still dominates some vegetation. In the northwestern part of the lake, there are areas such as wet meadows and swamps. In the rest of our article, we will explain the location of this lake, how you can reach it and what awaits you when you come here.

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Where is Çıldır Lake?

Çıldır Lake is a region located within the borders of Kars and Ardahan provinces located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of our country. The lake, which is the second largest lake in this region, is also the largest fresh water lake. The length of the lake is approximately 18 kilometers. It is possible to visit the region, where there are lakes fed by many springs and streams, in summer and winter. There are many enjoyable activities you can do in this lake, which stands out with its different beauties in every season.

How to Get to Çıldır Lake?

There are more than one different way to reach Çıldır Lake. For visitors who plan to come with their private vehicle, the most suitable option is road transportation. Visitors can benefit from the navigation application in this transportation. If you are planning to come via Kars, you must first choose which means of transportation you will use to come to this city from your current location. One of the most preferred transportation options to Kars is intercity buses, and another is air transportation. In addition, you can also come by train using the Eastern Express. Visitors who plan to come by intercity bus can take public transportation to the area where the lake is located or take a taxi when they arrive at the bus terminal after a nice bus ride.

Those who will travel to Kars by plane can consider the Kars Airport option, which is approximately 7 kilometers away from the city center. You can reach this airport from your current location by choosing one of the airline companies and buying your ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can take a taxi for direct transportation. If you do not want to take a taxi, you can take public transportation to the city center or reach the area where the bus terminal is located, then take minibuses to reach the area where Çıldır Lake is located. If you are planning to come via Ardahan, the best option is to reach the bus terminal by intercity buses. After arriving at Ardahan Bus Terminal, you can take minibuses to Çıldır Lake and reach there.

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What to do in Çıldır Lake?

Çıldır Lake hosts completely different views both in summer and winter. The best time to see this lake is actually the winter months. Because many different events are held here during the winter period. It is possible to participate in entertaining events ranging from festivals to Caucasian dance shows. Additionally, as the lake fills up during the winter months, it turns into an ice rink. You can ride sleds on this lake and have a wonderful experience. You can also do fishing here. Because even if the lake freezes over in winter, local people continue to break the ice and fish. In addition, there is a place by the lake where you can eat and drink something. If you come to the area where the lake is in the morning, you can say "hello" to the day with a wonderful breakfast at this place.

Can you swim in Çıldır Lake?

Çıldır Lake is an important region that fascinates visitors with its magnificent view. You can visit this place regardless of summer or winter. Especially in the winter months, the lake is almost frozen. Since it is cut, it has a wonderful appearance. If you like taking landscape photos, we would like to underline that you should definitely bring your camera with you when you come here. If you visit the region in summer, there are areas where you can do swimming activities. Both the view and the atmosphere of this lake, which is the second largest lake in the Eastern Anatolia Region, will have a completely different effect on you. 

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