Where are Floodplain Forests?

Feb. 3, 2024
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There are many floodplain forests that stand out with their natural beauty both around the world and in our country. Floodplain forests, among the beauties of nature, have a unique vegetation. These forests, which are formed by the combination of wetland, floodplain, deciduous and dune ecosystems, also contain different trees. When it comes to floodplain forest in our country, the first region that comes to mind is İğneada. Longoz Forests located in İğneada cover an area of approximately 3155 hectares. The view of these forests on the coast of the Black Sea is like a postcard.

These forests in İğneada were formed by the combination of well dunes, freshwater lakes, saltwater lakes, flooded ecosystem and swamps. These forests, which are a region that can be visited in four seasons, have a different atmosphere, especially during the winter. However, when the weather conditions are bad, you may not have the chance to fully explore the region as most of the forests are under water. Therefore, the best time to visit this region is spring and summer. There are also many enjoyable activities you can do here when the weather is nice.

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Where are Floodplain Forests?

Longoz Forests are located within the borders of İğneada Town in Demirköy district of Kırklareli city, which is located in the northwest of our country and on the Thrace side of the Marmara Region. When İğneada is mentioned, the first place that comes to mind is undoubtedly the Longoz Forests, which dazzle with their magnificent nature. The region where these forests are located is approximately 94 kilometers from Kırklareli city center and approximately 27 kilometers from Demirköy district center. We would also like to point out that the area where Longoz Forests are located is also a national park.

How to Get to Floodplain Forests?

There are many different transportation alternatives to go to Longoz Forests located in İğneada. This region is among the travel routes preferred by those who want to get away from the crowd and relax. If you have a private vehicle, you can easily reach every point of our country by using the navigation service. Visitors planning to come from Kırklareli city center can also come with their private vehicles. If you do not want to come with your private vehicle, you can choose minibuses or buses departing from the center to Demirköy district. After arriving in the district, you can take one of the public vehicles and reach the area where Floodplain Forests are located. It is also easily accessible from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Izmir.

Visitors coming from outside Kırklareli must first provide transportation to the city. The most preferred transportation option is bus travel. There are companies that organize bus services to the city from many points. It is possible to travel directly by bus, especially from regions such as Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya. After arriving at the city center, you can take public transportation or use taxi options. Another transportation alternative is air. However, there is no airport in the region. Therefore, you can first come to Istanbul by air transportation, and then go to Longoz Forests by taking buses. You can also travel directly from your location by renting a private car if you have the means.

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What to Do in Floodplain Forests?

Longoz Forests appear as one of the natural beauty areas that attract attention with their fascinating atmosphere and rich vegetation. When you come to this region, beautiful and enjoyable activities will welcome you. In this region, which allows you to have a pleasant time in a lush green nature, you can go hiking, do bird watching, go fishing if you like fishing, have a picnic, camp, go on a nature walk to explore the environment, or participate in ATV or bicycle tours. In addition, yacht tours are organized at certain times of the year. If you time your trip with these tours, you can join a wonderful and unforgettable yacht tour.

Longoz Forests Picnic Area

We mentioned that there are many enjoyable activities you can do in İğneada Floodplain Forests. One of these activities is undoubtedly having a picnic in lush nature and accompanied by bird sounds. There are pergolas in the area that allow you to have a picnic. Saka, Erikli, Hamam, Mert and Pedina Lakes are also located in the region where the forests are located. Therefore, it is possible to have a picnic by the lake with a magnificent view. However, the best time to perform this activity is summer or spring. Because the forests will become wet during the winter period, they are not suitable for picnics. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the spring and summer months, which are the most suitable for visiting the region.

Is barbecue allowed in Longoz Forests?

Longoz Forest The region where ları is located also has the status of a national park. That's why barbecuing is prohibited here. Forests are like oxygen for us. Therefore, in case of any possible fire, a fire may break out and green areas are destroyed. These forests, located within the national park, are always controlled by security guards working in the region.

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Longoz Ormanlari Bungalow

It is possible to pitch a tent and camp in the area where Longoz Forests are located. However, if you plan to camp, we can recommend you to choose the area around Mert Lake. Many camping lovers set up tents and stay in this region. In addition, the region stands out with its Bungalow accommodation service. You have the opportunity to stay in luxurious bungalow houses in the forest. During your stay, you can spend time alone with nature and breathe in the clean air. You can have a wonderful holiday experience by staying in bungalow houses that stand out with their many amenities.

Photo: İğneada Municipality

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