Where is Gebere Dam Picnic Area?

Oct. 30, 2023
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Gebere Dam is located in the center of Niğde province, which is located in the southeastern part of the Central Anatolia side of our country. In the area where Gebere Dam is located, there is the Gebere Dam Picnic Area with the same name. This area is frequently visited by those who love picnics. In this region, which has a magnificent atmosphere, it is possible to have wonderful times in touch with nature with your family or loved ones. In addition, this picnic area is one of the largest picnic areas in our country.

The area around Gebere Dam has been turned into a recreation area by Niğde Municipality and has become a favorite of many tourists, including local people. We think that we should not proceed without giving important information here. Gebere Dam has a special importance as it is one of the first dams in the Anatolia region. When you come here, you can see the dam closely and breathe in the clean forest air, like two birds with one stone. Gebere Dam Picnic Area has many facilities, from 150 picnic tables to 60 barbecue areas.

There are many nature lovers coming to this region from Niğde city center. There are also guests from other districts of Niğde and from outside the city. In the area where the picnic area is located, there are children's playgrounds for families with children, as well as various sports activities where adults can have adventurous times. We recommend that you come to this area, which is very crowded during the summer and especially on weekends, in the morning if possible. In the rest of our article, you can find information on how to get here and whether there is an entrance fee.

Where is Gebere Dam Picnic Area?

Gebere Dam Picnic Area is a popular recreation area located in the center of Niğde, standing out with its lush nature and rich vegetation. You can spend peaceful hours away from stress in the region, which is one of the frequent destinations of those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of life, and if you are looking for a little adventure, you can participate in adrenaline-filled sports activities. There is an average of 1500 meters of track in the region for ATV enthusiasts, as well as zipline gliding for those interested in adrenaline sports. You can ride an ATV and tour this long track, explore the surroundings and have adventurous moments. If you are not afraid of heights or if you want to overcome this fear and have exciting moments, you can do zipline gliding.

How to Get to Gebere Dam Picnic Area?

Since Gebe Dam Picnic Area is in the center of Niğde city, those in the central area can access it on foot. Those coming from surrounding districts can take public transportation such as minibuses and buses to the city center, or if they have a private car, they can easily come with their private car. Since there is a parking lot in the area where the picnic area is located, you can benefit from parking services if you wish. There are multiple transportation alternatives for nature lovers who plan to come from outside the city. If you have a private vehicle, you can reach the picnic area directly by using the highway.

If you do not have a private vehicle or do not prefer to come by private car, you can take intercity buses. There is no bus station in the center of Niğde. Niğde bus station is located on the Kayseri/Adana highway. You can come here by taking a direct bus from many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. To do this, simply choose one of the bus companies operating from your location to Niğde bus terminal and buy a bus ticket. Journey duration and ticket prices vary depending on the starting point. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take minibuses to the city center or get there quickly by taxi.

  Another option for transportation to the area where the picnic area is located is by air. However, we would like to specifically point out that since there is no airport in Niğde, you may experience a somewhat difficult travel time. We can recommend that those who will come to Niğde from very distant regions prefer air travel. The closest airport options to Niğde are Kayseri and Nevşehir Airport. Both airports are approximately 125-130 kilometers away from Niğde city center. You can buy flight tickets according to which airport you prefer.

If your choice is the airport in Kayseri, you can go to the picnic area by taking a shuttle or directly by taxi after getting there. If your choice is the airport in Nevşehir, after landing here, you need to take the shuttles and go to the bus terminal in Nevşehir. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take a taxi and go to the picnic area as soon as possible.

What is the Gebere Dam Picnic Area Entrance Fee?

Since Gebere Dam Picnic Area is an area organized by the municipality, there is no entrance fee. In this region, which hosts many visitors from both locals and surrounding cities, you can be alone with nature, spend quiet hours, have a picnic at picnic tables or under the shade of trees, and if you want to add some excitement to your holiday, you can participate in adventurous sports activities. Additionally, since there are many different plant species in the region, you can take a nature walk to explore the surroundings and take lots of photos.

Gebere Dam Picnic Area Is Barbecue Allowed?

Gebere Dam Picnic Area is perfect for nature lovers. This picnic area, which stands out with its clean air and magnificent nature view, has barbecue areas that allow you to barbecue. Here you can have a great barbecue party with your family or friends and have a pleasant time. There is also an area in the area for those who like to play paintball. After filling your stomach, you can participate in various and entertaining activities and abandon yourself to the beauty of nature by relieving a lot of stress. 

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