Where is Oylat Waterfall?

Sept. 29, 2023
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Oylat Waterfall is located in İnegöl district of Bursa province, in the Southern Marmara part of the Marmara Region, when we look geographically. İnegöl district is approximately 27 kilometers away from Bursa city center. The waterfall welcomes its visitors with its breathtaking beauty and clean air. Our country is very rich in terms of landforms. There are natural beauty areas worth seeing at many points. Oylat Waterfall is among the top areas of natural beauty. The waterfall was formed as a result of the melting of snow waters along with the flow of the Oylat stream and spring waters of the same name.

Oylat Waterfall is one of the regions that you should definitely add to your list of places to visit in Bursa. It is among the places that those who come to Bursa for a day trip or holiday should not leave without seeing. The surroundings of the waterfall are completely covered with forests. We can say that it is a natural wonder because it is located at a point where green and blue meet. Since the area where the waterfall is located is a bit cool, it is ideal for those who want to escape the summer heat.

There are various activities around the area that allow you to have a pleasant time. There are hot springs where you can benefit from the healing waters and caves for a pleasant trip in and around the waterfall. One of the most curious topics for holidaymakers who want to come to the Bursa region is whether they can swim in the waterfall. In the continuation of our article, we will talk about the answers to all the questions you are wondering about, from the general features of the waterfall to the entrance fee, from directions to whether there is a place to eat or drink.

Can you swim in Oylat Waterfall?

It is among the questions that holidaymakers who want to go to Oylat Waterfall can swim in the water of this waterfall. Since this waterfall has a small structure, there is no area where you can swim. Because the water flowing from the waterfall did not create any pond. However, it is possible to cool off especially in hot weather due to the flow of the waterfall. The region is mostly suitable for hiking, camping or picnicking. It is also one of the must-see places for those who are interested in nature photography. You can take plenty of nature photographs in the region, visit the hot springs and benefit from their healing waters, and have a picnic against the magnificent waterfall view.

How to Get to Oylat Waterfall?

Oylat Waterfall is located in Oylat Village, İnegöl district of Bursa, which has the same name as the waterfall. It is located approximately 27 kilometers from İnegöl district center and approximately 70 kilometers from the city center. For those who want to see the waterfall closely, how to get there is important. You can come to the region with your private vehicle, or you can also choose public transportation such as buses and minibuses. Additionally, if you wish, you can reach the region faster by using taxi services. Those coming from outside the city must first reach Bursa.

Frequent visitors come to the region, especially from Istanbul and its surroundings. If you want to come with your private vehicle, you must first arrive in İnegöl district. To do this, you should start from Bursa city center, turn towards Ankara and then drive for about half an hour. You will arrive in the town in about half an hour. After arriving in the district, you need to continue and turn to the Oylat turnout and then continue for approximately 20 kilometers. You will see road signs that help you reach the waterfall. You can reach the area in a short time by following these signs.

If you are coming by public transportation such as bus or minibus, you can choose the buses going from Bursa city center to İnegöl district. After arriving in İnegöl district, you need to go to the area where the terminal is located. There are minibuses departing from this area to the area where the waterfall is located. You can go to the region by taking these minibuses.

Is Oylat Waterfall Paid?

Entrance to Oylat Waterfall is paid. The area where the waterfall is located is managed by a private company. The entrance fee per person is determined as 7.5 TL. You can have a great time at the waterfall by paying a small entrance fee. As soon as you enter the waterfall, you will be greeted by various tree species, from oak trees to linden trees, from pine trees to chestnut trees. You can inhale the fragrant scent coming from the trees in the breeze and immerse yourself in the fascinating beauty of the waterfall. It is among the frequent destinations of those who want to escape from the chaos of the city and find peace. Therefore, it hosts many local and foreign tourists from outside the city at certain times of the year.

Oylat Waterfall Breakfast Places

Oylat waterfall is one of the must-see places for nature lovers. You can either camp with your loved ones, have a picnic or go on a nature walk in the region. Every day of the week The area is open uninterruptedly and accepts visitors between 08.00 in the morning and 21.00 in the evening. One of the most curious topics for those who come or will come to the region is whether there are food and beverage venues. There is no place to eat in the area where the waterfall is located. Therefore, it is recommended that you take food and drinks with you before arriving. However, there are restaurants around the waterfall where you can have breakfast or dinner. By visiting these restaurants, you can start the day with a wonderful breakfast and then sip your tea or coffee in the fresh air. 

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