Where to Eat Meatballs in İnegöl?

Dec. 4, 2023
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İnegöl is a touristic district in the province of Bursa, located in the Marmara Section of our country. It is one of the districts you should definitely visit when you come to Bursa. İnegöl is especially famous for its forest areas. Many local and foreign tourists prefer this region to get away from city life and spend their holidays in a peaceful atmosphere. Located approximately 50 kilometers away from Bursa city center, the district has many historical sites and natural beauty areas worth seeing. Especially the number of people coming from regions such as Istanbul and Ankara is considerable. İnegöl has many local flavors with the same name. One of these is undoubtedly İnegöl meatballs.

Nowadays, many people who want to eat this meatball come to the town for a day and eat this delicious meatball. In addition to İnegöl meatballs, you can also taste many local delicacies such as İnegöl simit, Kaçamak, grape must, İnegöl tahini halva in this district. Transportation is an extremely important issue for those who want to come to İnegöl for both a day trip and a holiday. The first option you can choose to reach the district is undoubtedly to come with your private vehicle. You can travel comfortably by using the Eskişehir/Bursa Highway or by using the village and forest roads alternative. Another transportation option is to travel by intercity buses. Since there is a bus terminal in İnegöl district center, it is possible to come there directly.

To do this, you can come to the district with a pleasant journey by choosing one of the bus companies that travel to the region from your location and purchasing a bus ticket. If you want to travel faster, the best transportation option would be air travel. Bursa Yenişehir Airport, located closest to the region, is a good option in this regard. You can choose one of the companies that organize flights from your region to this airport. Flight ticket prices and flight duration may vary depending on the starting point. Visitors planning to come from Bursa city center can easily reach the district with their private cars or buses.

Our İnegöl district is one of our distinguished regions that stands out with its cultural riches and natural beauty areas. In addition to being a touristic region, the district is also very popular with its local delicacies. When İnegöl is mentioned, the first dish that comes to mind is undoubtedly the famous İnegöl meatballs, which have the same name as the district. You can find many details in the rest of our article, from the history of İnegöl meatballs to how they are made, the reasons why they are so delicious, and which restaurant is the best place to try this taste.

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History of İnegöl Meatballs

İnegöl district, one of the most popular districts of Bursa, is a very rich place in terms of places to visit. It is a district that attracts attention with its local delicacies as well as its touristic places to visit. One of the most famous flavors of the district is İnegöl meatballs, which leave a unique taste on the palate. The history of this meatball dates back approximately 130 years. This delicious taste emerged after İbrahim Besler, one of the members of the Besler family, known as the Bulgarian Immigrant and known as the meatball makers, settled in this region and continued his meatball making profession here. In addition, since this famous meatball is a meatball that has been patented, it also stands out as a registered trademark. We wouldn't want to leave this without mentioning it. This delicious meatball has a different taste because it is cooked over a barbecue.

What's in İnegöl Meatballs?

One of the main reasons why İnegöl meatballs are so famous and delicious is the use of meat from sheep, lamb and calves grown in and around the district. There are absolutely no spices added to these meatballs cooked over a barbecue. As you know, spices add a different flavor to every dish. However, the same is not true for İnegöl meatballs. Because it is important that the taste of the meat is more dominant in this meatball. For this reason, the use of spices is not preferred in order not to hinder the delicious taste of the meat. While 20 percent lamb meat is used in making meatballs, 80 percent sheep and beef are used. İnegöl meatballs are not cooked immediately after kneading like other meatballs. It is waited for 24 hours and then cooked so that you can feel that delicious taste even more sharply in your palate.

Where to Eat the Best İnegöl Meatballs in İnegöl?

When you come to İnegöl, the first thing you should try is İnegöl meatballs. You have more than one restaurant option to taste this delicious taste. However, the real question is undoubtedly where to eat meatballs in İnegöl. The answer to this question is Besler İnegöl Köftecisi, which has brought this flavor from past to present. This meatball restaurant is located on Altay Street in the Osmaniye District of the district. When you come to İnegöl district, You can visit the prominent tourist attractions of the region and try İnegöl meatballs, known as its most popular delicacy.

Photo: İnegöl Municipality

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