Where to Eat Pita in Görele?

Dec. 28, 2023
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Görele stands out as a touristic district of Giresun city, located in the Black Sea Region of our country. Görele, located among the crowded districts of Giresun city, attracts attention with its natural beauties and cultural structure. The district, which has great importance in terms of tourism, is especially popular with its folk songs. As you know, the Black Sea region is a region famous for its folk songs. Since there are places in the district where you can swim, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun, and also visit the must-see touristic areas. Görele, like other regions, has its own unique local flavors. The most important of these local delicacies is the famous pita. The question of where to eat pita in Görele is of particular importance for visitors to the district. Before moving on to the places where you can eat pita in the district, let us first give you information about how to reach the region.

There are two alternatives for those planning to come to Görele from Giresun. One of these is private vehicle and the other is public transportation such as minibuses. There are three different transportation options for those coming from other cities in Görele. The first and most comfortable of these is undoubtedly to come with your own vehicle. You can easily reach the district via navigation. Another option is the intercity bus option. There is a bus terminal in the district. You can contact the bus companies that organize trips to the district from your location, and then purchase a bus ticket and have a pleasant travel adventure. There are regular bus services to this region, especially from big cities such as Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul. Ticket prices and travel time vary depending on the starting point.

The last option for transportation to Görele is by air. However, since there is no airport service in the region, Trabzon Airport is preferred. The distance between the airport and the town is approximately 75 kilometers. You can come to this airport by purchasing a flight ticket from your current location, and then take a taxi and come directly to the district. Görele is an ideal place for those who want to have a quiet and peaceful holiday. When you come here, do not forget to taste local delicacies while wandering around. Since the district is especially famous for its pita, we will take a short journey into the history of this pita and then talk about which restaurants you can eat it in.

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History of Görele Pita

When it comes to Görele, the first dish that comes to mind is undoubtedly pita. The history of this pita goes back a long way. There are many different versions of this delicious taste, which has an average history of 85 years. However, the real Görele pita is made with minced meat, we would especially like to underline this. In addition, the dough has a consistency that is both crispy and soft. Apart from minced meat, it is also commonly made with cheese. The cheese used in the pita is not the cheese you know. This cheese, also called fat-free cheese, is actually one of the fat-free cheese types. The milk used in making non-believer cheese is skimmed. Skimmed milk then undergoes certain processes and turns into cheese. Black Sea cuisine is very rich in terms of food culture. Görele pita is also among these riches.

What is the feature of Görele Pita?

The most important feature of the famous Görele pita from our Görele district is that the cheese used is fat-free. When eaten, pita leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate. The reason why this pita is so popular and delicious is the effort of the masters who make it and the temperature setting of the oven used to cook it. It is very important to prepare and roll out the pita dough correctly. Each stage of pita requires special care and effort. The traditional pita can be made with minced meat, cheese, kashar, soudjouk, cubed cubes, etc. It may happen. Of course, the preparation of each type of pita is different from each other. We would like to point out that pita dough is very different from each other, especially in terms of how it is rolled out.

Where to Eat the Best Görele Pita in Görele?

Görele is one of the very popular districts of Giresun in terms of both sea and plateau tourism. It is among the frequent destinations of those who want to get away from the chaos of the city and relax. When you come to the district, you may wonder where to eat pita in Görele. There are many different restaurants in the district where you can taste this pita. However, one of them attracts attention with its name. We recommend that you put this place, located in the town center and called Görele Sahil pita, first in line to eat pita. Because this place is known as the famous Görele pita restaurant by many visitors. Apart from this, as a second alternative, you can also choose Ağa Pide Salonu, also located in the center. 

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