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Before buying an Adıyaman bus ticket, it may be necessary to take a look at the places to visit and be prepared. There are many places to visit in this beautiful city, which is introduced as the city of peace and tranquility. You can have a pleasant trip with its natural beauties and historical buildings. Adıyaman is a city that has hosted different nations and states. It is a city where Romans, Assyrians and Muslims live.

Because different cultures have lived there, there is a different history in every corner of the city. The legacies from the past have been preserved meticulously and have survived to this day. Positioned like a bridge between Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia, the city is in an important position. Adıyaman is very rich in cultural heritage.

Nemrut Mountain

Mount Nemrut is one of the world famous places. It hosts many tourists and visitors at different times of the year. These are the monuments and tombs built by King Antiochus I of Commagene to show his gratitude to his ancestors and gods, as per his belief. Mount Nemrut has been declared a World Heritage Site and protected by UNESCO. The statue and tomb, located at the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 2,150 meters, contain the most magnificent ruins from the Hellenistic Period. The height of the statues is approximately 8-10 meters. It is seen in the inscriptions that the king's tomb is in the same location with these statues, but the king's tomb has still not been found. The size and flawless designs of the statues make it a very magnificent area. Mount Nemrut should be at the top of the list of places to visit in Adıyaman.

Cendere Bridge

Cendere Bridge, also known as the Roman Bridge, is a historical bridge. The bridge is located on the Cendere Stream. It is called Cendere Bridge because it connects the two parts of the stream coming from the canyon. It was built by order of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. It is a monumental building that shows ancient Roman architecture in the best way. It consists of a drain and a main arch and is made of very heavy cut stones. No mortar was used on the bridge, which is 30 meters high and 7 meters wide. The bridge, which has a very interesting structure, is one of the best ancient bridges to see.

Perre Ancient City

It is one of the five major cities belonging to the Kingdom of Commagene. Due to its location, it had geopolitical importance in the past. The city of Perre, called Hierapolis, is a suitable place to visit and examine historical buildings. The city was in a very important position in terms of religion in the past. The beauty of the water in the region is written in ancient sources. The mentioned Roman Fountain is still actively used. If you want to include historical buildings in your trip, you can visit an ancient city that was very important in the past.

Karakuş Tumulus

Karakuş Tumulus, located in the district of Adıyaman, is a historical monument. It is a mausoleum built for the women of the Commagene Royal Family. It is called Karakuş by the public because there is an eagle statue on the monument. There are columns with a height of 10 meters around the tumulus. There are bull and lion motifs on the columns. It can be understood that the mausoleums belong to the king's wife, daughter and grandson. Karakuş Tumulus, which is an impressive environment with its historical structure, can be seen by going to Adıyaman.

Tomb of Prophet Uzair

It is the tomb of Prophet Uzair, who is mentioned in the holy book and is known for the Israelites. There are debates about whether he is a prophet according to Islam. It is believed that the existence of barley-shaped and never-ending stones continues thanks to this prophet. In conclusion, since he was a person of faith, there is nothing wrong in visiting his tomb.

Mor Peter and Mor Paulus Church

Adıyaman Bus Terminal is very close to this church, which is located in the center of Adıyaman. It is estimated that the church was built in the 4th or 5th century. Judging by the Syriac books found inside the church, restoration was carried out in 1888 and 1905. The church, which has a three-nave basilical plan, extends towards east and west. The wooden altar was made by Assyrian masters from Urfa. Church, St. It is called Paul's Church. The church, which is open to visitors, is open to the use of the Assyrian Community today. People who like religious tourism should go and see it.

Adıyaman Grand Mosque

It is one of the large and historical mosques of Adıyaman city. This mosque should be included in touristic trips. The mosque, located in the center of the city, was built during the reign of Dulkadiroğulları. In the book located on the eastward surface of the minaret base of the mosque, there are inscriptions stating that it was built in 1863. The book in the arch under the same section states that the mosque was restored in 1902. Mosques are a must when visiting cities, you can add this beautiful mosque to your list.

Mount Nemrut Tumulus

This Tumulus may be one of the reasons why you buy an Adıyaman bus ticket. The Tumulus, whose actual height is 55 meters, has descended to lower heights over time. As a result of both natural and human influences for centuries, the height of the Tumulus has become 50 meters. It is a tumulus formed by piling up 30 thousand cubic meters of crushed stone. It is known that the tumulus is the mausoleum of Antiochus I of the Commagene Kingdom, who ruled in these lands. When you see the area it covers, you may think that it is a very impressive tumulus for the tomb.

Adıyaman Museum

Adıyaman Museum, located in the city center, was established in 1982. It serves visitors as a single-storey building. There are three collections presented in the museum; coins are divided into archaeological and ethnographic. Since the Kingdom of Commagene dominated the Adıyaman region for many years, most of the works belong to this kingdom. Anyone who wants to travel to the years before Christ should include this place in their trip.

Rock Tombs

The necropolis area is different from the surrounding necropolis areas due to its structure and the area it covers. It is a necropolis area belonging to the Ancient City of Perre. According to the Hierothesion, which is considered sacred, the Necropolis is a cemetery where important people living under the Commagene Kingdom are buried. It is thought to have been used as a regional cemetery. Rooms carved into rocks and sarcophagi made for the dead are found in this area. The fact that each grave is built differently indicates the status of the person to be buried in the grave. People who want to see the cemetery belonging to this great kingdom can also visit here.

New Castle

It is a historical castle located in Kocahisar Village. It is a castle structure that was first built during the Hittite period. Those who gave it the shape it is seen today are those who lived in the Mamluk Period. The size of the castle and the way it surrounds the mountain next to it create a very impressive view. It is a place with the most impressive view among the places to visit in Adıyaman. It is a castle used for defense purposes during the Ottoman Period. Commagene is a castle that was captured by Urartu, Sassanid, Arabs and Parthians. It is a cultural heritage that has hosted many different civilizations. There are inscriptions on the entrance and exit doors of the castle. Inside the castle, there is a prison, a dungeon, a masjid, cisterns, a bath and a hidden waterway leading down to the Kahta Stream.

Adıyaman provides a full program of your trip with its historical beauties. Aside from its natural beauties, it is a very rich city in cultural terms. Thanks to its location, it has created a bridge from past to present. With the best preservation of the historical heritage left behind by civilizations, areas where people can visit have been established. You can literally get your fill of history while wandering around Adıyaman. You should get out of the magic of Mount Nemrut in a short time and spend time in other places. Since Adıyaman city is close to the Eastern Anatolia region, you can be amazed by the taste of the food you will eat during your trip. Do not forget to buy souvenirs on your way back to Adıyaman Bus Terminal.

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