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Thanks to Aksaray bus ticket opportunities, the city of Aksaray, where you can travel comfortably and easily, is located within the borders of the Central Anatolia Region. Located in the eastern part of Konya, Aksaray has a deep-rooted history and stands out with its historical riches. The income source of Aksaray, which was a district of Niğde and gained the status of a province since 1989, is mostly known as tourism. The presence of many historical and religious buildings in the city ensures that the city is constantly visited by local and foreign tourists. In addition, agriculture and animal husbandry are among the important sources of income of the city. Especially in the last period, the city, which has developed a lot in the field of industry, is able to receive immigration for this reason.

Aksaray also has an important place when it comes to wheat farming, and the climate of the region allows plants such as potatoes and sugar beets to grow in addition to wheat. Depending on agriculture, industrial activities are also developing more and more and thus the economic resources of the province are further developed. In Aksaray, which is located in the middle climate zone, the summer months are extremely hot and dry, while the air temperatures are quite low in the winter months. Annual average temperatures are known as 15 degrees. It is recommended to visit the city in spring and summer in order not to be affected by the cold weather of the winter months and to make ideal travel plans. In the city, which continues to host tourists with its many parks and sightseeing areas in the spring and summer months, you can have the chance to spend pleasant and productive times. Moreover, with Aksaray bus ticket opportunities, it is possible to reach the city in a short time.

It is worth noting that Aksaray is a developed city both in terms of history and natural beauties. In this context, the city, which reveals both the Seljuk period and the Ottoman period, has succeeded in bringing its authentic structure to the present day. The city's developed transportation network also provides easy access to many must-see places.

Fairy Chimneys and Selime Cathedral

Fairy Chimneys and Selime Cathedral, which are among the places to visit in Aksaray, are located in the Güzelyurt district of the city. This place, which is also visited by tourists visiting Cappadocia, is located at the end of the Ihlara valley. The cathedral, which has two floors and a mystical structure, attracts a lot of attention in the place, which is described as an important heritage in terms of history and culture. This place, which is approximately 30 km away from the city center, is therefore visited in all seasons of the year. Also, the museum card is valid here.

Guzelyurt Houses

These houses, located in the town of the same name, are approximately 28 km from the city center. These houses, which consisted of the houses where the Greeks lived in the past, are used both as houses and boutique hotels today. It is possible to enjoy nature and be among lush trees in the houses, which attract the attention of tourists with their impressive views. You may want to consider including the region of houses, which are both historically and culturally important and offer a lush mountain, in your travel plans.


This place, which has thousands of years of history, sheds light today and is one of the most frequently visited places in Aksaray. Excavations have been continuing since 1996 and many remains are found here, from animal bones to various castle walls. It is known that the excavated remains even cover the Chalcolithic period. Moreover, it is possible to visit this place without paying any fee. It is recommended that you add this place to your list of places to visit in Aksaray.

Zinciriye Madrasa

The madrasa, which was built in Beni 336, is made of tuff stone, known as the local stone of Aksaray, as well as cut rubble stone. The madrasa, which has arched sections and a large courtyard, was built by Yahşi Bey. By including this place, which has 8 separate sections and 4 porticoes, in your plans, you can both make a historical journey and obtain architecturally productive information.

Saratlı Kırkgöz Underground City

Saratlı Kırkgöz Underground City is approximately 22 km away from the city center. This place, which was carved into tuff rocks, reflects an ancient habitat. There are a total of 40 rooms in this place, which has 7 floors and only 3 floors can be visited today. At the place, which continues to host more than 150 thousand tourists throughout the year, you can enjoy the impressive ambulances and have the opportunity to closely examine many different structures. It is recommended that you do not neglect to take lots of photos in this place where you will feel like you are in a labyrinth.

Aksaray Museum

To the city center located about 3 km away, this city museum contains many relics and artifacts that will enable a clear understanding of the history and culture of the city of Aksaray. The number of all artifacts and structures unearthed as a result of the meticulous excavations reaches approximately 16 thousand. In the museum, which has been operating uninterruptedly since 2004, it is possible to closely examine many historical and cultural artifacts and to take photographs at the same time.

Ziga Hot Springs

Ziga Hot Springs, located in the Ihlara Valley, are very popular throughout the country and therefore continue to host many visitors throughout the year. This place, which meets all expectations in terms of health tourism, has healing waters with a temperature of 47 degrees. It is known that these waters are good for many diseases such as rheumatism and joint pain, gynecological diseases and skin diseases. While having many accommodation options provides great opportunities, this place is also ideal for daily visits. Moreover, those who want to reach here can reach the area where the hot springs are located in a short time via Aksaray Bus Station.

Aksaray Square

This square, known as the square where the heart of the city beats, is located right in the heart of the city. There is also a clock tower here. The clock tower, which was built in 2014, amazes those who see it with its architectural effects, while it manages to reflect the deep-rooted history effectively with its historical structure. There are also many businesses and shops in the square, which must be visited both to see the clock tower and to mingle with the local people of Aksaray. You can have the opportunity to try the flavors of the Aksaray region in various businesses and you can shop from the shops as you wish. It is possible to find everything you are looking for in the square, which is always lively and dynamic.

Ihlara Valley

This place, which is frequently visited by nature lovers, manages to fascinate those who see it both with the river in it and with the various tree species around it. It is possible to enjoy nature and make a historical journey together in the valley, which also hosts many historical heritages. You can do all these and much more by thinking of spending your whole day here. You can easily reach here by vehicles from Aksaray Bus Terminal.

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