Yeni Aksaray Seyahat Bus Ticket

Yeni Aksaray Seyahat

You can travel to many cities of Turkey by purchasing a Yeni Aksaray Seyahat bus ticket. Founded in Aksaray in 1999, the company has managed to make a name for itself in the field of road transportation. Although the company only organized trips to places close to Aksaray in its first years, it expanded its transportation network over time.

About Yeni Aksaray Travel

Yeni Aksaray Travel is a road transportation company founded by Cavit Çıtak and Nurettin Yavaş. By adding new routes to its transportation network, the company has started to organize flights to many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Kayseri and Nevşehir. The company also organizes trips to the districts.

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·         Address: Tacin Mah. 102 / Değirmen Sokak Cad. 5 Center / Aksaray / Türkiye

·         Phone: : (0850) 755 68 68

·         Website: [email protected]

New Aksaray Travel Vehicle Features

Yeni Aksaray Travel has 20 buses. The buses within the company are arranged so that passengers can travel pleasantly and comfortably. The vehicles within the company attract attention with their wide seat spacing. In order for passengers to have a more enjoyable time, free internet service that they can use throughout the journey is among the services offered on the buses. The company aims to enable passengers to travel without getting bored by broadcasting general TV throughout the journey. In addition to general TV broadcasting, each seat also has personalized TV screens.

It is possible to watch satellite channels and listen to music on TV screens. Each seat has USB ports and sockets. Personalized headphones are also distributed so that passengers can listen to music or watch satellite channels. You can access the services offered by the company by purchasing a Yeni Aksaray Seyahat bus ticket. To buy bus tickets from the company, you can visit the website or branches. The company will be the right company for a pleasant and comfortable journey with its trained staff and technological tools.

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Year of foundation:1999
Bus Count:20
Head Office:Aksaray
Founder:Cavit Çıtak ve Nurettin Yumuşak
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