Burdur Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Burdur Bus Terminal

Burdur Bus Terminal, where you can travel with Burdur Bus Terminal bus ticket deals; It is located in the city center, Aydınlıkevler District. Burdur Bus Terminal, which operates as a city bus terminal, offers a comfortable travel opportunity with its modernly built and remarkable architecture. Burdur Bus Terminal, which started to serve in 2013, was built as a 2-storey structure.

There are many facilities and areas within the bus terminal where you can spend time while waiting for your travel time. With such features, Burdur Bus Terminal manages to be the choice of those who want to travel to Burdur or other cities from Burdur.

Burdur Bus Terminal is located 3.3 km away from the city center. There are different alternatives for transportation.

About Burdur Bus Terminal

There are many bus companies operating at Burdur Bus Terminal. In this way, it becomes possible to travel directly to many cities in Turkey. Bus companies operating at Burdur Bus Terminal provide services to meet the requests and demands of passengers in the best possible way. There are also offices inside the bus terminal to meet the demands of passengers before or after the journey.

The fact that the bus terminal operating before 2013 did not have sufficient capacity and was not functionally successful led to the need for a new bus terminal. Burdur Bus Terminal, which has been operating since 2013, is a much more useful city bus terminal than its old self.

Burdur Bus Terminal, located in the city center, is located in Özgür District. Inside the bus terminal, there are 20 offices, 20 workplaces, a masjid for passengers to pray, and restaurants and cafes to meet their eating and drinking needs.

Burdur Bus Terminal Transportation

After taking advantage of the Burdur Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase opportunities, you can choose the bus and minibus lines operating on the Çevre Yolu Boulevard to reach the bus terminal. Another alternative to reach Burdur Bus Terminal, which is easily accessible from the center by public transportation, is taxis.

After getting off at Burdur Bus Terminal, you can choose the taxi stand at the bus station to reach the city center. If you plan to travel with your personal vehicle, you can use the parking lot at the bus station.

Therefore, you can reach Burdur Bus Terminal by different methods. Since it is located close to the center, it offers comfortable facilities to visitors.

Can I go to Burdur Bus Terminal by Bus?

You can reach Burdur Bus Terminal via buses and minibuses departing from the center. Using the Ring Road Boulevard line will be sufficient for transportation.

What kind of facilities are there at Burdur Bus Terminal?

There are many facilities at Burdur Bus Terminal to meet your eating and drinking needs, such as cafeterias and restaurants, workplaces, prayer rooms, and waiting rooms.

How Many People Visit Burdur Bus Terminal?

Burdur Bus Terminal attracts great interest from thousands of visitors every year. Although the exact number is not known, it is known that thousands of visitors prefer Burdur Bus Terminal every year to reach Burdur or travel to different cities from Burdur throughout the four seasons.

Is it Difficult to Reach Burdur Bus Terminal from the Center?

Among the frequently asked questions about Burdur Bus Terminal is its distance from the center. Burdur Bus Terminal, which is 3.3 kilometers away from the center, can be easily reached by minibuses and buses.

Which Bus Companies Operate at Burdur Bus Terminal?

Burdur Bus Terminal, where many different bus companies actively operate, hosts companies that provide direct flights to almost every city in Turkey. Among the companies operating at Burdur Bus Terminal, there are many companies that organize regional or national trips. These companies, which can be preferred for the Burdur Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase option, organize direct services to many cities.

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